Not A Fan of 'Collins Amendment' - NYS Lt Gov. Kathy Hochul


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We're joined now on the line by lieutenant governor Kathy focal who's talking about this new health care bill that's going to be voted on today we think. I Capitol Hill in Washington and specifically. The Medicaid amendment that was made to that bill Kathy thanks for joining us and when we start with the states and viewpoints. On that amendments brought forth by congressman Chris counts. Well thank you for having me on once again and basically it's a very simple answer the count amendment would literally be devastating to the people of New York State. But that's just New York. His own district west to New York with suffered severe collateral damage. And need only need to look at the fact that I increased cost for hospitals. Dramatically and they would lose 65 million dollars in Western New York Cologne we just process that for a moment. That the twenty million dollar hit pretty CMC. That means that are nursing homes where most of them Medicaid dollars. In our country and expect in New York expenses and this senior where most vulnerable the people are parents and grandparents in nursing homes still have to be cut some services practice staff. Cuts in bed and I wanna know where these people or so ago this is like. Throwing them under the bus and then driving the bus over them and this is really tired of things that disk type 2.3 billion dollars. In payments from the federal government is seeded New York. To punish his home state. And I just find this reprehensible. Actually inexcusable I cannot understand the rationale behind offering a bribe to get other people. To support. Trumped error Ryan care Colin care I don't care what they call it but it's not that the people of New York State people I worked for my entire life. And that's why I'm fighting with the governor so heart stopped its current today. Now while we had talents on what those so little bit earlier on this morning here's what he had to say we asked him about the governor yesterday. Saying that he might sue over that amendments here's what he had to say. Bring back governor is he's now put this state down a marker down that he does not stand with upstate New York. He is not concerned about the cost ship suspect that the county can't cater pension costs. Don't have any money left for. Infrastructure so we finally have called out the governor he's in New York City governor he's not the governor all of New York State. So next year's election. In it'll be very telling. He mentioned that he thought it would be pretty easy to recoup the money that some hospitals. Would be losing because of this said that was brought up by the governor. What would you have to say to the congressman there. Fundamental misunderstanding of how coveted front that's what happens when you have a businessman who has acknowledged rejected by the voters of Erie county. We're somewhat like he's. They get revenge on the people who didn't support him when he wanna be county to get a second time I'll regret it. There are members of congress not even marlin states who are questioning the constitutionality. But what Chris talent is trying to do they say that violates equal sovereignty because you cannot single out one state. And he's directing why New York State be treated differently than the other 49 states just to coerce other new Yorker. Republicans to vote for the trump care bill. Think this is the third why would you say. We'll take 2.3 billion dollars that's coming from the saddle Gartman. To punish New York State and last time I checked his congressional district is stated in the dark. They are New Yorkers they will have to endure eight substantial tax increase. Or a phenomenal cotton services. I cannot understand why you would do this your home state you should care about the people. In Wyoming county like this and practice with at a pancake. I'll bet on Sunday morning there are deathly afraid of losing their health care. One woman said I didn't even realize what I was benefiting from Obama care and these formal Eric I didn't get it but now I do. And I can't afford to live without this assistance and I think that this seat change. That I've seen in the last five years. That people were afraid of that there was a huge media campaigns is to put fear in the hearts of people that this is going to destroy their lives. And now are these your families and seniors and benefiting. And it's backed Republican bill. Goes exactly against what president trump it's it's trying to take away health coverage that now seven million. New Yorkers now benefit from. And so. Why we wanted to help people that he did not now have the dignity he'll walk into the doctor's office and get preventive screening for cancer. Or have your diabetes treated. And they've heard our seniors that it unconscious. Let's get on back to this Medicaid point Kathy. Chris talent says this fixes budgets of 57 counties. Outside of New York City for the next three decades. And takes the burden away from the county's. Which is the way it is in other states. You know that this is actually. You know it's great for Erie county says 204 million dollars a year yes he says it takes yet and I hit for the statement. He says the governor and as a fourteen billion dollar slush fund that he can cover this way. Once again he doesn't understand how government is run there is no such thing as a slush fund. And he's just hallucinating. Concepts that are detached from reality. That's of concern me but that's another topic. Right now we have to look at the fact that New York State has cut its costs dramatically we've cut 34 billion dollars. From Medicaid in the last five years under Governor Cuomo is working hard to streamline costs we've kept the costs of state government under 2%. 2% which is unheard of in state government and yes there are sixteen states in America where they share the cost of health care services with their county. But New York State to help off that debt that the deal that it's been in place since 1965. We hear are the sales tax. Many of these other states don't hear that and somebody county executives are now doing that calculation. If the K state expect it here the sales tax because the calendar no longer need to be compensated well Medicaid. They act not on the losing end though. We're all New York State taxpayers someone's gotta pay the piper and right now. That money's coming from the that a garment encrypt count the same note you keep that money let it go to other states. We checked bag so it covered and why it turned out money from an apartment that's going to other states just to try and coerce. Changes in your own state and again there are members of congress port city that violates the United States constitution. An outside were taught my health care. The number one principle that guides are doctors. Is to do no harm. I think that supply the members of congress as well. Because he's making a bad situation. Are worse just to punish his home state and he needs it the F. Explain that the people of his district in part to very count in New Orleans and Tennessee in Livingston in Wyoming its people in rural areas. Who not only just go these hospitals and it gets services because some of the biggest employers in these districts. While the county hospital this'll put them under what's it going to do it hospitals in the in world Genesee county and in Niagara county velocity payment. And hurting nursing homes and cutting the 350 million dollars from home health care assistants. That's all behind what he's trying to do and the voters need to know it may is how much of great campaign rally to say I want to repeal obamacare. But repeal it and do what you could not make the situation worse you don't want to hurt. A sick patient and I see you put that down their coffins killer that's been proposed to his duty his home. Aren't that is lieutenant governor Kathy local joining us to talk about that. Medicaid amendments in the health care bill that will be voted down we think today.