The Ongoing Immigration Debate 6/18 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Monday, June 18th

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News radio 930 WBS. It's. So I think I've said this before a pick their PR department is utterly incompetent. And I think we should probably some terrorism is to. Well the beaming content is no joke nobody oh I'm sorry I didn't know what you're accusing. It's Tom Bauer lazy you know what's been there done that and it's weird period. But now you know you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up than David Bellamy the whole thing really you enjoy the I doubt it's our way and they'll be I mean. I would immediately change topics on news radio 930 WB. We're back to barrel in Bellamy and Thomas stopped Joseph beamer is injured. We in my era in. As it. Is it's like everywhere today since forgotten that. If you have that the that you and a top under a broken. And I I couldn't I couldn't do apologize Michael Caputo joins us have a will do it live in studio were talk about what's this bombshell. What it is being claimed here unfortunately. It's not so much of a bombshell because it's also this is the similar thing we're hearing about other people that were connected. To this Russian investigation for this page we heard this about George popped up a list. You know that that there were other folks who tried to sort of finish in a way. Get them to. Agreed to a beating where another meeting to be made where they could somehow buried in two. Into an informant inside the campaign. It looks like from what I've put so what you're saying is that they attempted this with via. Did and I think also with the same time. You have to understand that I think I don't understand how the object does. Right I don't I don't amount to invest in a known a lot of PR people most my life for workers commitment in the country our country under the projects. These guys. Would not be going at a national presidential campaign and just flirting with one little approach there'd be five or six or seven. And they would go at guys like Carter page and talked about the it's because they send an academic to talk to them Stephen helper is professor Cambridge University both of them are very impressed by Cambridge. So they came at them with the right guy. So each one of these approaches would be very different and that's why as far as I'm concerned I was just as marginal as Carter page or pop a topless. I was a senior advisor to the president. Who was hired on the national campaign after running the State of New York primary. To let Thabeet communications director. And I was never able to take the position. Has Corey when doused in the big fight between him and port he'd keep me away from the post. I was completely marginalize the campaign I was helping manna for him gates. But I never landed in a bit and it communications position like I was promised an effect ended up going to the key to a convention. Good to be director of communications for trump there. Right foot so I was marginal to what they want to know four or five other people they had to. Let me ask you so in case someone questions your actions if so we came do you instead I have national secrets. That I'd like to sell to you and your kid that's a completely different. Response then this summer and asking you or telling you. I might have dirt and Hillary right it's it is sort of an ark inside dirt this could have been. Ukraine and everything. My understanding from the Washington Post who talked to Greenberg. Oh you can't ski arch on make a mess off I mean he's got several names. Thumb he said that he was going to offer information about Ukraine. From I'm sorry about that Hillary Clinton foundation from the Ukrainian he used to work for the foundation. Some dirt on the fund would never knew what is right but the fact of the matter is what you're describing. His broad very similar to a talked about first in the media directly after my interview with smaller rice said I was approached. By a national security contractor. Out of Washington who worked and you a US national security who offered through your inner intermediary. Hillary Clinton's related emails. And I talked about that I told all the committees about it nobody was interested I thought it was really strange donors' interest at and its depth and helpers announced. And I said you know what if Alpert did that that could be what mrs. rice that are on the media about this approach from this national security government contract. Now this went on for about 45 days I mean trump tower I'm taking calls and text from an intermediary which are shared with the committee's. And this guy in the end I told I'm not interested because you're saying these are held by the National Security Agency. That could be confidential material could be Hillary's emails could be classified. I don't wanna touch if you wanna give those things out there you're gonna have to goad typical whistle blower. Routes and I'm not touching that so you're right the way when you hear something that sounds like it's going to be national security event oriented stuff. Your best bet is this to his people from now. Just a switch gears we got the GOP hour here and you know what the big stories while to put us here in my as we'll talk to him about. What's happened in the world with immigration and now look. Just to play this role here. If if you're a left and you were trying to hit. Donald Trump for what is the new outrage. Separating children from their parents at the border. Now that gives. Ultimately it implies that Donald Trump is going into homes in the southwest United States and separating. Women from their children were not even talking about citizens of the United States where it's about people the legally entering the country we have children. Are being separated. Now. A lot of the talking points are off. You've got comedians talking in concert with pop stars. I'm Twitter at the same language coming out of people on the view everywhere is on the same page right. Here's who they roll out on day one of the of the visual and the audio. If it. Could you just doesn't yet that I think area. And crisis. You know what the let us now. You're Clinton Hillary Clinton comes out they bring Hillary claims is immoral and humanitarian crisis. Hillary. Could you point out all the all stars did you have lined up. These are the issues that you bring that venture out for. The JV squad battles to the death then you find the good fifteen people that could wannabe maybe candidate for the Democratic Party. Why do you lead off with Hillary Clinton. Because they still don't get it David. They still think Hillary Clinton is this big superstar. They still think she has a lot of power within the democratic party for change he's gonna get people out. Now know that I'm wrong now let's talk to here's here's what happened in my opinion you might be right let's just say well I don't think you're wrong I'm saying I disagree you might be right. Because I think that's the breaks out. But Hillary Clinton's people don't get it that's the point. They decided that she was going to say something about this huge issue. And they put put the words in wrote the words for her to say they debate discuss and then they notified all the media. And the media believes that she's got some kind of its cachet with the people. But this came from Clinton herself. That that made her staff put the words in her mouth and then notified the press that's even stranger. That they think she's still. Well here's more Hillary Clinton loses that everyone that's ever been a character grant hair and a big sister. You want us ever. Helps out our arms. Every humidity and it says that compassion and decency should be outraged which begs the question were you outraged Hillary Clinton. As you have neither compassion Ortiz. But no here's the thing up this they're really going strong with this GO and it means that they have some poll in some way. That shows that this is any leverage wage issue that they believe that they can gain. People the turn on customs and Border Patrol but now what people who support. Trump or somehow now in favor of separating children from for women. In these camps. Reading the room I think this is just as you said earlier this is okay. It seems becoming down we need to get people outraged yet we need to get the whole we need to get the laughed back on Twitter the Huffington Post John Oliver The Daily Show avoid telling us how awful the right is right how awful trumpet even though these are policies that have been in effect. Before trump has a 2014 the old Hillary supporting this program right here. Of course you know we go into what administration approved what. But it 2014. What percentage of central American women were being raped crossing the border. In 80% 80%. 80%. And so that that means if nothing was done about that if you don't know what's separated at the border and then we beat. Tricks for doing it's a lose lose situation and they're really just buying something would go crazy about these are some exquisite. Listen you're a lot of things about you know when when you hear about Lewis and Clark traveling. There wasn't a whole lot of sex orgy of stories that came out of that now venture that was for the unit. How are we to believe that all of a sudden these people fighting for freedom have time to rape. I mean 80% of button gets the vast majority of of the of the women seven have been from that region Central America. It's disgusting and it proves the point that a lot of the people and they most I didn't say it all on a lot of the people coming over the border pardon. These model citizens. That there and it went out to be and I know it's honestly imagine what that would do to children. Oh this if they were put alone with children. Is which what would happen if they didn't separate them a core set that's that's disgusting thought even think of course it's literally any persons ever join the military you learn. The first thing about separating people put them in different groups. There's another reason for two with a twenty they've processed. You you wanna be back with your kids there's a real quick solution to it. Don't offer amnesty. And you re back with your kids 24 hour you're choosing to go through 28 process you can happy with your children. And it's really for the safety of the children. As for the safety of the chill if you're always apparent that's what you want and give them what you know what happens when you put kids in a room with a bunch of sick adults who don't have vaccinations. Those kids are the most susceptible to seed in the die. But again it squeaky wheel and and let's let's. All just admit that this is a really really bad look I mean they've seized upon of this issue. And it I mean as a cynical political operative I have to salute them for finding something soul. So one inch and it didn't apnea but as an americanized I I kind of fear for the public because it's not what they're saying it is I don't. 30930. Start I 310616. WB it is Barley and bella via Tom little under the weather. David LB is still here I'm Joseph beamer and for Tom in our guest this hour is Michael who put up. So you got the big story here this is that the big smoking gun Hewitt videotape. You know kids in KG is you can use all this stuff. You heard all the Obama people on Twitter you all of that video all of that footage was recorded in 2014. All of that was from the past. Nobody wants to remember how many people Obama rounded up at the border nobody wants to talk about deportation to the border but here we are. And you are not even into the summer going into mid term. And your leading off with that did this would have been far more powerful in October which they have. Halloween. Are the sort of been like an October surprise a mean right well how interest and also by the way. That they have all of us old footage to give Boston footage and what's the first thing the media does. They all try get into these dissent detention centers. To get some fresh footage of guys continue and now they all have this fresh footage including a mural all the presidents and included. A painting of Donald Trump like bait they focused on that like that was a Donald Trump only and are on the wall. They have all this new footage and they're able to feed the furor and so they they they. What I don't understand is out there your swing for the fences like this how don't how do you not know the videos from the Obama administer it should all they do. They do it if you think they did and they didn't anyway I didn't tent Oman. I do I don't think they know the power the Internet and how easy it is to go look something up I mean Jim Acosta obviously doesn't know that. But immigration didn't win in 26 to write illegal immigration didn't win them in 2016. Where they think this is gonna get any more power now yes okay. Like David says he don't go if you don't dig and that if you don't know the number of women. Coming across the mortgage rates since 2014 I don't know the statistics that you like all the just taking children away from their parents but when you actually look at the facts in you dig a little deeper you see it's for the children's own good. But again that's buried in the story if even in the story at all as you ripping. The child from its mother raised by the way headline which is really kind of this at least druthers but I understand though Joseph the this is the platform Democratic Party I get a few 68 is to separate children from their parents they wanna feed the kids as long as they canned the schools. They don't want to what are you basically saying there are parents that actually hurt their children. And if there's a disproportionate. Amount of there those parents that live and a community is better off to have those kids in the school system where at least the gonna eat. Taking care of and and have some guidance as semblance of order. Well this is there are times that you didn't. Make the argument that you're doing this the best means for the primary but you're that the when you're committing a crime like jump and we put. It if you were in east Germany. And you're trying to escape over you've got shot in the back. I mean we're not shooting people that are put there are other border guard force that way and we're not enforcing this one but we got Hillary Clinton say this out loud. What is being done in using it. The name of religion is happy birthday to everything I was ever top. Jesus said suffer little children on me he did not say let the children suffer Wigan alleged really depends. The version and accurate. I wish there. Bush a lecture us and Jesus. Zach Hillary Clinton again no substantive rights no substance it's ironic if that children are being taken away it's not. I think she's running I think she misquote or really as a totally saw the show him to come on to write what rationing said that the suffer little children and to me. You Crenshaw that a lot of children who come on line up right he didn't even quote the Bible. Well and it. I very privately and it is a strange and foreign now are at Arkansas was 48 ad agencies states and regimes don't tire America. Look out a lot. But you're barreling in ballot is Thomas stopped Joseph Bieber joins us we had really it's at which it. I go back and radio dot com. Tap into the woods like WB and files and download the regular doc come out on find W the yanked depressed little heart button that's you get all the app alerts and then you click on WB he has you'll be able to go. And demand to all of the fantastic. Number one in buffalo program. Anytime you wanna hear it. You hear that hour and half what Michael would talk all things. The immigration thing their towards the end Joseph here's the thing. You take your big bills fan and you go to games and there's things you can have the Q and bad sporting events. Am sure you read the back of your ticket. Il you get your stuff and education as to what they're actually telling you are acceptable risks to take when you go to sporting event. I think it's gotten a little bit ridiculous when you talk about. Well I decided to help. A foreign power overthrow their government. How it was shot repeatedly. I would like some compensation for that you're entering someone's country illegally. All of these concessions being made to assure that you're safe and you're treated. With respect. And all of a sudden we have Obama era photos. Obama error videos coming out. And it was trying to make this the new political outrage well you have. When you come into the country illegally your rights are out the door right it's like if you go to the bank. Any start taking from the vault it right you had to not be detained is out the door. On I don't under that is where being the mice. Loses. Again it's like about what did very late this weekend. And you'd you'd take your kids you're alone with your kids did you go to Darian lake and you get trashed. And you start breaking things and threatening people you're gonna find out that the Genesee county sheriff's department also separates adults and children. When asked that why would you risk to children through you don't put the children currently locked up with a mom or dad you'd wanna separate the case. We acted like what they're doing is not offensive. And illegal. In nature you know what that's gonna have pictures of Foster kids that you know whose parents are in jail for outrageous crimes. Is that the next thing we need to get these kids in Attica with. If there weren't lifted when you give him. Again I understand people that are threatened by. Statistics they're threatened by what every time you hear a number come out there. And year silence it just didn't see this coming this is the slowest moving freight train. Then it's like Austin Powers when that slow moving forklift is coming his way any screaming for 25 minute. This is what's happening right if you look at the World Cup. You can see what globalism has done. To populations. Belgium for example. There are a lot of different ethnicity is that you were seen in countries that traditionally didn't have those with at the right. Now we're gonna grow we're gonna get more in contact with people that we've never been in contact with before because of technology. We're gonna have the opportunity to travel more people are gonna. Everything's going to be grip but that doesn't mean that as an American. I tip my freedom of speech. Everywhere I travel. That might be the way I doubles are my rights and liberties at home. But they're certainly not your rights and liberties abroad. You have to go adapt. Eating it just visiting legally adapted Eric customer you have to file they are laws that the British driver on the other side of the road. It doesn't matter to you. Because you're in England you have to do is they'd. Yeah not gonna get behind the wheel England guys I don't think idea to do that that's a whole different topic but that but the point of though is that it's it's really presumptuous. Of folks that are are are legally committed to your country. That you have to sit down and and and basically say look you know this is why we're treating you this way there was a time where they kept entire families to other. And we saw a lot of problems. In Sweden. We saw a lot of problems in Germany we saw a lot of problems. In and Greeks. When they would put a lot of these refugees were coming from Middle Eastern countries and they were grouped them in these camps there were. Assault issues we're going on a regular basis. And are these people are bad we have no idea who they are you it's it's insane to think you can put them. Altogether right with with kids kids as we saw 80% of women and girls that was just adult women that was a women women and girls across the border. Our rate. You can't take that chance. You have to separate them and yes again you look at just the headline it's a bad luck but you've seen that number. You're doing what's best this child children and that's just one aspect of a lot of things that happened. One of them could be duck. If you put him it would these creeps at night altogether. We're also getting reports that there's some power outages and they listening audience Williams real some some people have. Have we have confirmed this but it text and end at 30. 930. Let's go to other phones are real quick if you wouldn't mind jell O 8030930. Starry eyed 3180616. WP and you know. Do you believe this. If this. Outrage. Is it's so over the top to the point where every other week there's something. Completely criminal outrageous that we needed you know put the presidency to prison or do you think that. You are embarrassed of the country because. These policies exist on the southern border. Well it's fake outrage that all comes back to the one thing. Donald Trump's president. Outrage comes due you can call it whatever you want to thank. Integration you can say it's Russia you can say it's the bills loss to Jacksonville that you get a touchdown to open it all comes back to do. Donald Trump one on November 7. Until November 6 2016. That's what it all comes back to that the outrage over you can put a different headline every week like you said it's not real it's manufactured outrage. That people think it's gonna finally get trump either impeached or have a lose power indecent in congress this November let's go to the phones and Fran and Allentown Fran you're on borrowing ability and. Hi Dave without I I wanna walk it back a little. It it's important that a Cuban boy. That Elian Gonzales. Elian Gonzales. Yeah yeah yeah I thought it was game. And I believe it relatives here and they were they want him to say and. As Pedro and no I don't know in these kinds of China trumpet and so. Madeleine Albright was he attorney general at the time. And she said absolutely not it was violating immigration palace he he got sent it. Yeah that was Janet Reno voice she'd like is like one degree separated from and what actually happened that's really Austin. Like has Martin Madeleine Albright was of course and a problem for Hillary in the problem yes yet done. Yeah I think they did not state they've made an elective okay. Story that the humanitarian. Yeah it's funny bit chilly Gonzales ended up being like I hope a wonderful propaganda tool for Castro offering a nineteen years. Exactly excite I think the magic because. It was the federal government block access he could not come into the country illegally you look at child. Yeah it was a that the drop was the mother died in transit because she died in international waters. The family took the kid in right. Like the the father really have to say that the father was that the soul yet and of course being the biological father in Cuba he won the you know and Bill Clinton needed all the press attention off what was going on in the Oval Office so we decide whether to say we can decide which Cuba his three days for an excellent call appreciate bringing down in Yangon tells because. You know Fran brings up the point that we've had this policy before if you remember it was a very controversial. For talking about that. Controversy in the front page of every newspaper. There was Miami gain share. Would like an MP five poignantly pitch he'll never forget and up and literally and I millimeter. Pointing a submachine gun right. It was holding allergies now. Kit you know look on his face it and I'll tell you what to tell you dominate a room by the way but also is not a good luck wasn't good everyone thinks like. Clinton did well from that Clinton actually. Suffered. Horrible I domestic points from that and really Bill Clinton was in a no win situation to be totally right he was damned if he did not I was don't. Great policy was coming out of it but he basically gays be allowed to become something that Cuba could then. Do we some sort of nationalism and I believe. Out of all of that if we're returning a radiant picture for the Dodgers nobody would have cared because there was little Italy and we made it a big deal about it right it was such a huge you know in their group will Farrell playing Janet Reno. On Saturday night life that would actually used to go after Democrats as. The Janet Reno dance which. God does. Some of the weather and I turned for the worse today it was cloudy look like this was gonna happen. We've got reports of people power outages in other folks have a tough time where is the worst of the storm from. Joseph beamer looking around the satellites. Well of course. Right now the radar its north of the city Williams deal is being hit and if you are endless they'll tell us exactly where is it main street where is it. Affecting you tax that in 3930 we'd love to see that. But the storm is going to move it's going to affect everybody we all are under a thunderstorm watch until eight so this is not it. They set the downpour for more likely in the southern tier but look out the window right now here in Amherst new York and it's not coming down pretty hard on that I'm glad sandy beach let's be partners. Garage he's not here. I just think that like I think this year I've I've I've reached up a I am my absolute maximum. Oh available. Patience for people complain about the way. I always IE it really is one of the most for this thing completely about the weather. Is like. What what I mean do you know what it's for what are we even Andy Parker who by the way identified a UFO and in buffalo allegedly allegedly I say did George nor yet mentioned. Really Parker right on any Parker knew instantly that we were talking about extraterrestrial life instantly. I he was doing. Any partners are Fred channel seven is doing is is broadcasted a little shooting stars it around in and gave a lot of people excitement that. Think there's UFOs in buffalo but getting back into Parker when the weather's bad like you're going after John Paul you're going after. You know what would the weather guys do. Well I don't know the other guy did however I would like this important if I I solid tax day and it really lit me up in one goes. I kissed him it's warm like cold because you can bundle up. To what extent right in a bundle up it's still cold right I still have to get. To my car yeah the restart my car in heavy heat up as the walked Michael it's so nice in this summer to get up. Want to the cart race outside you get your car you know he had the window rolled down I love that. I can't stand the winter I think it makes for great football weather later in the season especially games count. I can't stand point. I love this weather today I had to go to wegmans after on after the morning show at the longest you've spent in almost ideal weather. In your estimation we mean the longest the longest amount of time consecutively you lived in an environment that you thought was perfect. But in buffalo most of my life you've ever honored to Florida and spent two weeks before odds than a week in Florida all right so if it's perfect weather for. And I've been there NG in July and eventually find something to complain about. Death to your person I complete opposite I try to tighten up and I think if your personality is it time for us to complain about the weather. You'll complain about the weather no matter where you exactly yeah I got your name on every. I get yours and I just don't like Utley can bundle up when it's cold outside could still cold eventually have to get somewhere you have to walk outside and fuel. I hate at 4:30 in the morning walking outside in shock of just bitter cold runs it does wake yup we'll give you that but just that. It is the moat or the most painful feelings. I'm done well over broken anything and walking out in that initial shock of all my gosh it's twenty below zero right now it's like every. But you don't know that we we talk about immigration reform we under the weather word keep updated and get some reports of people. With power outages we'll keep you give give you as much information as you would like us to share to its Euro. 930. About where you're having outages of power where you are. Gives the call and 8030930. Start I 3180616. WB and George about immigration. And the idea here that this calamity that has the fall on us. That these horrible and again every time and you try to get it this is the real danger. About buying a lot of the done that nonsense. Where hearing propaganda. We're hearing stories of children that were nursing. And their parents were taken away from me nursing child. That would be used GM would be military. Action if he did that to an Afghani or Iraqi. If you were standing. With the ash flat on your shoulder represented as the military and foreign country. At a time and use possibly breast feeding and remove the child from that the food sports you would lose the pure can probably freak him. But you're you're unbeatable ended that's happening deterred some of that book you detail that they're running across and finding out who will be nursing at what time will eliminate that. It is Barley and all of via I am not Tom Barkley he is off today. David Elliott is still here we're talking about immigration. Has over the week and it's just thought it it appears that everyone just lost their you know why it. Now over children can be separated from their parents at the borders were obviously talking about. Children of illegal immigrants or as everyone else what's the column undocumented. Immigrants. And it's usually. If you're with children in the commission of a crime you'll find that separation and eventually gonna occur whether it's from. Local police federal agents or your shouldn't count share. Should your why in the forty year old of them in the bug show. Who were allowed to do that. It's like when you watch the cuts are pretty good but always take the getaway it's usually. I never understood. Right filled in on thought I'd ever understood it on the cats competitor the East Coast. Who had children would bring their children what. How disgusting is that in this as these kind of people we're trying to keep away from the children that become that would that particular. From their parents both physical they're trying to keep from exact vote exactly you don't know but again it's not in the headline. Who we even dealing. With a car accident on the board of my people yes the overly trying to govern the country it's that we're actually the job so easy. Right and and when we make wild act Allegheny she and that our own federal employees are out there doing things at the border. That are cruel or inhumane. It's disrespectful to the families and their people out there doing their job every day you're making the Border Patrol the bad guys in these are guys in Whitman who put their lives on the line every day to protect. What is supposed to be. A border to the country it's supposed to be you don't get over here Yuma and he filed the legal documentation you don't like their job. Exactly and human again if all goes back to you don't like trump. Comes back to.