Observing Pearl Harbor Day At Canalside - LCS-9 Commander Todd Peters


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Later today. The buffalo naval service has park will observe Pearl Harbor day. With a veteran submarine has from that era also on hand commander Todd Peters from LCS nine as soon to be commissioned new US has little rocket canal side. Commander Peters is with us now on the WBM live on good morning sir thanks for being here. Goran to be here I'm I'm sure you have stories to tell about what your crew was experiencing in buffalo and we will certainly get to that but I wanna start with Pearl Harbor day. With the I observances later today. But this is something that the navy no doubt will always be a part of. That is correct the navy is as a family organization and we're proud of our heritage and history we remember. The the Brothers and sisters that have served in uniform. Of any air and so we will always remember that at all which has special place for every sale. Commander how will the crew of your ship. Observed Pearl Harbor day. We are right now here we are flying our flags at half mast it will have a ceremony later on chip. We also have relatives there will be visiting mandate museum. But it through cricket played in that ceremony. And this year is going to be probably a little bit more simple than we normally would because we all have a number of guest command ship for tours will be supporting that. But we're we're actually most excited about haven't Taylor field has stated the local observer here it enabled using them. And all of that of course in advance of the commissioning coming up on December 16. How many guys here how many does servicemen do you have aboard the boat right now living here in buffalo for this time. Right now we have about seventy. But we also have us some additional sailor or be a lot going on Saturday so for the ceremony you'll have probably around a 10130. What commit to what is the crew doing. While you're waiting in the commissioning. We are doing a lot of work. We're also doing a lot of engagement with the local community were very pleased to be here and now we really appreciate the hospitality of the city and the hard work of the committee. Making. Arrangements for a number of events or be doing throughout the weekly. They did that again we do you have responsibility on the ship takes it on any given day it takes about a third of our crew. On board ship 24 hour standing duty to make sure that we're operate the ship correctly or we're operating. Right now we cannot have. Or are available so we have to operate Lear Buick called Hillard in our evening. Where we outgrew our electricity cities near to during that press recruit that security watches and also we are having. Tours every day. Offer a window of about four hours until we have sailors their support that in. That's one of the nicer things of beauty is being able to show off ship and engage with that was yet to come see. You say you don't have any shore power I also understand that that while you're here. It's different than if you would be out on the on the C you don't have water deal. No we we do not make water while we're in for sure we have water act ought to try to provide water to ship. So normally we we prefer that this hotel services no adult services are provided here. The ship. Just received them but here. Because the port not used to having him maybe shipped here where we're have to do you off an arrangement so it's kind of a hybrid between being under way but also being court. What else is different. Being at a place like an outside the verses being out on the C. Insecurity. Normally ship at sea we're able to defend ourselves or what should we EQ. Where's NP at pier side we have the stand security watches it. Keep track who come in our ship who's on the ship whose leadership. And we also have a security perimeter that's expanded out from the ship on the sure a short side. And where it should help from the local police on that but there's also still a lot that it ships or had you maintained that. Are there any inconveniences. While you're out sure and residency. Not really inconveniences looked you know lights just different. Being under way has. Advocating terrorism all the talent in there are some adjustment Cilic at the break. During the transition period between being you know being it's seeing coming into court or. Being important getting underway. But we. We do quite a bit of each and so I am getting into a routine. And I imagine emotionally this is an exciting time because you're all looking forward to eventually being commissioned and bring out its seat talk a little bit about that. Buzz is that you'd privilege for everybody on board you know many sailors will spend an entire record may not have the it would be like crew. And not so this is going to be a lifelong experience that every sailor carried with them. The crews worked for the better part of two years to get ready for the in terms of the individual training and then trading at different. Watch scenes on the ship that a lot of simulator time and I'm writing ownership to get proficiency. And prepare ourselves for upgrade our own share. And immediately the most amazing part of the truth is he in the sailor they're all excited. They're happy be here these treat them amazingly well. And and again just knowing that these sailors will carry that experience with the rest realize they'll tell stories. There editorializing about the experience. Commander piers thanks for your time commander Todd Peters from the LCS nine. The soon to be commissioned USS Little Rock at canal side.