Observations On Chris Collins Situation - Carl Calabrese


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We bend following this over the past. Few days now the race to replace. Chris Collins on the ballot. In November we're joined now by Republican political strategist. Karl calabrese is the GOP county chairs get ready to meet later tonight. Carl were looking at the two big questions. How. And who Howell Chris Collins be replaced who will he be replaced with then did they don't have a lot of time to figure out the answers to bolt. They don't I think the poll questions would have the same answer. Don't know yet is. I think that I meetings could be very very important for from Apple's airport that they. First all. When most jurors get together tonight I would imagine there's going to be one or more very skilled very experienced election law lawyers in the room. Explaining to pitcher is exactly. What a loss says what case law has ruled and what their options are and what their chances of success with each option is. That could be critical for them to decide how to replace this is an awful lot of questions is what. What is the best option to use what legal. It is it's very very popular I think it's much more complicated than anybody thought. When congressman columns made his announcement of suspension of his campaign. And whatever happens and that was in the paper today. The democratic chairman said that whatever option. It's these Republicans may choose to replace. Collins other all the corporate that you mention chairman minorities said we expected that. That's exactly what's gonna happen so. This thing could drag out for one and could get even more complicated. When it goes in the court. And all during this process if he loses in court like you say. Would that delayed the Republicans from announcing and getting a name on the ballot. Well it wouldn't prevent them from go in an announcement but is it uncertainty it is a lot of uncertainty which your candidate you know what you're. Try to raise money you're gonna try to get commitments of people help you you've got to make your case to voters. If it's not. A good situation. If you're the the designee of party. Run for that seat so in the state to witness witness the things play out breakout plain out in the in the media reform and political form. Is that the go to the court or. If for some reason they can't figure out that question about how to remove Chris Collins from the ballot. Would they have to resort to write in campaign is there really. Any other option besides. Peyton vote for the guy on the Republican line even though he is indicted. Right I I don't India today I think that's one option but I don't know that's the only option. And again I don't think the chairman bill right yep in Maine until after this evening. So it's it's just good it's a very complicated and so confusing situation that they're gonna try to sort out. And based on what their lawyers tell them they're gonna try to pick the option that makes the most sense politically just in the best chance of winning the court case that's where this is going. I mean if I can't curl of Chris counts hits a war chest of one point seven million dollars what happens to that. Well we'll let that is one and I understand there he could. Chose to donate some or all of that to the Republican candidate who's chosen for the seat now. Decision he's an estimate but it is just my opinion and he can do it with it it it's stays with him that there are certain. Regulations that govern how since that net. Many well former elected officials leave office with large. Resources here that people hate them but they didn't spend. They donated other candidate they donated to charitable causes. Thought that he uses for your personal. Situation hit one by Kroger like that but you can certainly give it to other candidate of your party or you can. How could cause. What about legal fees. I've this is I don't know I I don't know he can. He has done a certain amount of money this year over a quarter million dollars of legal fees not sure he wrote a check out of his personal account or art is political. How much attention will those GOP chair SP paying to the political dominoes we've been talking about this morning. The other will be paying attention to a whole bunch of political dominoes right I understand a poll has already have been commenced that the number of people I know were called last week. About the names of potential Republican in the and so it possible that poll was done that there could be under consideration when teachers is going to be looking at name identification. The going to be looking at favorable on cable ratings of each candidate. So it will be paid attention that. And it will be paid attention to the dominoes especially at that may impact but say the state senate the state senate Republican majority is is a majority of one. This is going to be a very very tight race this year see what party controls state senate. In here and there are free state senators whose names have been mentioned prominently for. But for this seat that are race as an offer center or center delegate. And so if one of those becomes the favorite. I think that question is going to be asked which of these C. We have the highest probability in chances of retaining if we get the wanna newcomer who plays the rook incompetent because that could impact. Lot of political and legal and legislative decisions in the states the next two years. Carly is there a front runner and of the names you've heard the last couple of days is anybody Horry and a few of them standing out. That yet but I I think. I think sort Koppel offices set. Would be fought running offices by the approaching the effective date represents a large areas of the county comptroller. That some highly represent Boulder County. As one it was big election numbers. And then the current state senate seat that make up this district. Art that is big areas the incumbent senators or controller are going to be known by a lot of people. Within. The congressional district president has that they might either don't have money in the face and have. A political organizations already in place I'm in over large areas of the geography. And so I think that. That would be the first place that you would look to say these you know strongest candidates but there are other candidates have also put. Lots of this has to the table as well and the man and a lot they depend on what that poll shows what the voters are thinking what. What bases would they see is a good candidate. So I guess that's why can't. That's a political shares earn their money so it is that you in the world tomorrow and pay them their positions. This is it separate the political temperature political pro is being able to juggle. All the things we're talking about this morning and more. And come up with. A decision that went to see it's not easy but a lot of skill a lot of experience you know a lot of good political and legal as and that means and right and that this is what this is what we're elected to do and this is probably achieve the position but I'm sure demonstrating they have the experience. Temperament knowledge. The way through these social issues and make a good strong political decision. Carl we appreciate the update as always says Carlo calabrese Republican political strategists.