NYS Assemblyman Angelo Morinello

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Tuesday, March 13th

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Assemblyman after. You know months of this trial it's finally come to an end until super Coco was found guilty of corruption. Out wanna keep your reaction to it would you think that. Well as a returner drugs. I respect that your precious. Everyone gets their day in court in the currently the church folk. It beyond a reasonable doubt would greet churches. Let he was convicted of a six. While what are looking at it is frankly that the pictures corruption in government. Lack of transparency. In the methodology. Of how country. Are Foster in New York State to. When this corruption. Charge that comes down I mean it's just another really black guy for New York's government. You know what you recommend can be done to. Alleviate the problems that had been corruption in the government. Well that's it. They're questions interest and one I can go from English to your first Ehrlich reports which in total. At that reform bill that was really interest me because it was an election. Could be. Very few members to sign. Most of her complaint suited to what went over by the little worms. Dollars and elections for anybody. LLC. Special interest groups. Groups repressing should support one position or other which should be all the but it. I'm part of the bill also wants. If you. It donated and you receive the government country. If he won there. Two years and you combat is one or. If somebody did receive money they received the country. The rest would call for transparency. Call for limitations on committees or its leadership. So go home just so what are we used to be changed is. We need to step creating scenarios. Where individual rights to a level well almost. An authoritarian. And they can control. Then too we recognized. It to stop this. The bottom mourn when you have to take the money multiple actions that we need to prosecute when someone's true. Assemblyman in the short term what do you tell your constituents who are just fed up with. New York State's government what do you tell them tried to say that listen it's on the right track if it is. Well Putin's word and trying to do. And I know you followed by courier I'm trying to educate my constituents. To be more aware of what they're actually hear it should go over what happens in Albany and one state you know to reporters who were. To start reaching out to friends and other areas so there we speak with one or teach it. For the benefit of all constituents Buick stern. Maybe people who have no real idea what is occurring. And I would all won't venture to guests. There that it would make phone calls rid of the apple calls the majority of people will it go like deal with her co local tribal wars or what it was so well. So it's a lack of education number one but more port number Tribune this is bringing out what. The problems are in government were eruptions are. In combat. In this one's victory was still low and with broker. And corruption jar but once a jury verdict comes in its scope. So they're saying that this school ruptured. That's a Christian groups additional trials coming forward and I just hope that we want starts in the country. What massacring. Because once their rights are opened and impotence or brilliantly. Each currency. If you start to bring in big government when bill. And the chargers were called cool it's great though is. The one or so when you look at what note was found guilty of it directly good ones and combined to experience. Either an increase prelude to a country increased costs. So if it's it's kind of a domino effect that we have to bring a lot of I want on the champions were formed a tree you'd change. Yeah and I will he implicated with. Governor Cuomo wasn't found specifically of any wrongdoing throughout this entire trial but obviously for Coco was so close to the governor does this affect the way that. The state legislature will do business with the governor. Well I know that that's sort of a difficult question because I feel hungry you know a great deal in law. The government was not a change of army and the governor was not part of the mistrial this was one of each lost it each. But it that the government could not going to church against governor so I do not put this on the government. He would I would scope would go up but it's still such period this quote L lines a little more than a little better handle on what they are doing to spot chips. So I will match series that this sob Coke and willingness to go over to be a little more pitcher.