Nicholas Stankevich - Wants to Run against Cong. Collins

Sunday, November 19th

Stankevich planning a primary against Sean Bunny , Tom Casey, and maybe others for the right to take on Collins in 2018


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Once again another week. And another person saying that they will run against congressman Chris Collins. As a Democrat there's actually a three way primary shaping up maybe even more than that there have been reports this week that the governor's office is still recruiting candidates trying to run against talents. But in the meantime we already have at least three people that say they're running. Couple weeks ago on the program even before Election Day you might have heard Sean bunny he's a former assistant district attorney in Erie county. He's from east Rory he was on the program saying he's running. Next week we'll bring in Tom Casey he's someone that's run for state senate before he's running. And then if you go a little bit further remember too that the Kong's district stretches all the way from buffalo oft can and day what if you go a little bit further out towards Rochester. In Mumford there's a guy and mixed Yanukovich who is running he ought also says that he wants to work try and make things work out there and be the winner of the democratic primary let's talk to him a little bit next activists thanks for being here this morning. I have my pleasure to be here that's slam platinum. That we can make that work. Talk a little bit about why it is that your running. Simple answer is. I don't the current reality our elected officials fighting for a better future that we all need and deserve. And is that a specific commentary against Chris Collins would you say. I would say more aren't. The overall he overall. Pitcher politics is figured it this way. We're not our situation. He tries. Thing that happened yesterday. It's been a long ball 3040 years. Horrible politics on both sides. Republicans and Democrats there gotta support note. Everyone digging in their heels in we're not anything dot net are community action bringing it and are fighting for people and our communities. Talk fell a bit about issues what what is un done what what do you represented or bring to the table what would you like happen. Yeah. Well specifically our our area so we're at third largest. Dairy producer in the United States and number one Greek yogurt producer. There's a lot of lot of armoire hardworking arms so what in particular is. The problem is how do you outward farmers recruit immigrants legal. Excited to witness third largest dairy producer and number one yogurt. We have been and you can't Kitchener. A labor force you're are trying to burn your bid so we wanted to particular. Do we need to reform the visa program what what do you suggest there. Yes this specifically. And our needs to make a worker program right now its seasonal. And our back did not cover knocking because you up into the Euro. A year around occupations so. Just. And Nyad out here you're on work that'd be a quick trip. And it it's shortstop. And it makes all the cards and also again. A peace of mind to. The labor force who worked on the arms. And that happened it's big money because it reduces. Caught on a government agency. Before you'd challenge Chris Collins would obviously have to win a primary. Talk a little bit about that process and other the primary is is usually situation. Where different candidates invited carries that the democratic banner that the the banner of their party that were. So so with that in mind I ask why are you would Democrat what does being a Democrat mean to you. And why would you want to carry that flag. And me. Great I'm going in. You know has patent that democratic. Catch my name it is. I would. What can get into politics but never done insider politics stopped by a vote and volunteer and how that worked. But there is a lot that you try to get involved. It'd. I want a change how the party's current I want to change how how the Democratic Party went away from the people I remember. Democrats the ones that created it are worked at the weekend. Aren't allowed women to vote. Fought for. You know. Are black populations of both. So. In the back to love saint earlier over the last thirty years forty years the Democratic Party went away from the people. I personally I don't and they are big business person I've. Organize and run by different entity and currently am. Helping my parents run jets country and better bracket about your Mumford. And we're gonna bunt they were traded another another entity which is in the wool business and then we're investigating I lectured. Power that. We'll take our didn't stop the period that in potentially able to provide electricity or maybe he got. I'll get you by noon to second because there there is some interesting stuff there that anyone talk about. But but let me just go back for a quick second to to the whole concept of of why you're Democrat does this district is pretty much everyone knows. Has been gerrymandered Obey. It's sexy is one of the most Republican districts out there. Are you therefore. Able to run as a more conservative Democrat do you pick yourself as a more liberal Democrat where are you on the spectrum of Democrats. Yeah I as I met you and agitated. Probably. A good responsible progressive. And that you're okay with. Being that in a district that is his conservatism and as you think that'll work I guess what I'm asking. Yeah well let me look at what I'm saying that's so he'd been any odd bad points on health care. Okay we all need to that there are in the eighth in population. For me I believe helped period human rights and it'd be. Fiscally responsible. Program indicated here and what do you mean by that is currently right now BC. It'd 49 billion dollars and the and the cheap at doctor we've had up to date. That over ten year period if we go to a single pair like a Medicare for all or any other ideas that are floating around right now. Bet drop step right tactics 32 billion dollars and tenure here a little Lotta money but at seventeen billion dollar state. And think about the opportunity caught. What you do with seventeen billion dollars like. Hey opted. Four or help out or. Fix the roads have actual fast reliable Internet where rural communities. Our eyes. Firm believer economic. I believe that if you spend more than you make copies you make more than that then your that the. It's a fairly rural district where do you weigh in on the New York State's safe after a gun control even. On a broader level on the national scene in congress. Yeah well. I would write a public of the middle school I went spewed here court at this school districts I had the opportunity to learn at a very young age. Got sick he got maintenance how to shoot. And then from there courtside runup in rural areas option and when acute grip that was threatened in the backyard. And yeah after the point. You know at the gun permit yet sharpen your eye out. I wrote that in amendment. And I'm OK with gotten the word that you were now with gun. It is. That's what simple answer if Europe all of your Cherokee can have a gut you're mentally ill should have a gun in your domestic abuser he shouldn't have had gotten. Now you don't fall and all those three potentially violent category. And enjoy your fire. But I'm at a point now that. You can't even go to enjoy concert. Without looking over your shoulder you catching your adopted school. And not guarantee that they're gonna come back you can't even yield down to pray at church without looking over your shoulder. I think it's hard for some comments on legislation. That doesn't act. People that actually enjoy the sports. But it's actually put some control in which individuals that. Archer. And lastly as I said we get to the biography is aware for those who don't know you. Who is Nicholas stinker. You're good question. You know. Who in my. And the business person. On ignore. Born and raised in what in New York. IRA for Denmark Europe and alma what did your course went to school district connectors two years in college it's in here we go. Are binding for slimmer. I'll end up graduating from. University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science. And now. That's a record management environmental studies have been when racial. I might have took me out see who California and there I got NBA at Pepperdine University. With the Bogota on Mercer. Strategy and leadership. And they. They've really drove home on under the land it meant servant leadership. Object think this couple perfectly and you've been public servants. All but from there have an opportunity to to you know run my expert company for a twelve year. The decision school kids how to slit and then. Over the years. My client age group. The Volga hire people every summer. And then got into different types. Something. Band was able to help out a couple of a company that that. People that I knew right. One in particular words. Appeared in print it was you know very very boring to act in a stagnant. Organization but. Right for innovation and so in one calendar year on the company would do around four million year over year about twenty years now man. Where in new ownership took over and then document helped out much nearly what unfortunately over ten million dollars. On the net just by trade to regret this incident a lot of opportunity out there and how I see the world and not regard. At somebody who sit strides here who I didn't and it's fun. And I guess I get you'd take aways. I view myself as they did a first and who is a community build. And lastly before we go here what kind of interface have you had with the party. I assume there will be a primary. There at least two other candidates have talked about and announced that they're running. What happens next give me a sense of what they've indicated Q in that regard. Outside is outside the reaching out to van. Like barely there I'll. Are born in like. Just trying to build relationships with the different county chairs. And you know shut up you could happen battle sure about that event. Half the battle. Being available errands. For me personally it under Chinese many people as possible. And into it not about the party. And that's what might not it is threatening. Popular up top with rural farmers here I'm talking that's my neighbors talking lit. We're. Other union leaders and residents of towns throughout our our little region. You know what about the sport fallen in or partial. Connie that just try to hayride and it comes down to the fact that. People want change and they are not mean there are cnet's rob and as. Start just like they don't care I believe ultimately. It's it's you have AD next to your name or aren't actions and it's big don't have these individuals don't. A reason to vote for you they're gonna do eat all you what they've been doing for years. By what I challenges. The status quo right. How does that work in their forty year and that area as Democrats areas. Republicans. But it's kind that we start putting people first this crime that we have a economic development. Just I'm. Is around people that equals jobs yet infrastructure projects actually helped. That equal job. Times are considered in the best you know arms fire and being pro active. We've got in there that can save a lot more mine and injury. Are equal job. And I think it was in league with people not point you meet with people. You always end up on the right side. All right very good we are out of time thanks for spending a little bit of live with us this morning. Perfect that you did it.