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Monday, August 13th

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It's 930. In 716. If you were in the politics it's the playground of your dreams. If not. Hold your nose. And why 27 is trending in the race to replace Chris Collins on the ballot is. I I don't think there's perfect candidate for any situation every candidate comes with pros and cons. I'm all in for whatever it takes to win this race I could be the best candidate. To defeat that McMurray in November. Today Chris Collins double now. I arrogance I'm Tim linger on 930 in 71610. Weekend what a week first Chris Collins is indicted and now we suspends his campaign opening up of political firestorm of viable candidates screening. Pick me pick me this has been very sad but who will indeed. That man nick playing worthy chairman of the Erie county GOP will have an awful lot to say about who replaces Chris Collins on the ballot. He in the seven other county Republican Party chairs in the district. I was their Saturday is lying worthy verbally digested it all. Start from the beginning when the indictment and charges being level congress compounds in in in my heart goes out to his family is the deal with when that went. I think it today he made the right decision. For the people of western new York and taxpayers whose district. Where this is in legal trouble has become a distraction. Upon. The district. On the campaign this is the best decision for the Republican Party so we can go forward with a fresh candidate in move ahead. Because really the goal here. Is to ensure dating conservative Republican candidate for president Trump's agenda. Is elected this seat because that is what this district is made of and to see a candidate it is me. Radical liberal like neatly Marie. To see him elected to receive it is. Overwhelmingly Republican the most Republican district in New York State because of candidates legal troubles. Would would really be a crime. Against you know the wishes of many of the pillars. So I eat I believe that this gives the opportunity for the party to have a fresh start. He is I look forward to in the east to calm meeting with. I'm my fellow county chairs many of which there's eight in this district there's a county's district consistent Erie Niagara. Or leaves Genesee & Wyoming counties as well as Ontario county and a portion of Monroe County. I've talked to many of them individually and look forward to us all getting together it is time very soon the next couple of days working on. Logistics of that to lay out a process. That the party will undertake to find associate candidate for congress at this point I mean. There is over fifteen candidates I believe at this point could have expressed interest and be in. 33. On. Listen to voice mail street now so there could be more. You know basically the entire you said it Indies and the delegation. Are interested in pursuing. The nomination. As well is in private citizens like Carl Paladino like. If they'll be just got off the phone. There are many people end. You know the 1 thing I am confident is that. Whatever candidate it we can coalesce around build consensus within counties on. Will win this race and we need to be the case I mean this is a fresher for the district. This is an opportunity. Forrester before this is now an up tee box I mean obviously you know this that this unfortunate set of circumstances is not one bit party anticipated that party wanted. But you know we have to function within the parameters that were given that this leak deep. Post primary. With a vacancy face I I believe that Chris Collins will. Find an avenue to get off now so we can replace there're several opportunities did for for Paris costing itself off the ballot you know he's risen more states. So that that's when he she he's also he has homes in Florida and Washington. There are. Other offices that he. You know he could potentially be nominated for there's variety in our legal team is it's been discussing this it seemed like McCain now. There's a variety of ways he can take himself off the ballot in in due time you know we will cross that bridge. I I don't think there's a perfect candidate for any situation every candidate comes with pros and cons and leaders. People from elected services people from the private sector. There's. Really you have to have someone it has some political sensibility is how a couple of first timer would probably not fit this so well we are. I mean under house Jessy how many days Election Day when you were under a hundred days. 89 days to Election Day so this way first timer would not probably be the best choice someone that's never going to the political process. If this is his raw politics is it gets because we he is elected party leaders to come together. To choose a candidate and unfortunately we find C. Is it more vacancies and we have we've been through together before becoming leaders have worked well together. You know were all very friendly and good relationships and I think it's. There's an opportunity for all of us to coalesce around a final candidate after you know we we spent some time with the group. He needs to resign. And of this district can move forward that's the other side of the coin Erie county Democratic Party cheered Germany's elder. He sat down with Mike Bagger men within minutes of the Colin suspension announcement Saturday there's already a cloud over this New York 27 process. And he is just showing his wrong sheer Erica. By by seeing that he can suspend his campaign yet still serve our community in congress and that absolutely ludicrous so. I think what Chris Collins needs to do is resign. Confess his guilt and move on so this community can move on. Because right now it's just more of a shame on this community we've been an international. Shame right now we've got from all the way from Australia it's to New York City know just to California. You know Western New York has taken a lump on the chin because of Chris Collins. Can you then talk a little bit about the other side your spot they're saying it's going to be completely up to congressman Collins whether he should resign but. The Republicans are saying one thing Democrats and yet dangerous. Of course they are because they wanna control this process because the Erie county Republicans care about power. And they wanna handpicked. The next person to be in congress they could care less about our community. They could care less about the people the 27 district. All they care about is making sure that backfill his hand at personal matters if there can be back though. And that's the real tragedy here it is. It's brought shame to our community this whole process and today Chris Collins doubled down on air against. On hands and tries to talk on both sides of his mouth by thing I can no longer run a campaign. But I can serve the community as your congressman while I've been arrested. And I'm under arrest. And to mean that is shameful it is his press conference the other day when two days ago at news gonna fight v.s and run for reelection. Obviously something happened between then and now. Your county comptroller stuff on my hi Lou as and made a public announcement he's got a Stephon for congress type of email out there he's signaled his intent to run for congress what's your reaction. Well I think he's obviously a political opportunist who should be focused on the residents of this county that he just duped into what re electing him. Army is no. Skills to represent us and Kyle and congress he has no background are represented in congress. I know you had to render courts and multiple times before this Kong's indictment came out and like 27 was solid red. District now it's still likely to be right home and home health plan does it. Well it's I I guess that was a lot of people's opinion but we saw candidate in the McMurray who represents a conservative. Community. Com right now he was elected by a conservative community and so we chose him because we thought he most represented the values of the 27 district. He is not somebody who wants to come take people's guns he believes in the Second Amendment. He has moved around 27 district. And you know 68 months ago talking to anybody that he could. And he's got a great response so the pond in the people in Washington who say you know seats are red to blue this one isn't gonna go anywhere. They have their own thoughts. We have believed in me from day one we've always been their form. Com national people have thought what they want now they're taking more attention so they will be involved in this and we'll see what happens can he win without the support problem state Democrats in national and I think he has the support from state national. And before you know when Cuomo says he'd rather poke out. Well that's your opinion obviously I. Well the governor did say that you thought kept local would be about a candidate. And that is what it is but the point is that Nate McMurray is running he has the support of every Democrat I know including a committee Kathy Oakland sourced him two days ago. Everyone's with him and we're gonna move forward here there's a clear choice in Nate McMurray for the seat. Now the candidates are plenty all solid names our own David Bell VA's mentioned frequently. But which of the hopeful checks all of the boxes will hear from just a couple who were early to raise their hands. Well I think the entire universe changed this week with a very unfortunate. Offense could have been done in the district. Erie county controller staff on my hi Lou was first. And so I talked to Mike Haley talked to my wife indicted and soul searching and sought. I could be the best candidate. To defeating McMurray in November we could lose this seat if we do not pick the right candidate. And I had some bloody battles here in Erie county winning three. Very very tough races in a blue district. I'm very conservative on pro life I support the Second Amendment and a concealed carry permit holder card carrying member of the NRA I leave in the district. And myself I can actually vote for myself on Election Day compete compare to name McMurray. And every take the fight straight to him easy job killer he spent his professional life. Exporting American jobs to China and Korea. We can Eleanor radical liberal extremist. A vote fer the impeachment of president trump on day one and so I'm making my case. Two donors I have 300000. Dollars in commitment. Over the past 24 hours by the finance team in place said the campaign team in place. So that if I am honored enough to earn it. This nomination and I'm going and heard it from those eight county chairs that we can flip the switch hit the ground running and be victorious in November. Seven why should this go to a seasoned politician. And not a newcomer who doesn't have political baggage. Susan it's going to be a political brawl on this will be a Donnybrook of Donny Brooks and you need someone whose battle tested that's the difference. Odd name it Murray is a brawler blocked. Again is a horrible record of exporting American jobs overseas. The Democrats are not going to let this fecal quietly now because there's side opened C. And so I have been battle tested like never had an ear are tied easy grace and Erie county. I've won the net and Obama presidential here is a conservative Republican in a blue district. And you need someone who's been battle tested. And I'm the only campaign erased that has banned when it comes to winning how he lied in a very blue district and I am very conservative record. I planet going to Washington to be president Trump's biggest cheerleader. I use sound passionate about this it begs the question why then. Were you not so interested in challenging Chris Collins in a primary early Iran when all of this surrounding insider trading. The oh weather was sick congressional investigation was swirling around his name even without the indictment. Us Republicans that are very difficult time winning races and Erie county in our region just because of our massive democratic. Disadvantaged. For Downey to one in the city buffalo 21 in Erie county and have won three times. The last thing we should be doing is fighting each other we have a bigger battle when it comes to fighting Democrats. And so when Chris couch and suspended his campaign. I can right here in the rain because I believe are in the conservative that can win this race. I have the deepest respect for nick Lang worthy in the seven other. County chair I'm working incredibly hard bringing up the phone and meeting with people being in and day out to earn their respect and earned their trust. But I think we're going to be unified front to make sure that radical extremist name McMurray is not our next congressperson because. Mark my words can be won if Democrats take the house they will vote to impeach president trump and we cannot have that in Washington. There are scores of other political insiders being mentioned veteran politicians lake state senator pat gala event. But the NY 27 political field was startled somewhat Saturday when this man sent out a tweet saying he was. All Ian. Because of my disposition. Sort of values. Integrity character. Developer former GOP gubernatorial candidate and ousted school board member. Carl Paladino. I think they've shown in the past and willingness to fight for what he's to scour. That's. I want a sudden the best person to Washington to represent a 27 and its people. These people suffer all the common problems so. The American people in general. So populist. Era and it's time to make sure that these people have and the families have every every best opportunity. To send their kids to college and then to Kendrick children stayed razor families. In the area with. Jobs here that can accommodate these children. Apparel stem from a pilot told us earlier this hour that this is going to be a political brawl and the candidate has to be. Battle tested do you agree with that. So fun as getting his energy from headcount actually is state chairman who would I can't I have criticized constantly as being a person. In Upton new jab him and shouldn't be there. And right now that's where Scotland its energy from. And makes silly remarks like you know this absolutely key is all sorts of fighter from Western Europe. Then the true fighter I've shown people Ali stand on issues impervious to. Two fear power over. I actually it was so in my mind I think it's important to have somebody in congress. Letting the other people involved in the Republican caucus. Understand that they should be speaking a little bit more defensive as advocating for the president. Carol you just mentioned Ed Cox having some influence here. What about Chris Collins himself is he still pulling some political strings trying to pick his successor. Not to my knowledge no different fixes crisis. Maintain a neutral position. Who do you think will wind up making this decision on who replaces Chris Collins on the ballot. There's days. The national. Political. People will have something to say but it's gonna come down to. Are eight local county chairs. Who I had suggested. That they do a poll and examine the results of the poll to determine. Who do people in the 27 district want this. What about money. How much money do you have for this race how much will it take. You know people also ask about money and I'm all infer whatever it takes to win this race. And yes as we say time not much of it either will tell back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo all.