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Tuesday, March 6th

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It's 930. In 716. Twelve voices in twelve hours some insight from us. And some thoughts from the only Western New York congressmen willing to participate. He does not going to get anything sulfur anyone. Where can we agree. Congressman Tom reed in a moment. I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering. Affordable living in a country setting. You don't we came up with the concept of inviting twelve people in studio to discuss the issues relating to school safety and gun violence. We really had no idea how tough it would be to find willing participants. A lot of egos and politics got in the way of having an open discussion about a series of topics. Well that the audience was clearly interested in having. Durbin screams and pleas for debates on the issues and you know how those all go the challenger always wants to debate the challenge she unwilling and under attack. In really in the end we're does it get arts. When's the last time you listen to a debate and actually change your mind from what you went into the debate thinking. We wanted to have a conversation and look for some areas of agreement and common ground. After all until we truly understand one another's positions and how we come up with them. How can we even begin to have any civil conversation about where to go from here. That's a problem with politicians are committed to party positions not their own positions if you're a Democrat you scream that Republicans and ask for more gun laws. If you're Republican you scream it Democrats about the Second Amendment. And screaming stops nobody changes her mind and while nothing happens. But nobody is pro gun violence right nobody wants to see another man shooting incident. Yet most politicians won't look for common ground they just dig in their heels they throw grenades at the other side and in some cases. Their opponents and say hey seat they wouldn't debate me. Our twelve voices in twelve hours broadcast was meant to allow twelve individuals with various backgrounds. Offer their thoughts on the current state of schools' safety and gun violence. We by design didn't want it to be late with politicians especially ones who have no ability to make any meaningful changes related the issue to begin with. But I will say this we did want to hear from each of our congressmen on the issues they after all will be charged with. Crafting any additional legislation or changes to legislation. That could make a meaningful difference. Now granted it was a session week for congress in all three Western New York representatives were on Capitol Hill for their duties. But we asked for time and it DC studio time on the phone time to call quick. Is busy as I am I simply can't imagine not having five minutes for something important is this conversation. And only one answered the plea. From my perspective it's an assault weapons ban I don't support it I mean it's not. Fringe and upon our final freedoms under the Second Amendment then. If that's the avenue they wanna take I don't think that's going to be productive and get to the finish line in regards to him 218 vote them out since sixty votes in the senate. So thanks to congressman Tom reed for calling in and speaking with David Bell of the. And so what I'm looking for our is if we're going to act on this issue which I think we should I think inaction is not. At the appropriate path to go down in regards it air our kids and our school. There what can we agree upon and I think there's a lot of ideas out there percolating -- and get that has the support that would actually get signed into law. Congressman Tom rejoins us it sure you think though that we have a temperament right now. T have a serious dialogue there's so much emotion involved in this issue. That I mean we saw this with wind the town hall meetings situation you're out here but let's have a dialogue let's communicate. Think it's completely hijacked. By people who just won a scream in a room next to an elected official. Well you know we did report sound all that this past Saturday and there were times where that. The conversation became very heated between a hundred people that I appear that we have pre Obama and average attendance of anywhere reported. A hundred spoke at the last one and but it was amazing to me is we've we control the setting him sit look at this is yelling NATO's not going to get anything else for anyone. Where can we agree and the one thing that came through that I tried articulated. You know we're not focusing so much in this conversation about this Nicklaus resists psychopath. Who was identified and who was known and now what we've learned from his life. In regards to preventing them expect whiskers from being able to walk amongst those pretty. And also to go untreated and unidentified. And even though this is this individual was known. Was identified and all that practice that he felt through we need to learn province were taken on that that issue of psychopathic. Behavior and mental illness in Americus up and we should be folks in on more than what we're talking about it when it comes to gun control. It's our congressman Tom reed for New York's 23 congressional district count should do you think there's a lot of Republicans that are speaking that same language or is there have. This is a broad party and Democrats don't wanna admit it but there's a lot of diverse opinion on both sides of the aisle. But the Republican Party definitely has people that. You know believe that there is some of these rifles and weapons and and and guns are bad and there's folks from different states. Where do you think the majority of the caucus is when it comes to. You know talking about mental health and you know on the same page would guns as York. Yeah no I believe. The broad. Base of the Republican Party as well members that are our agreement that meant illness and especially those that at least I hope. Psychopathic behavior. It's something that we could address should address I think sometimes our Republican colleagues though. Who who may get caught up in this focus on the Second Amendment and gun. Violence maybe into the rhetoric at the national media clearly wants to drive the conversation to. From my perspective that's part of problem. They wanna focus on the weapon. They don't want to take on the hard issue of the individual. A behind the weapon that's a much more difficult issue. To address and it and it comes with a lot of risk in a lot of our political. Potential issues that could be brought up in an abused or attacked people. Carson when you go home and your district can you talk to people. We're he's gun violence where is school security. You know on the list I mean. Are people still talking jobs are they still what do they what what it concerns your district. And obviously dispatch found on an obviously a lot of people are talking about it it's in the national headlines and rightly so I mean that tragedy apartment. Seventeen. Our most precious asset children were attending school where they'll. So rightly so waited on the top of the mind of many of people but. Edit their hardest still believe that the fundamental issue from long term perspective is going to be jobs and economy and I hear all the time especially in Western New York. Where the next generation of losing an opportunity. To be able to stay there and and raise their family their because they just don't have an access to a job. But right now it is obviously days you know getting a lot of attention rightfully so but that's quite. I've always been I've always said we need to do something. To address this issue you know Parkland was terrific. Yes Citicorp was terrific Alpine what's terrific you just go back the test of time and you need to be hopefully people come again and then. They can Wear expect amendment rights is not the appropriate. Avenue to try to address this in my opinion what needs to happen has focused on really what is the cost and that is untreated cycle past being left to be able to walk. Amongst us without any sort of treatment capability whatsoever. Congressman Tom read the only of our Western New York delegation willing to participate in this day long conversation. From myself and all of us at WB yen and dinner come a big thank you to all who participated in the twelve voices in twelve hours conversation and tell you who they work. Niagara Falls school superintendent mark and Lori kick things off Steve Hayden he's a firearms instructor was in studio doctor Howard hit so. President of best self mental health. The FBI in buffalo Kevin alliance in studio with sandy beach along with. Ken house connect from the mental association mental health association of Erie county. The Cheektowaga police department led by the chief David Zach. Steve McMartin. Homeland Security expert from. The die college but Schroeder from scope Gary putt up New Yorkers against gun violence the Erie county swat team in studio. TDs ranch and then we finished things off with Andrew call check Clarence protestor. And a student. Who had a lot to say. About schools' safety and of course you heard from congressman Tom Reid you can hear them all at WB EN dot com. And believe me we'll do this again. We're back. Tomorrow her that's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.