Oscar Nominations Preview - Jason Nathanson


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Live in Los Angeles this morning with correspondent Jason Nathanson as they. Oscar nominations come out about an hour from now right Jason. He had an about an hour will know exactly who got the most nominations probably gonna be the shape of water that kind of scifi film from Guillermo del Toro. He's pretty much a lock for a best director nominee are nomination and we're gonna look at seen if the building can. A lot of people say it it'll hide where that the possibility to tie the most nominations ever. At fourteen. Which Titanic it Malo and that's who it would be up in that category two minutes fourteen. It'll tie the record lesson that it'll still probably be the most nominated film of the morning. It's he had the shape of water which I think was seen by zero people in this room what what about some of the popular movies you know I always wonder Star Wars these movies that everybody sees. There they hardly ever get nominated might there be big blockbuster on the list today. Like get something in the special effects category something like that. They're the big push for Wonder Woman to get something maybe in the best director category for patty Jenkins. Would meet to movement neighboring towns up and everything there's a lot of push to get at least one female director on that list given have a female director nominated. Since 2010 Kathryn Bigelow so a lot of people like this you wonder woman's patty Jenkins America. But more likely lead people or discredit or wake would fill that slot. But as far as load the more popular movie at you're probably gonna see a whole lot on that list because that's just how doctors are about. Who is up for May best asked. Actor or actress who are the leading ones. Out Francis McDormand for best actress for three billboard outside having dessert she's won everything up until now that's probably. A lot shoot the lock for nomination and the front runner and will probably win that. Gary Oldman on the acting side but he's won everything so far up until now for the darkest hour. We're deeply as Winston Churchill he has it locked for nomination and he is definitely in the lead two win that as well. For best supporting actress Allison Janney from hi Tonya. She definitely will get the nomination and will probably the next category should a little more competition there built from Laurie Metcalf who plays the mom in lady bird. So yeah I get a little more but I raced there. Now after what happened last year. Are there any changes to make sure that we're not you know reading Star Wars for Beck's best picture when really it wasn't even nominated. That I would be crazy if that did happen and would be a lot of fun and Jimmy Kimmel would enjoy that he's gonna be post again. Probably yes they put some changes in place mostly on the sign up price Waterhouse Coopers and the accounting firm who tabulated. And that the ballot. To ensure that that doesn't happen again there's different people waiting in the wings handing out those envelopes. There's a guy who's going to be in the control room this time around. Who knows all that he's got a knob and the winners memorized. So that doesn't happen again so there's a lot of things in place you know it's a live show and anything can happen. Answer we know that aren't as Jason Nathanson the Oscars are handed out. Sunday march 4 the nominations come out next hour.