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Thank you up for being here today welcome to Erie county fair. Erie county departments have multiple locations in the marketplace building including department of health. Which is offering counseling in discussions. Actually you can get free training on how to use a lot song on our can't. And it's very important that we bring itself to the public because of the issues associated with the opiate epidemic. As of August 4. We had 233. Deaths ninety confirmed. 140 unconfirmed Erie county for 2017. And those are. Direct deaths associated with the epidemic. We also notes a number of suicides we believe that are directly related to Ethiopian epidemic. And as you all know earlier this week president trump convened his commission to discuss the opiate epidemic and what needs to be done. I do commend president trump for can be convening a bipartisan commission. Which met for a number of months now to review the issues associated with the opiate epidemic. And are reviewing the commission's recommendations that I have a copy of the report. The draft report that was prepared by the commission here it's quite apparent that they spent a lot of time and effort. Reviewing the issues and coming up with some very very important recommendations recommendations that are that are specifically needed in sorely needed. There were recommendations associated with increasing. The amount of funding that's available to pay for treatment associated with Leo yeah epidemic. The recommendations. In regards to increasing the number of medication assisted treatment facilities across the entire United States making them more readily available. For citizens so that they wouldn't have to drive. And our two or three hours to go and get whether it's methadone or other treatment that's available through you and our friend some box own and the like. They came up with the other recommendations. Associated with mandating better educational. Information for which drivers in the light so that we reduce the number of individuals who are becoming addicted in the first place. They're great recommendations. In regards to coordination of state. Prescription drug monitoring programs such as yeah I stopped program that we have here in New York because while others. 49 out of fifty states Missouri being the only one to not have. A prescription drug monitoring program there is not cross coordination between the states and their needs to be. Of course there's also recommendations and their regarding law enforcement and what can be done to not only in addressed the issue of interdicting drugs but also offering alternatives. He's a tremendous recommendations. These recommendations are almost identical. So the recommendations issued. By the national association of counties in National League of Cities. National task force that issue this reporter this year a task force I'm proud to be a member of and the only New York State number. The president had an opportunity to act. And in the number one recommendation. That was issued by his own commission was to declare a national emergency. With regards you'll hear epidemic. The president refused to do so and I think he he made a major mistake he should have declared a national emergency with regards he'll be an epidemic. I declared a public health crisis here in Erie county. Leaders across the United States including states and county leaders have declared public health crisis in there and emergencies in their states. We know this is a national emergency in if you read. The report that was issued by his own commission. They said the first and most urgent recommendation. Was to declare an opiate epidemic is a national emergency the president elect not to do that. The president did highlight prevention which I I agree is very important. We need to prevent people from being addicted to opiate drugs otherwise we have a revolving door policy where we treat certain individuals. More people become addicted. And we just a never ending battle we need to work on prevention I agree with that. The president talked about prosecutions. We can't arrest ourselves and prosecuted ourselves out of the opiate epidemic it's as simple as that. The opening it epidemic is based off of legally prescribe drugs prescription drugs like like it and hydra code on OxyContin. In if we focus solely on law enforcement we will fail. In Erie county we are doing a very good job of addressing the death hole I noted that as of August 4. We believe that 200. And 34 individuals. Have passed originally 233. Individuals have passed in Erie county in 2017. As a result of the opening epidemic. That number would easily be over 500. If it wasn't for the actions that we've taken with regards increased a lot zone. Increase prevention. Increasing treatment options that's what we need to do. I call on the president. To ignore. What he thinks are the political ramifications. And do what his own commission recommends. Which is declare. A national emergency with regards of the opening epidemic. Focus not just on prevention and law enforcement but focus on treatment. Increase Medicaid to provide additional assistance. To provide treatment options for people. All across account. In Erie county we presently have three methadone treatment facilities. We are looking at expanding and adding a four. In the south towns and hopefully a fourth and Amber's. If you suffer. From an opiate epidemic addiction. And you need methadone. You have options in Erie county and one facility in Niagara Falls. For all of Western New York. And that includes Rochester there are no medication assistance treatment facilities in Rochester if someone is receiving methadone treatment. From the greater Rochester area they have to drive to buffalo. His own commission recommended preaching medication assisted treatment facilities his own commissions that we need to focus on additional funding. For the treatment facilities the president never mentioned at all. The president has an opportunity. To go out and say you know what. I'm gonna follow the recommendations of my my commission the full recommendations. Declare a national emergency with regards of the opiate epidemic. And declare that we're gonna invest more money and treatment facilities across the United States by offering more treatment options and funding it's as simple as that. Prevention is very important. Commend the president for talking about that law enforcement is important. We are not gonna arrest and prosecute our way out of GOP an epidemic. It takes an all hands on deck approach that's what we have in Erie county I'm proud of the good work every county opiate task force. Led by Sheryl moreover here who spends almost every moment every day focused on this. But I guess the president to do this thing it's that important. We can't arrest your way out of this crisis if he attempts to do that. Thousands of more people are gonna die annually. Hundreds will die more here Erie county we need to focus on prevention. We need to focus on treatment. We need to focus on increasing the dollars available from the battle federal government through Medicaid paid for and we do need to enforce law enforcement. If we focus solely on law enforcement and prevention we will fail. So I call on the president. To ignore what he thinks might be the political ramifications. Of declaring a national emergency. On a Democrat he's a Republican. He needs to do the right thing follow the report from the bipartisan commission that was co chaired. Like governor Chris Christie of New Jersey they recommended declaring a national emergency I declared it here. He needs to do the same. Let's take any questions. Like. Erie county was well ahead of the curve. What I saw from the national task force and just this past few weeks ago I was in. A Columbus. A panel discussion a national panel discussion on the open epidemic. And everything that I see from what's happening elsewhere in the country as we are well and her. If it wasn't for any actions taken by the task force of it wasn't for the actions taken by Cheryl more. Doctor yelled Versteeg Mike Green from the department of mental health. I in 2016. We would have had well over 500 deaths. In Erie county we had 300 in two to my knowledge. Was the final number. Believe that's correct it was 302. And one. Was tree was right around there but we were trending easily have over 500 deaths. This year alone. We we have 230 the 390 confirmed. The rest. I expected to be confirmed but. We we easily would have 500 probably 600 acts alone this year it was a for the actions that we taken which is in a comprehensive approach prevention. Treatment. Law enforcement. Education. If you only focus on two of the four you're gonna fail so we are well ahead of the curve I think it shows because even though we have. A crisis here it is an epidemic we are not seeing the death totals like they're seeing in Montgomery County. Or Sumpter county Ohio where they've had over 500 deaths already this year. And in if you don't do a comprehensive approach in your communities you we will fail that's why it's incumbent for the president to do so. Your opinion when it comes to battling deal VOA epidemic. Where does it start at the government level funding. It's everything. It's funding the federal government can help us with the increase funding no doubt about it. One of the recommendations from the net my national task force Nikko nationally these test scores. Was any county that had not and I county to any state. That had not expanded Medicaid should expand Medicaid because you have so many additional treatment options in dollars in coming years state from the expansion of Medicaid. Federal dollars are necessary. The federal government can do so much what you have to leave. The number one recommendation from the commission that the president and panels was to lead by declaring a national emergency and European epidemic. The number one recommendation he recommendations for local leaders. Leading in a crisis from the our task force lead declare a public health crisis activate your resources. If you don't do that than people don't think it's significant the president. Convened a commission and I commend him for what he did and I commend and it was the right thing to do a bipartisan commission but if you committee convene a commission. You've got to follow the recommendations. The number one recommendation from the his commission and gathering here. Before they go into anything else. Page two. The first and most urgent recommendation this commission is directing complete within your control. Declare a national emergency. Under either the public health service sector of the Stafford act with a approximately a 142 Americans dying every day. Americas and during a death full equal to a September 11 every three weeks. You're declaration would empower your camp that to take bold steps and would force congress to focus on funding empowering the executive branch even further to deal with the loss of life. The president president's control. He hasn't under its control to do this which will give his department's much more power and he'll tell congress we have to act he needs to do it. I'm sure this wanted to know the book. But yes. Erie county has filed a lawsuit against eleven pharmaceutical companies to hold them responsible for the deaths were caused this community. Why do we do that because as I said this is not a law enforcement issue this is not where people decide hey I just wanna take heroin. They get addicted to opium based drugs circus act like it is. A scene of hi Dakota and a scene in minutes and all these very high level drugs. And then when the drug stopped because of doctors won't prescribe it anymore because they really don't need the drugs for the ailment that they originally had. They migrate to heroin they migrate to fend off. It's very important. That we go after them and hold them responsible. We are suing them in Erie county it's important that there be suits all across the country so that we hold responsible those are created this crisis. Like this news. Does anyone counting another. You. I think it'll be very likely take some time. But we've got evidence from the pharmaceutical companies themselves from prior lawsuits were filed that shows. They knew the drugs were highly addictive and they knew they could kill people yet they still advertises a safe alternative for pain management. These drugs are not a safe alternative for pain management they can be used in short supply for short needs. Less than two weeks more than two weeks you can become addicted to it it's as simple as that. But for somebody end of life cancer treatment they're necessary they're needed but if you go have a wisdom tooth extracted. You shouldn't get more than a day or two and simply should probably have high dose Ibuprofen. Unfortunately Dennis are prescribing a month's supply that'll do you. We need to Reese Duce the number of people that become addicted we do that through prevention and education. We've done that and Erie county we've worked for the local medical community to do that and we see the results. Hi Dakota are missing American was the number one prescribed drug for 78 years in a row when he came to our Medicaid. I system it's now number five. That happened because of education. We will continue to him to do that but it has to happen on a national level. More questions. Alert stated measure. Lecturing. Rules. It gives the president more power through was departments to act. To take action in local communities and state communities just like when I declare state of emergency here it gives me more power to act. Truthfully would give the president more power to act and then it would also force congress to do to to act on it to address the issue. Congress has talked about it but they haven't added more funding they need yet. Hundred billion dollars plus funding in the most are talking about now is 45 billion that's not gonna cut it 45 billion as a lot of money. But when you talk about fifty states. My budget alone Erie county is one point seven billion dollars in Erie county. 45 billion for United States is not gonna cut you need to have under billing need to have it for ten years. They're not talking about them so by declaring a national emergency or forced congress to act. I.