North Korea Meetings and More - Karen Travers


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Next we're going to the winter White House this morning. Correspondent Karen Travers is with the president and Karen first of former North Korea. At trump is putting North Korea on notice saying hill back out if talks are not productive. Mean even before the talks he's in it it seems like the negotiations. How the meeting don't seem like they're going to be productive he'll back it that the meeting won't even happen houses at an enemy wherever it is not saying yet whether considering. And it seems like it's not going to his liking he'll walk out of the room so. Is it cluster or is it just you know try to play hardball to get Kim Jung and the table will see him but certainly this is an area with the president prides himself on his negotiating skills. And you know I think so there's a lot of work being Dem hi this this is. Still the president wants to see that happen over the next few months. Mike Pompeo of course the CIA director. I've recently meeting with Kim Jung and but all signals are that there are still a lot of things that are negotiated before this can be said to have been locked down. It's counter what's the timetable for the president returning to Washington. He had back over the weekend we'll stay here in Florida through the weekend expected back on Sunday night and then next week this week in Washington he's had his first state dinner the French president Menem crone. Comes to Washington on Tuesday so. It singling am analysis series meetings are at the president did talk about Doug Muller and Rosen steam yesterday. He said they're still here is that different from previous comments. How do you read it was the context of the question and a question that he didn't exactly answer the question was posed with have you calculated that it's not worth the political fall out you've fire the special counsel or the deputy attorney general Robert Stein and the president of course the end by saying there's no collusion he says that a half dozen times over the course as answer but. Ultimately. The question about you know will you fire at are included it's not worth it he only said. And he's been saying that three months four months five months they're still here certainly in assurances that something he's considering it's Karen Travers reporting live. With a traveling with the president yet the winter White House.