Outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

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Tuesday, March 13th

Tillerson addresses the nation after being ousted as Secretary of State by Pres. Trump.


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Scores on. Right now at the State Department Rex Tillerson the outgoing secretary of state set to give remarks this first since being publicly pushed out of the job by president trump that huge announcement of course came not via press release or formal speech but rather via tweet this morning. In which the president said to listen would be replaced. It was no customary paper statement from Telus and thanking the president for the opportunity we'll see if we get back here. Here's secretary of state. We all. Are received a call today from prison United States. That a little after noon time from Air Force One. Now also spoken to White House chief of staff Kelly. To ensure we have clarity as to the days ahead. What is most important is to ensure an orderly and smooth transition. There at a time the country continues to place significant policy. And national security challenges. As such effective at the end of the day. I'm delegating all responsibilities of the office of the sector. To deputy secretary of State's all of them. Much commissioners secretary of state. Will terminate at midnight march 31. Between now and then over address. A few administrative matters related to month torture. And work towards a smooth nor are we transition. For secretary of state designate Mike Pompeo. I'm occurred in my policy planning team and undersecretary some systems sectors. Those confirmed. As well as those in acting positions. To remain at their post. We continue our mission for the State Department. And working with generators to process. A will be meeting. So members of my front office team of policy planning letter today to find them for their service. That I have been extraordinarily. Dedicated to our mission. Which includes promoting. Values that I used these very important but those safety and security or State Department personnel. Accountability. Which means treating each other with a honesty integrity. And respect for one another. Most recently in particular to address challenges of sexual harassment within four month. Will speak out of State Department colleagues and to our interagency colleagues and partners that DOD. And the joint chiefs from the stress move particularly. To my horns are saucers and civil service colleagues. Were altered the same oath of office. When your career. Employer or political appointees. We are all bound by that common commitment. To support within the constitution. To bear true faith and allegiance to sign. That you're faithfully discharge to do so our office. As the State Department were bound together by that oath. We remain steadfast. Here in Washington. And approached across the world. Many of whom are major players situations. Without their families. The world needs selfless leaders like these. Ready to work with longstanding allies. New emerging partners and allies for now. Many are struggling is democracies. And in some cases. Are dealing with. Human tragedy. Crisis of natural disasters. Merely throwing themselves out move circumstances. These are experiences that no lecture hall and academic environment for the thing I can teach you. All about people going to the front lines to serve. Can they develop this kind of don't. Two men and women in uniform. Until for the first time in most people's memory. The department state department of defense. And a close working relationship. We're we're all agreed the US leadership starts. With diplomacy. The men and women in uniform for the fifths of the leadership of secretary medicine general Don for. Protect us as Americans on our way of life daily at home and abroad. As an all volunteer military that they do it for love of country. They do for you. And they do it for me. To for no other reason. As Americans we are all eternally grateful to each of them that we honor their sacrifices. The rewarding part of having leadership and partnerships in place. As you can actually get some things done. I don't wanna give recognition to the State Department. And our partners. Refute their accomplishments. Under this administration. First working with allies. We exceed the expectations of almost everyone. With a DP RK maximum pressure campaign. With this announcement on my very first trip as secretary of state to the region that the Arab strategic patience with over. We commits the steps to dramatically. Increase not just the scope but the effectiveness of the sanctions. The department under the pick global campaign. To bring partners and allies on board in every country around the world. With every embassy in mission raised in this to the highest levels. And every meeting I've had throughout the year this has been on the budget and the two discussed. The adoption itself as a strategy. With the conditions by its military plan as the tool to compel the telephone to reconciliation. The peace talks with the Afghan government. Finally equipped armed military planners with a strategy which they can execute. As opposed to a succession of sixteen. When your strategies. This clear military commitment. Attracted the support of allies broadly. And equip our diplomats. Within a whole new level of certainly. Around how to. Prepare for the peace talks and achieve the final objectives. Another four progress has been made much work remains. In Syria. We did achieve important ceasefires and stabilization which we know has saved thousands of lives. There's more to be done in Syria directly with respect to achieving peace. As well as stabilizing Iraq and seeing a healthy government installed. The more broadly in the end it's hard global campaign to defeat vices. Nothing is possible without allies and often partners. Much work remains to establish a clear view of the nature our future relationship with China. How sure we deal with one another over the next fifty years. Finisher period of prosperity for all of our peoples. Free of conflict between two very powerful nations. And much work remains. To respond with a troubling behavior and actions over on the part of the Russian government. Russia must assess carefully mr. couch actions are in the best interest of the Russian people. Of the world more broadly. Continuing on their current trajectory is likely to lead. To greater isolation on their part. The situation which is not in anyone's interest. So much college and State Department and interagency much remains to be done to achieve our mission only have the American people. With allies. And with partners. Are close by thanking the hall for the privilege of serving. Beside you for the last fourteen months. Importantly to the 300 plus million Americans. Thank you for your devotion to free and open society. To acts of kindness toward one another. Honesty. And acquire part work do you do every day to support this government which your tax dollars. All of those we know want to leave this place has a better place for the next generation. On our return to your private life. Private citizen. And proud American. Proud of adelphia had to serve my country. Got. Bless all of you. Goblet the American people god bless America. Outgoing secretary of state Rex Tillerson leaving the room there at the State Department saying he will go back into private life the life he had for. Years and years before he took this job he said that he got a call today from president trump going over his transition. He says he will be on the job through the end of the month then he'll hand the reins over to his deputy. He thanked state department's staff saying the world needs more selfless leaders like these he thanked the troops he thanked allies he thinks the American people. He did not think president trump. Nor did he mention how he was fired what he got a call on Friday like the White House says or whether he just found out this morning by CNET tweet from the president. I'm Bret milky you're listening to live coverage from ABC news. ABC's Karen Travers is at the White House where she's been covering this whiplash inducing story Karen. What do we know about how the soulful. Brad Rex Harrison says he's gonna remain as secretary of state in that position until the end of the month to ensure an orderly transition but he's ten year and now he's firing. Have been anything but smooth and orderly. There is they conflicting narrative about just how he learned he was fired the White House says that EB that did his chief of staff John Kelly. In form Tillerson on Friday that he was being asked to step down State Department officials close to the secretary dispute that and say. He only became certain he was being fired when he solved a tweet from the president this morning saying that Mike Pompeo was is next picked the secretary of state. As you mentioned Tillerson said that a little after noon today he spoke to president trump who was on board Air Force One in her California. That team more than three hours after that tweet from the president. And Caron president trumpets senator reports from you from other news outlets last year that this would happen. He called a fake news then he has since admitted that he and to listen we're not on the same wave length. What is he looking for from his next secretary of state what is he looking forward as foreign policy at this diplomatic shake up has been brewing for months there was a significant push back in October. And then again in November that Tillerson was on the way out there was of course that a report last year that Tillerson called the president a moron which he didn't exactly deny. That started this plan in motion to push Tillerson out bring Mike Pompeo into the president. Is very Fonda he said this morning are always in the same wave plane they had a great relationship. And that's what he needs as secretary of state. Read all talked about in and read about the policy differences that Tillerson and president trumpet had on. The Iran nuclear deal North Korea climate and trade issues. Tell it aired his views on that very publicly and that's medicine do irked the president so. Advice perhaps for Mike Pompeo if he's watching how this all went down is. You can disagree with the president's you can give him an opposing position but be careful how you much you do that public that is. ABC's Karen Travers at the White House meanwhile. For Mike Pompeo not an easy moment to step in as secretary of state just days after the groundbreaking announcement at that high stakes meeting between president trump. And North Korea. For Karen Travers on bread milk the you've been listening to live coverage from ABC news. When breaking news changes the world ABC news accurate credible and unmatched on Twitter at NBC news radio.