Olympics Update - Connor Mangan


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It is almost go time Ford derbies Tricia mangan on the slopes and Keon Chang. But there's concern about wins again Trisha is brother Conner mangan is joining us live from South Korea Connor. Are we doing and we're a little more than twelve hours away from this race what is the weather like right now. It is. It is we need not fever when he doubted warmed up here. We're hoping. I did not see when he tomorrow now operate dot has dropped it excited watchers. Yeah you've got to be excited because there is such a layover you're expecting this to happen all our time Sunday night. Now you have to wait senders of potentially you could wait even longer is that anticipation building. Yeah I mean it certainly building. But we. Have been able to see it's pretty incredible event in the meantime we're actually. You know we got a loose dot short track speed inning last night. And so are actually got to join us last night to watch some of those races that we got out and app it's I mean. You know I think Tricia guys write erase his editor is on Monday and so there inaugurate Marat out. Anticipation is growing power and are nervous just excited to be here. You cutter. Are the wins better than they were on Sunday. I yet they are it was. Oh India's. You know 45 mile an hour fifty monarch they're deathly better but it's been pretty windy throughout the Olympic. Other of that but by apple on. Has been pushed around the timing the men's downhill has been moved around bad. They'll definitely get it off hopefully hopefully go out tomorrow. And those wins there's a reason they're postponing these events I mean I can ever really in really big impact on the skiers. Exactly. Especially because it's the area also let the big dot com or one year it. It really closes down I mean our whole Billy Ray Cyrus now let on a bit deeper Wendy. It definitely slows you down and they wanna make sure that's fair enough that about women in and then win. We're talking live with Connor mangan and this is Tricia mangan older brother in South Korea this morning now it's the giant slalom there are four Americans in this. Describe the race kind of what does she have to do. The rate will be two runs. But apparently there are around 65. Athletes stretches going number 34. Adopt them. And giant wallop is. Think when people think it written it probably think of giant ball pretty. It's pretty frequent turn not a street and equality not at straightened up and down panel. They probably forty turns in the raid and he even qualify for the second round yet to be in the top thirty in the first term they'll have run rate that the restaurant and then the top thirty get straight back and the I don't know of some maybe later and later that night your time and about 1 PM Korea time. Oh well you guys have them waiting in anticipation for this race I know you've been able to check out some of the other venture mention that day and I hear. I Shaun White winning gold was something your family was able to see as well. Yeah we're there this morning. And no doubt at all that we you know we're out here at but it never really seen it cheaper price than where. Amazed how big that you'd I guess the regulations Hebert tried bit about fantastic end up. John White was in second until the last. The reruns and they take about score. And they're Sean I would the last person to go on the out lap three and he needed to have a big guy out. Is there at Japanese athlete and person. He did an amazing. The main thing run and scored 97 and got the gold which I think was that hundred. Winter Olympic gold the United States as one of the cars above in history that. It was fitting that it was sunlight they capped at two. And what else have you been able to take him. While we saw women lose in IPO is amazing I've seen on TV that way. Itself back. So called in person. We got. The men's Alpine. Ski racing which is which is really cool to the down over on another swallow. Hidden treasure action rate in the men's Alpine combined next Friday. We got the check out the venue. We also the short track speed skating and a long track speed in which meaning the direct call to be here and when you feed aptly. Guys from the event and you know are able to appease them and win golf but it's really incredible and ever and it's here all the athletes have been working really really hard it. On of their time it's really amazing to be a part of it. Interest did stay here if you for an incident North Korean cheer squad at all. I'm not a birth and we actually we haven't gotten a hockey game lives so weird we're watching on on the end. Dodd and Eritrean cheer squad and there were in perfect timing is impressive this. RB. Well Cotter we wish you the best it's getting hard for you and your family to sleep tonight knowing that churches. Her Venice coming up at about twelve hours did. Yeah I think I mean I think my parents leave people are nervous and you know there are excited that. We help people help we know that C you know she's ready got injured in. See that this was their first your on the World Cup had a lot of and of course what struck overrated and the and the bit deeper well so we're all really excited. I kind of we're all pulling for over here Indo hope everything goes well tomorrow morning your time it all happens tonight our time that's. Connor mangan and brother of Tricia mangan who is racing again it's a little bit later on tonight our time for a drawn over at the Olympics it's tomorrow morning.