Nik Rivers Shares His Ridesharing Experiences as a Driver

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Tuesday, May 29th
Nik talks about using ridesharing as it turns one in WNY.

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Nick writes sharing turned one in Western New York next week and what has been your experience with the Raj. You know I I use quite a bit I mean before came here I I travel quite a bit and kind of learned about it in other cities and to be honest quite excited when it came to buffalo I mean. I go out to a lot of shows a lot of concerts and one out it was kind of always hassle before hand. Silent Bob in Niagara Falls log shows I go to were downtown buffalo so prior to write cheering. It was tough to get back and forth. You know to get a taxi down town town. Would have to call on the dance would have to wait sometimes it would show up and they did show up dubious at our downtowns would be cheaper for me just get a hotel room I wanted to go to show one couple drinks. I'd nowadays I can get down 20/20 five bucks each way so I use all the time for shows no longer have to stay hotels downtown. They're reliable they're quick I get a car within 510 minutes tops. On and it's completely changed the way. Of going downtown downtown for dinner. We are good news to do that before now. So like it's completely changed the way AGCO with the amount of time to go to downtown buffalo if I go I go to licensed games now sabres games now which makes life a lot easier. Com because it's. It's just it's it's an easier way to get around town. You have a party music partners went yeah I would do that you know and that that's hassles while because you know just to drive down there and paper parking for twenty bucks I can get right for twenty bucks though it's IQL. Hey I don't even want if I wanna have a couple Beers on the wanna risk you know getting pulled over you know because I can get expensive the island you know given to go down the road of indeed you know DUI itself. Why it why even drive in have a couple Beers and risk that pay twenty bucks when I can get right dollars. So yes yes I do have a card you drive by day you know you wanna go down that road so what's an Austin driving. Nick if they had any top experiences that experience Rancho bombed. I have been here buffalo. Here buffalo it's been it's been good so Florida couple other cities used in some cars that some drivers that have been not so nice there kind of year. You know you get a couple all drivers here and there. Home but I think that kind of comes with a bigger cities you know whether it's Vegas or New York I think he gets an the oddball stuff but buffalo so far it's been pretty good. Obviously the drivers in buffalo bars birds. Isn't just the nature properly think that the drivers are. And it's nice and kind you know I think so I think so yeah everyone here you know conversational been pretty good. You get all walks of life whether it's you know younger college kids do and it for extra money retirees. Some loans and fantastic I've had this one guy. It was probably at age 65 to seventy years. Told the dirty is jokes ever heard in my life absolutely fantastic it was a late night picked me up at a bar and careful to bring me home and you know it's kind of funny he could tell you read the group when he could tell that I like that you his sense of humor and it was a great ride you know it you never know you're gonna get what you gonna get but it it was great so I think it is kind of you know the whole city of good neighbors things I haven't had that experience of area. As far as our rights sharing they're going forward how likely do you think it will expand virtual experience. Oh. You know it's I wonder if you know if there will be competition beyond you know lumber and lift the main two here. And he he'd do one thing you know I've noticed that who were seems to be the bigger of the two and buffalo where is and other cities people usable more. I don't know if that's because it's more the brand name recognition. But in other cities I have seen there are other brands popping out so I think as people had to get used to the idea a little bit more like. The first time I did in those again I thought it was a weird concept that I'm getting into someone's private car going for a ride with them on that odd. But adds eight became commonplace like okay this makes sense this is this is legit business though I think as people here get used to that idea a little bit more it may expand now.