NY27 Down to the Wire 930in716 September 12, 2018

Wednesday, September 12th

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It's 930. In 716. So where do we stand exactly with the race. To replace. Him I know everyone relates knowing exactly how everything's going to work out but that's just not something that you were prepared. Roll out of this time OK then I'm Tim linger on 930 and 716 and I'm really not sure who knows what at this point when it comes to. And lie 27 as it's come to be known. Will representative Chris Collins remain on the ballot will we be replaced by the GOP. Erie county Republican Party chairman nick Lang worthy looms large in this whole process but he's not alone. There are seven other chairman to consider across the NY 27 district and it's been a few weeks we've a chance to catch up what you street then. Sleepless trying to. Figure out how to congressman Collins off about WBN's Mike Bagger man pressing lane worthy for some answers on NY 27 and there are some. Pretty interesting factoid in this exchange that being said here we are now week before September 19. Is there a map a plan. And is there a way to get him. I yeah again and I thank him not in any interviewer do going to write the legal brief for opposition at all. I know everyone relates knowing exactly how everything's going to work out but that's just not something that you were prepared. Rule out at this time. I am as confident today is I've been confident from the beginning that there are mechanisms in place with congress who owns cooperation to replace him on the ballot. Just like. Just like. If he Andrew Cuomo is to win on Thursday defeat in Phoenix. Just like their game plan they've talked about. In the press. In New York City for two months on how they're gonna try to pull her off the working families and that's what the they have mechanisms in place there to try to remove her from the gubernatorial ballot. They're gonna use knows if dad if you feed Cuomo successful make no mistake he knows how. She is serious threat to him winning another term if she should stay on the ballot. So does the Democrats who cried foul and cry fraud. Because. There Mac and I'm pleased near election ought to switch ballot positions around. After the primary. I challenged them or they can call their own governor fraud he takes it seems situation. Are they gonna cry foul when it really pleasing. Then go back Collins what is the current direction if you if you don't have a specific. Candor method to get him off what's the direction you guys had. Well I mean is this is we we told people. The last time we did we met which was the time he can't screenings. We first thought it was fast process that we are going to. You know continue on with the more we work wither attorneys the slower roll on me it's because. Because a New Year's election law a lot of documentation is that Jermaine until after the primary. So we've inferences Abrams speculated on Eden because there's multiple vacancies in town those vacancies occurred after. Petitions were filed in July. So there was no mechanism for those vacancies to be kept him in prime. Those get filled by a document in an instrument called certificate of nomination which assignment means chairman to fill spots. Were there were. A prime. It basically permission slip for us to put a candidate now those can't be turned him into action prime. All the things we've learned our. Immunity county in the district. There's state parties and answer jurisdiction in this situation. Those that reorganized. And have there been a reorganization meeting is election for party leadership. Those that are in even years this year. Like myself here in the eerie kind of comedians counting in Ontario county means. We must hold our party re election. In order to. Conduct business. And substitutions. Seoul office prematurely ruling it out before legal steps were in place. We immediate collective season you know the advice and counsel to slow walk. Work. Soul here refiner shelter or closing in on primary day things will start to happen. First to. Do you guys kind of regret the mad dash that you took at the very beginning to replace Collins before finding all the nuances but I I don't I don't regret. The way we conducted reviews and all we can use it if it allowed us in chairs in party leaders. To. Sample what's out there of possible candidates to go back and talk to our communities. To have conversations those candidates have also permeated the different organizational meetings. Then I don't regret at all I will see that much of the mad dash was your industry's behalf more than mine industry. Yourself. I regret that we're in this process and in that situation I regret that. You know. The incidence among actually active. World where nick and I don't be here I'd rather be folksy electing Republicans opened on bail out. Gives me traction. I would rather not via conference call with legal team every single day. Discussing scenarios played books in all things at great cost and greet. Distraction from our party. This is this is not. In the best interest of our party to be doing is what we're doing well to my nation to allow Detroit. To be made. By voters they share a conservative Republican philosophy in ING county chairs of of the Republican party of Western New York to make up the 27 district are dedicated to offering it choice to voters. That will be someone can sure of this community in congress without distraction. It will be conservative Republican voice for Donald Trump's agenda. Line. Number. There it's that is madness here paying headed this group but. The big difference when values the Amherst town clerk for instance. Because it something that's come out in this process in place but it was also something that was well worth x.s. Initiated job with an awful full time commitment. Marjorie. It is made her resignation effective the eighteenth of September. That guarantees it on the ballot this year. And her. In nineteen the last day for if he can seem to be shears ballot. The vacancy occurs on the twentieth or after it would be next yours now for it. Any idea when you guys have come out and outspent and are you hoping by then that September 19 years. Much of while we're facing. Post primary things will start. I and I can't. But I think after the primary that in in the party elections and have to take place in things for us to do business appropriately. So our company mean reorganized and fourteenth. I normally would we told the 25. Weekend package and an up. Lyndon. This is cost. Us Greenfield traction. And hit it is made you think it fared differently than we would normally be function. And it's dome so that we can give you choice to the owners posted. We'll be following it all of course primary day Thursday and just state to and his all I can say back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo well.