North Korea and President Trump - Steve Roberts


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Joining us some Linus political analyst Steve Roberts Steve how does the royal baby changed the shape of politics nationwide. I'm just kidding pork per her M fumbled the royal baby this morning but doll a lot of the focus is spent on North Korea. And the US after Friday late Friday that news and broke about North Korea suspending your freezing its nuclear program. How could a step is this in the relations between North Korea and really the rest of the world. Well it's promising. But you can't say much more than that of the fact is North Korea remains the most secretive and obscure country in the entire world. They're motives than their operations in the decision making it's partly transparent so it's very difficult. To know exactly what this means that there's a lot of history. Of North Korea making these promises making these gestures. And not following through so everybody's got to be very cautious here. But that certainly any movement toward. Reducing that particular threat any movement toward negotiation any movement toward lower temperature of the Korean Peninsula. There's got to be a plus but what wage what it means beyond that it's hard to. Is the president taking the right tone Steve by. Seems to be downplaying the freeze. Well I think he's being cautious because he knows. The history I just mention I mean you just can't count on. Statements from North Korea as being. Dispositive as being. And enduring policy statement he could because as I say in the past. Been very hard to. Figure out and and we don't have the normal. The recording. Accept. That we normally would do we don't have independent journalist there we don't have. A political opposition you know the whole decision making process is so. Obscure and so shielded from. Criticism and and and transparency there. The normal assets we have to evaluate. The meaning. Of the statement like that we just don't have and that's why so much more difficult to make predictions. And most people would produce predicting about North Korea in the past have been wrong so I'm not gonna join them because okay. If there is a freeze on the nuclear program that indeed happens and it sticks. How much credit does the president answer. But I think the president probably deserves a significant credit. You know when it's when something happens like this during the presidency. It's true about economic policy to I mean. The president gets more credit. Than probably deserves for good economic and diplomatic means that more blame. That he deserves. When I can't go cower. Got a president that you even the most powerful. Person in the world has limited leverage in any diplomatic or economic situation good. Should the president can this happen I would the president be just applies. In claiming credit score I think even most Democrats would agree that that would be. Steve the French president arrives in Washington first state dinner and also German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives later in the week. What what is the big deal about these visits this week. Well there's there's nothing there's not really cute. Issue but there is really long range issue in Europe relations with our allies. Under president Compaq have repeatedly been straining this is not a man. Who has advanced a lot of confidence in international. Organizations. Like NATO international agreements like multilateral trade organization. He you know America first. Is that he popular political rallying cries but Bob was our allies. Didn't see this often has a statement. Of bullying. Of pressure. And have this thing. It's America's first what does that mean about allies that they check. That's not the way American diplomacy has operated throughout the entire post war era the whole benchmark. Diplomacy particularly when our closest allies in Europe. Is that were equals. And so this basic here is probably the very troublesome. Even tore closest allies and that is is it the basic. Issued the basic. Conflict. That that hangs over any talks between the trumpet of the book the Germans and the French it is. And Steve we thank you for the time that Steve Roberts political analyst joining us talking on North Korea and a lot of other things going on in Washington.