PA Politics Enmeshed With DC Politics - Alex Castellanos


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Joining us on the line is Republican political analyst Alex Castellano stalking about everything going on in Washington but Alex it seems like all the focus is on. Pennsylvania a special election there that. It seems to be getting more attention throughout the country and in DC than it is actually in the pits. Area. It's a big ration nationally because of course there were things about Donald Trump in America two days early. The president has been campaigning there. And there's a district he carried over twenty point but now it's swung against Republicans. By over twenty point so it's pretty much a toss up. And right now it looks like the democratic actually slightly favored to win. So did president trump with Israeli air this weekend. Did he help or hurt. Well yes. That that. He did a little bit of vote you know he's trying to pump up the trump vote there because the Republican candidate Rick Chacon is not overly enthusiastic and charismatic kind of guy. And the Democrat has been surging lately. But this ratio is more than. This race if I told that one of the candidates were running as a pro life. A pro gun. Didn't like Nancy Pelosi very much in the news. And they deserve first TV commercial each they are fifteen you'd probably say that was a republic. It's not it's the Democrats. And he's running with the support of the anti trial basis almost as a trump Republican. So you're seeing experiment here by the Democrats how far can they reach across to blue collar working class voters and still keep the anti trump base energized. Is it right or wrong though to kind of the focus. On one special election in drawn such a big conclusion. Out of its whether it's Democrats or Republicans looking at what the alchemist. You know it's it's I think. Saying that this one election tells us everything we need to know about 2018 your right is not is not the way to look at it. If we do see a big. Search of the democratic base if we see those suburbs near Pittsburgh white college educated suburban women pour out. If you see. They're just young people motivated by the anti gun movement come out. If you see that big surge and yes that does tell you Republicans are in trouble and twenty team. In a speaking of big the gun movement the president's message on gun safety yesterday leaving really a lot to states. He's kind of backing away from moving to 21 for you know an age limit to buy a firearm what do you think of all that. You know you're seeing a lot of politicians on both sides can put their finger in the wind hero there was a big Russian first Taylor charmed teachers in the classrooms. Little little the American people can assure foolish slow down the not a make that are dramatic let's kind of in their teachers and have specific. The experience and military or. Or and police forces may be you're in it slowed the politicians down and I think pushing the same thing on the H limit here. Look it's. A blanket to. Federal. Decisions like this may not see it our state Wyoming may be different than Florida. And so who'd give the states some choice here Hershey the politicians listen a little bit. Alex who we thank you it's always for the time this Alex Castellano us. Talking about though while the big special election in Pennsylvania what does it mean for the rest of the country is something that a lot of people hoping to. Takes some sort of a big take away from.