NY27 Now What 930in716 September 14, 2018

Friday, September 14th

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It's 930. In 716. With the primary elections in the rear view mirror let the real politicking. Begins at the same things I'm being attacked. By my democratic opposition for. These plans are in the world should have been four months by Andrew Cuomo in working families party crossed my guess is the fixes and whatever they're gonna do they've already decided I'm Tim linger on 930. In 716 and now that the primary elections are over we are told things stuff will start to happen. In the race to replace CN NY 27. At the same time there is increasing sentiment from many that Chris Collins will remain on the ballot in November time will tell. For his part Erie county Republican Party chairman nick claim worthy says. They'll meet to reorganize this weekend in other counties in the NY 27 district will follow suit early next week then. They'll move forward with their strategy whatever that me beat. Following the balloting in results primary night our Mike Beck Herman talked with Lang worthy. Who is ruffled over some downstate maneuvering that Democrats are allegedly doing. That mirrors what the GOP. Is apparently attempting to orchestrate in NY 27. Well you have a situation where in Debra grew six assembly district in Manhattan which happens to be the home district. Of Cynthia Nixon. Eighty attorney was placed on the working families like even those in inception the working families party. They have endorsed him neglect every single election this was very strange inning came agent who's in Deborah Glick it was well reported then in years media. What. You have here is a stalking horse place holder candidate he's not really intending to run. What dead easy fallback position by governor Cuomo's people and leaders in the working families party. So if Cynthia Nixon used to lose their intention is to nominate that candidate that attorney on the line. Force Supreme Court. Opening up the line and allowing them the nominee Cynthia Nixon for state assembly underneath. Some of the same exact tactics that. Even though we haven't speculated exactly what we're going to do for near point seven substitute now some of the same things I'm being attacked. By my democratic opposition for. These plans are in the works and have been for months by Andrew Cuomo in working families party crowned the. I remember as you guys can go to this entire NY. Democrats. All over the place condemning you condemning the Republicans. It's behaviors and certain. This would be nearly identical but the only difference here is big and learn about this problem. On August 8 place and there they had time to work or treat this through petitions in manipulated. That parties balloting so that they had a fallback position to pull Cynthia Nixon back off. Yes. I know you've mentioned it's not just you have a lot to be that being said there's this kind of horrible injuries out of politics. New York State election law is the most complicated in the United States of America. It would be far easier for me in this situation if we could just you know I have. On a normal substitution. Mechanical decline in off the ballot you can move on and in some states have things that provisions in there. Our deadlines are August 8 would be. I wish things were as complicated as they are I mean I think New York's election law should really be modernized. Democrats doing that thing that you guys are doing everything that you guys who have sued. The Democrats think Nixon copy. I don't believe I have been standing so I'm not gonna say I'm gonna sue anybody but I do think it. Every. I mean virtually any changed the balance. Routinely comes loss. You know and that's why you know we continue to stay with congressman calls cooperation we could we can accomplish a substitute for. It's with cooperation. If the candidate she's not property cannot give him an awful lot Cynthia Nixon had to consent. To come off the working for him why. It six. And yes it was kind of and over you what people. We have every two years our entire party you know is invited come together two elected leadership. You know for another two year term so I've been proud to stand as chairman for eight years. I believe it ends or my comedian will continue on for the and you know I appreciate their support that I've been given by error our party apparatus you know we've we've won a lot more than we've lost in any dark blue counties so proud of our record. Will take any and we can't mark Allen are coming in tomorrow. It is helpless rally our troops to get us ready for the general election. The pre season is over we're in the the playoffs here and it's very exciting time. So after that this actor's real action is are able to. It will be in the county doing it. Other counties. Monday. We will be shares for the first time home on Tuesday I don't expect it will be. Too but we will. Something will be OK speculation here in the country. I think things have to move next week I mean it's. If it would. Have to really start because we're getting very close to feel like career. When you like you know high. Really I have been so focused on the process then I haven't even spoken with my fellow teachers in his election. Since we left the we have. In embarrassment of riches of people could go on to serve us very admirable and very. In only one candidate since that day sent ransom offered in his name out of consideration. Everywhere else from means on the table. Obviously we have to revisit but you know we shares and we left there's an Aussie I need announced in a ring of the field. You know this is a survivor of the hundred games I mean we have out. Every single person came flooding. Quick admirably served this community congress indeed it conservative voice in Washington Seoul I am. We have plenty of hoops it's a question now in it's what we've been working on I'm confident the plan isn't. I'm confident wither legal team we have worked very hard to get that on. With congressman Collins cooperation. We can accomplish a whole different story and that type of player in this congress columns. Any and a knack you know and until we get to the point where we go to make the substitution. I'm not gonna comment on specifics. Because I know that we're facing. You know grandiose legal challenges from our opposition. And at this point I am I'm confident that mechanisms exist with congressman Collins cooperation. To tennis up to him from about. Work. I done the last I heard out of his mouth was on channel four. I'm not that guy be beyond on Monday night and he sounded as though he was pretty whopper of his which is the messages that we. Heard to date some perspective now from one man who was an early front runner for the NY 27 replacement spot. And one who of course watches politics well for a living. Michael Caputo and David Bell of the end now. My guess is the fixes and whatever they're gonna do they've already decided. That's gotta be they've been talking about it now for a month and in addition to that whoever they're gonna pick his architect. And today its final BP of these pieces organ a fallen into place pretty quickly a nick language to me that fairly clear in his press conference early on. That it was gonna happen directly after the primary I think everybody who's got questions. Got it are wondering what's gonna happen a mere 27. Don't don't sleep too well you're gonna hear it. And and frankly. You know I spent a lot of time in Washington between then and now I'm on our conference calls twice today with Washington because of projects I'm working on and on the mid terms. And Doug New York 27 is a problem it's a problem. Because they know that if Chris Collins stays on the ballot that the the the salt of the earth Republicans. Of Wyoming county. A lot of them you know they're they may not come out because they don't want to vote for somebody who's potentially criminal. Because they're good and and and veggies and ought to be honest people and that's what good indecent SP if you had a gas wind wind they make their move into the and now next week's cabinet and a half and that's got to do if I got when there's arsenic they get somebody on the ballot. They got to be there are already late that in the law states that 45 days before election absent the balance to be solidified so are you print it it's funny for next Thursday is the day right right and. And frankly. It either we're gonna have a bar of a challenge. It in the courts on on this issue was well I mean if they go ahead and move cardinal calls off the ballot you get the democratic lawyers from all over the state quite. Even out of Washington can raider front loaded and a court channel. Immediately and then there's going to be an appeal that's right and it's of this and I don't like finding a right leaning judge. There isn't exactly there is an ace at the 27. Even though it's. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.