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Tuesday, August 14th

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It's 930. In 716. Now showing in downtown buffalo we're so excited to have this theater open we're ready to get ready for people come enjoyed it and see experience in downtown buffalo I'm Tim linger on 930 and 716. A big announcement indeed in buffalo as its revealed. The AMC theater in the theater district will open Thursday. This is a huge day in the theater district in the city of buffalo. I today we are very proud to announce that this Thursday. August 16 the AMC movie theater is opening in downtown buffalo. Buffalo mayor Byron brown leading off the exciting news briefing Tuesday morning. You know back in 2014. When the market arcade cinema closed. We were confident that we couldn't attract a world class movie theater to this location. And thankfully. I'm working with AMC. And benchmark. A great developer in our local community. Hot today. That dream becomes. A reality. I want to thank the folks that AMC for their faith and confidence in the city of buffalo. AMC is the largest movie theater company in the entire world. And so it is great I to have them in downtown buffalo. I want it I also want to thank the folks at the benchmark group off for all of the effort the energy. The confidence and belief. That they put in the city of buffalo. This was pretty complicated project. Hi and they worked every angle. To pull it off so let's give AMC and benchmark for great background. I. Cop I am certainly very pleased to be here with our Ryan Newman. Who is AMC theaters director of corporate communications. We won. I we will have to NC a few words in a moment. And also the folks that benchmark group Stephen Longo the I chief operating officer. And mark Marty double bogey. Who have done such great work in making this project happen. This is a combined investment. Between AMC and benchmark. Up over nine million dollars so not only building out the theater. But investing in the infrastructure of the building and also putting a new roof. On this. Historic building in the heart of our theater district. Now I'm gonna I'd just say if you think fuse before I introduce the gentlemen because are a lot of people to thank for a project likeness. Of course I want to bank AMC chairman. Adam Aaron I had the opportunity of talking I have to mr. Aaron several times. In person. Over lunch and dinner about this project and I want to thank him. Where the personal interest. That the chairman and CEO. Of AMC took in this project I want to thank John McDonnell the executive. Vice president. A AMC theaters US operations. And certainly. I want to thank Steve Longo and Marty don't look bogey of the benchmark Peru. For making benchmarks first major. Urban investment happen right here in the buffalo area. Are also wanna say a special prosecuted and and T bank. Which will continue a special event parking rate. Burton movie goers here and she's a lancer from MNT is with us what you think you and the folks from MNT. For making this happen had the opportunity. I have to talk to the late chairman and CEO. Bob will homers about this and got his support. I for them and see eye to work with us on this project. Also special thanks to buffalo civic auto ramps. Led by Sam Iraq should be. Off war parking for theater goers at the boss burger ramp. And a special thanks to Mike Hsu mind and the staff at buffalo plays. For all you do. I'd to promote to boost in support. Our theater district and didn't get them around applause my feet. It's here. How so I don't want to our recognize. The city staff that worked on this project. Are led by Brandon happy our economic development commissioner. And Howard director of development. Respect again door who lived with this project where several years. And really sweated every detail perspectives here with us today let's give her around the clock. I also want to work things out commissioner Jim come referred our commissioner permits and inspections. And our chief building inspector Peter clean then. I am told by Ronnie and that one more walk through and won more permit is required. For the opening on Thursday the sixteenth. And I can assure you. That that permit will be issued and the movie theater will open. This Thursday August 16. I also. Want to recognize. Lisa Lodwick who was the president of the theater district association. Who is here with us today and thanked her. For all of the work that she does to make our theater district. One of the greatest theater districts in the entire United States of America let's give Lisa around. And finally you are of very special person. Who is not with us today. Arthur jewels and our permit brokerages was one of our this final deals are our pass through away. Are his wife Judy is is with us. And even when Arthur. Was in the hospice. He brought this deal and worked on this deal. While he was in hospice that's how much he cared about this project and cared about this happening. Judy I thank you so much for being with us today let's give Judy Joseph Wilson around us. And now it is on my great pleasure. To introduce Ryan Newman opinions he's here. That's a tough act to follow. In my remarks we much briefer but I just want to thank all of you. For your support for coming out here. Putting a project like this together is never an easy task. I know that this has been along time coming and I know you know just the folks behind the cameras has been as interested as anyone in this just from your calls and emails to me over the last several months. If not years but we're so excited to have this theater open we're ready to get ready for people who come enjoy the games he's variance in downtown buffalo. A huge thanks the mayor in his office maybe a few supporters and wonderful to work with. And then Marty as well at that the benchmark group to have partners like these this tremendous and we're so grateful that's. That we can be here and we can deliver a great experience. Before I go I just want to introduce Tony is Dario. Tony though a lifetime buffalo resident is the theater's general manager so you can have a name devote the face of over the theater so. Thank you guys again I'll have more remarks and there will be given sewers and talking about the theater itself but for now thank you so much and we're so excited to be in downtown buffalo. So again this would not be opt possible without the hard work in the vision and tenacity of the benchmark group. And now it's my great pleasure to introduce Stephen long ago and Marty they'll both be forced some comments. It's now when we develop projects and various communities and towns and cities. We usually have to add this type of gathering we use that we have to get up and we have to thank the people that are involved. I'm the mayor of those communities usually doesn't really know the players involved. And isn't really hands on with the developments that we do. Today. I have a list of people to think and basically because we have such a hands on manner in his department. That they basically have taken care of all that for us by I will just mention. As as the mayor said there were a lot of people involved in this project. And without all those people we would have never gotten here today. I'm Michael hands who's the real state route four and see the second round that we worked with through the process. Was very very dedicated. Came into buffalo. Look for himself and go back and be able to sell to the people in Kansas City. When a vibrant theater district we and without Michael and Ryan Kansas City you know. Really calling the shots and and helping us get there. And C would have probably never noticed awful and so they did a great job in Michael's been great to us and we really appreciated. On the operations people within Nancy had been tremendous and the best thing that they've done is they've provided us with Tony. Does Tony is going to be great manager here and he has put together in the past four weeks. A young woman's job and handle things wonderfully and we're very very lucky Antonia. So where we're thrilled to death because the operations going to be very important in an urban theater here early this. The city mayor brown who. Personally goes up and pitches the project to various and C executives when these conferences all of the United States. Has gone well beyond what is typical there would do. And we're very appreciative. His staff. Brandon Rebecca. Had done incredible work all the way to. Getting Aaron Harris at the graphic design people in Ottawa that she's put in the past two weeks to get. Materials out and support us. Has been fantastic and the mayor's office of communications. Mike and she and have been wonderful to work with it's not easy. You know we have a national retailer who. It has you know way of doing things and where buffalo audience we have a way of doing things and it's been a balancing act and it's been. And very productive in good bouncing. See amber out she was fantastic working through. Issues with. Parking. On the odds burger ramp is going to be available with the then parking. Kitty corner to us covered parking. Going there and validate your parking. And you can park for it and be on and Sam went to the mat for us over and over again to get a parking on. And so that's going to be a wonderful thing that in in downtown buffalo you can park and covered. Ramped up security. On the night and feel good about cutting through and coming over to the facilities so. We're thrilled to death list with let's see him that were us. We are also thrilled adamant he does and everyone knows. That would homers legacy and and and actually has been tremendous. He's made sure that we were able to secure the parking in seat belt we needed to see here. And Rabach finally for his work has gotten. And securing the property. Com one of our concerns was how we're gonna make it work and everybody pitched in and make it more so we're very appreciative. The buffalo hermit thing and and building department they always have somewhat of a bad rap well. When we brought in the architects and and the project managers. From Kansas City to work on this project. They assembled every single department had in a conference room they worked with every one they made everyone aware what was going to be required. And the process. Was streamlined. And was there you organize and so many times you hear. Negative things I have to tell you that I think agencies architects and project managers would agree that the city's. Building people have gone beyond what would be expected and we really appreciate their cooperation. And as I said with Keith and an anti bank and thread and paddy where a parking agreement thinking to you as well. And done Nixon option who did a fantastic job. Re developing the market arcade XBLA. I'm nick was very helpful we had to work out some comments services. That and he was very concerned about and yet. Could have been a better neighbor and we're looking forward to working with him. As a theater opens and working together so thank you for them and lastly. I did invite. Q did you listen to come to pay and as the mayor pointed out. You know Arthur. Rocked this deal together Arthur made this deal happen. And although he's not here to enjoy the day his family is here and they will enjoy did it and enjoy it. Many years that Nancy is here and it would have been here without Arthur. So now. So this Thursday. August 16. The world class AMC movie theater. We'll open right here in downtown buffalo and over nine million dollar investment. By benchmark group and AMC. And we couldn't be more thrilled. This is just another example of the tremendous progress. Taking place in the city of buffalo. As you know since 2012. Over six point five billion dollars of investment in the city. One of the places where we have seen tremendous investment. Is downtown and certainly. On mainstream. That investment is gonna continue to move forward. And with projects like this opening it encourages other investors. To invest in our city. So get your popcorn and head for the silver screen now in downtown buffalo. We're back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.