Olympics Open 930in716 February 8, 2018

Thursday, February 8th

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Her kids 930. In 716. The Olympics beginning this stadium was built specifically for this if no other reason app this stadium up here in the mountains. So they're gonna do the opening ceremony the closing ceremony nothing else in and the idea stadium during the Olympics and then they're gonna Eric down we'll go overseas to. And what's it like to get that call from your daughter who originally didn't make the Olympics from the US ski team to tell you. Well now she did. The column it. It's little is that that emotional roller is pretty cool pretty wild. How fun I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents. Offering affordable living in a country setting. The Olympics competition already under way opening ceremonies tomorrow each day WBE and checking in live with Alex Stone and who's in the mountains of South Korea about four hours from Seoul. Where most of the games are being held. And it's pretty cold there. It's deadly Winter Olympics and and we know that is as ragged out here I think I've got about four layers on dad on the on the net level in more than that in the upper level it is cold. I during the nighttime hours it gets down sometimes below zero degrees it's so windy as well which adds to the the cold so. Folks are going to do whatever they can't to stay warm at these venues and tomorrow night. At the opening ceremony. Each person going in will be given a bag full of things to keep them warm they're afraid that this could be deadly for folks at nighttime the opening ceremony being a night. The bags left hand warmer in them and it'll have a blanket in it it'll have a parquet in it. A number of other things and then inside they're opening up warming centers and bringing on more medical staffing going to be handing out warm drinks they wanna make sure people don't. Died while while watching the opening ceremony the athletes at least on the US side their uniforms are battery powered. With heaters in them to keep people to keep the athletes warm hazard taking part and then the parade of nations tomorrow night. Able that sounds so pretty nice I'm interested in the scene now a once sure landed what's securities like because. South Korea I mean the only thing that has to be on a lot of people's mind as soon as they go is now was this going to be like being so close to the north. Yeah well we'd herein beyond saying we area named mountain. Rural area mountainous terrain now a rural area you know almost. For folks who think of like Lake Tahoe that area. We're pretty far we're a several hour train ride away or about a four hour drive away from souls you land in Seoul there's a lot going on there sign it twice and whatnot. But that really that the focus is on this mountainous region but it is a small sleepy town I can tell you tonight as a looking around and right now it's almost 10 o'clock at night. That did the streets are very busy the restaurants have already shut down that the crowds will come in tomorrow where they're staying there are hotels appear. Most of us are staying in condos that at that our companies have found. I'm so many people will be coming in. The bigger concern here in North Korea believe it or not is Nora virus that as of this morning. They're a 125 cases of Nora virus 43 new cases just today alone. And it's getting a lot of people sick every building you go into if you take a squirt of hand sanitize your. That the thinking being that North Korea is sending athletes here Kim Jung wounds on sister is going to be at the opening ceremony tomorrow. They've got a big delegation coming. And they've got artists coming down and performers coming down as part of this trying to to bring the countries together. That they won't try anything as long as they're athletes are taking part in security forces are telling us they're more concerned about nor virus while. And now Alex there's a fourteen hour time difference between where you are and where we are prelude dealing with that. Well you know you do the best he can and can't be up 24 hours a day. Yeah well I think we're going to be and I living California where it's a seventeen hour difference from here. That day you do the best candidate to ever once trying to acclimated to this time schedule the best we can't right now will be working pretty much the overnight shift and the day shift and you grabbed sleep when you can hear in the air and during that the middle of the night but. I'm EU EU there in the work around it whenever the Olympics are in an Asian countries today it's very creative. Yeah now the opening ceremonies will be going on at this time tomorrow right. Yet 24 hours from now and it's going to be in this stadium that is in front of me it's going to be cold it's going to be chilly but this stadium was built. Specifically for this if no other reason to have this stadium up here in the mountains so they're gonna do the opening ceremony the closing ceremony nothing else in the in the idea stadium during the Olympics and paralympics will be the same thing and that they're gonna Eric down they've built it. Knowing and it looks like a permanent stadium. But that there monetary down they say they didn't wanna do what other countries have done what they build these things and then they just rot and you know that it looks like at. Something out of a horror movie in a couple of years they're just they knew going into this they're gonna build they're gonna use it only for the four ceremonies opening closing of both Olympics and paralympics. And then Terry down. Meanwhile back home it's been a remarkable week for the main Ginn family of derby. Tricia mangan is on the US ski team but didn't make the Olympics. Until Monday when she got the call. Then another call was made of course to mom and dad. It's unbelievable. We got called on smarting from the strength. Mom and dad are Martha and doctor David manga and and they're here with Susan rose and Brian as a row ski. Is officially announced. I believe in afternoon and and and yeah it's the combination of Creighton has any lake and look at battling it just spoke with her. For the first time in your days. Apple aren't known he said it. Brady pretty amazing and there. Yet the craziness that you mentioned I can't imagine what it's been Michael what is it been like for you over the last two days trying to put together a trip. To South Korea and how many of your making that trip. Well I'd really we are I'll gallery we. All the right. You know railing at work in big detail land that would be on the board desire you can wake up early camera flying rock no direct. And it has been crazy about we have. Out your premier that Olympic village. And and we're gonna be every week end and happily ever loved my siblings. Are going to actually so they look Dietrich. And that in the second of back and Saddam everything it's come together and ask. Eve and I'm. When my son and by the support we are able get real and how could sound about as. Wow aide David. What's been the most challenging thing do you think this week. It's the you know expect that it is phenomenal let you get it done it already do that logistics are are pretty big party let. Probably be out mark that is now here at. Or I think. He has done an amazing job well in altogether have you all on the only such such an incredibly cool experience. Those yeah I mean it's just. It's also been pretty evading the outpouring of the community everybody I didn't. I'm. Really really happy side. You know we just to bring up you mention all these different kids Martha but an antibody you have six children is that right. Well act and everybody's going. There aren't. That's absolutely incredible aides David you know you're talking about some of the craziness or what was going through your head. When Tricia made that call B won't let you know that she was going to the Olympics. Solid unbelievable I mean you know it had been third are on the bubble and their original seen it in didn't naked and little disappointing but CT in the lead you know bull car and then work looking all word in the and you can't see them in the commercial ready Olympics in all ramping up and it was like how would you have been cool to meet there. And then lo and behold after being leery because people think I got the column it. It's fluid that emotional roller is pretty cool pretty far. Boy what a difference a week makes in your lies so I'm Martha you said you talked to her about a half hour ago she's pretty excited. When did she arrive and and what is she doing the leading up to the opening. Well she got I've got I'm. Monday the latter of Derek Alexander the Great thing and let it land. You're bank. And then I thought that was it we're at eight Korean island they're working hard about. About politically acute. Like on the log that. Look he's got moving into her room and I'm looking forward to it at 10 o'clock there he's tired. But he added. Everything is amazing that you have to bear has spoken with Adam and down other people have that bat and tell it. It is quite impressed then and things seem to be running really really literally from her vantage point. Now when you guys land now obviously Trisha is your first priority by. I mean I dimension there's some other things that you're looking to see you're going all the way out there to South Korea what else is on the itinerary. Let me and that Gatwick bat. I other kid Chiming in ways that a lot a lot of requests we're trying to Daryn we we are gonna deny all. And then we're going out of the venue Sunday night which got. Annan. Korean prime and that and then we're going to hit many of them as cat out against the together let then we relate. Mean we have a speaking many he had bad alert eager. The needy and are seeing. And the gay dumping everything and now. We're gonna cut it bought it because we can't and out. And we haven't yet. Purchased object at that you know they'll be getting an act exactly. You know still on the bailout that. I telethon is I think in Turkey and and some of the kids a lot of doubted that the big dog I think I don't pop that in the car and let them apart we're going to be experiencing real impact let that. With trash. You know I hear the curling tickets are selling like hotcakes you wanna get on top of that as soon as possible. The. Alma mater in Ontario Bradley they keep Alan I can't answer. David you must be taking that kind of a crash course in South Korean geography to get dollars and. Yeah well we are also fired or that Peter and I want or that I asked her out. We're checking out all the maps are pure. You know eat in Trisha is obviously they have the star she's the olympians steer but are there other competitive skiers in the family. Yeah her out let out there and it well accidentally. You're a rookie campaign like they are like black and as being culturally and make it all in the dorms better back today and I acted on your. But that and certainly district as it went rather well out. I'm and Andrea younger brother are both great independently right after the eastern. I'm you know you're eastern U lap and it would that entry draft law on and he's earned the competition that launched here on the national scene about. I a year ago. And that's kind of what it meant she stepped out there that you had he came out a lot. Abd Al out there or when rather beat her quiet up I want you to pay that it's straight out. Lou you know. What a payoff though after all those years of skiing and Alec until right. I'm now having. Holly I'm all about it. They've been great there at community. A great community and and and of course there's a lot of other. Quickly planned it out there who believes it become really good and bad about it on a daily life and the better earlier. Well laid up on public saying it and the look exciting thing is that what we get out and Arnold can't. And note from you all out occupant I would stop. I was a route that their. It really hot that night and I just thought to your district. You're a lot better here here and back there and you think you recap your vehicle could be a lot of experience that with you without he had promised mom being. Remember Alex Stone live from the Olympics each morning at 7:50 AM on a new warning on WBE NN and we're back to our. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.