PA Elections In DC Spotlight - Karen Travers


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Let's go live to the White House correspondent Karen Travers is with us this morning and I just learned of the president's gun plan yesterday. Where he's leaving a lot of this to states and now Karen's house like a lot of people feel like the president. Fall short series he's taking made a gun play and from the NRA. Yet the democratic reaction this price has been very harsh Dianne Feinstein who you'll remember sat next to the president did that opened session that he had in the cabinet room. When he seemed to endorse tougher. Gun measures only two weeks ago as she put out a statement accusing him of heating to the NRA she says endorsing the gun lobby's platform is the shameful. Abdication of the president's responsibility. To lead the White House says that. Do you want to focus on the things that one have broad bipartisan support and to can be done immediately. And that of course really narrows the universe quite a bit because as you know this has been very tough to do anything up on Capitol Hill is no appetite among Republicans to really push forward on anything new. So what we're seeing the president backing our. The measures on background checks that are already existing improving essentially the existing system. And he's proposed a couple of other things that can be carried by states training qualified teachers in school pleased carry firearms things like back. It seems as if every single election that goes on is being considered are referendum on the president how closely is the White House. Paying attention to what's been going on in Pennsylvania. Hugely mean the president went there on Saturday they wouldn't send him if they didn't think he could make a difference or it wasn't in their interest and you know it's not necessarily that it's a referendum on the president's policies so much as a reflection on doom Republican Party at this point. There is a lot of concern that this is a it incredibly safe Republican district president won by twenty points in 2016. And Republicans and have never worried about winning there they held the seat for many years. The fact that it's so close the fact that they've had deport millions of dollars into this race even if they win. It gives them a lot of concerns heading into November about this it's democratic wave that might be forming. Democrats are looking at and says look we got this close and we haven't really spent all that much money that's a good sign for us right now that we can compete in a district like this it it's unique these candidates are unique the district is unique. Artist Karen Travers reporting live from the White House that. Pittsburgh suburban congressional district will be watching that today's voters head to the polls.