Niagara County Sheriff Jim Voutour loves body cameras


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We've been talking body cameras all this morning right here on WB ENN we're joined now by. Niagara county sheriff Jim votes short gym by your department's been using. Body cameras for some time now. I guess if you could briefly just described how long you've been using them and know where you started and where you are now as far as how many. Officers are using them. Aren't important producers and we circuit to look at this probably. 8109 years ago more circuit took. Two are testing at different cameras and we settled on an on. Camera to Exxon I think it's this same one that the recovery testing I'm not mistaken. And down. We've had chosen place. Over seven years now we have lost 45 for the rule patrol. The canines divisions at three canine dogs off at permanent cameras at the dogs and handlers. And so we have also given a jail and then some of the social service buildings that we do security for as well as the school girls are equipped with cameras at this time. And what do you think of them. I mean I love and from our administrative perspective until some deputies and probably still all like them but. I can tell you that they think exonerated deputies and numerous times. Where a citizen makes a complaint were working a complaint right now as we speak. That we took last week and down. The complaint is is completely false based on the doing the video and there's really helps us would vacation when you look at the cost and the expense of but if you're gonna spend money I litigation and and paying out lawsuits. On these pictures taken a lot of money. And knowing that that you said Dave exonerated officers numerous times is said you know. The state of mind of officers. Switched on this are many of them welcoming and saying hey yep with the body came on and let's have it turned on all the time. That it's exactly true Brian because we first it was a optional they had the option to take it of course some of whom did some didn't. And then when they started to see. A complete propaganda and for some reason we every get completely can precision because we interact with the public talk for hours days. And usually it's not. Under good terms so we're gonna get complaints. When the deputy started getting complaints and then I would say well let's look at the video and says well I didn't Wear one net gain identical amount that day and they wish they had. Because they knew they were right. You know it's it's he says she said and it. They have that camera to be able to prove that they were right was very important so you know I am not naive I'm sure there's there's so my deputies to what do we put it on. But I think for the most part when they seen their and their fellow deputies be exonerated. At a less than that might as always perfect sometimes are wrong. And sometimes it on the camera and it in peace we have it to you know to take care community care but for the most part when there's a complaint filed. And they can see in black and white on the video and with the audio. It's it's very good program for the Japanese. Sure he is is is it manual or automatic. And do they ever forget to turn the month. Petition they do but recently problem in any case right look for video and it's not very often an outlook on. It's always been there so it's kinda become habit where it. You know that basically a rule is that starting have to Wear it that's mandatory and they have to turn and on our anytime they think they need to they can turn it around. And end any time that they're really occasion with the public or really any reason. Mean they ought to turn it on to go to the restroom oracle which writes rule. Or to stop home be obviously doesn't have to be under any interactions with the public as to be out we're finding has just become habit now that it is time. Juan and the one of the big things that it's brought up every time a police department looks at body cameras of course is cost. Have you noticed a trend in the many years you've been working. With body cameras is again may be more expensive less expensive can you see kind of where it's going. It has got a little bit more expensive and there's a lot more players in the market from when we started. The company we use was one of only once in a market at a time. They also remember their company also remembers that shares opposite Niagara was one of the Portland and all of New York State to use the body cameras. So I have to kind of proudly say our pressure is probably lower than most people get arms just because we've been long term customers and readers renewing contracts and an update and cameras. But yeah. I'm at least a decrease of it if it's secure one billion dollar lawsuit on. It is to me is worth it and I think it is very affordable to cost addiction in this story just on the cameras themselves. That's as good again next that there are cameras are not that bad price wise but it's a storage. If you compare to cellphones. Are absolutely different now because cellphones and now there are different thousand dollars Koppel when we first started to proceed keep your cellphone paid for the Serbs. It's kind of the same concept with our cameras. I told. Actually to borrow some of Exxon zone Arizona a total two years a choice that you guys were given these cameras away and he looked at me funny. Because did you make your money storage is that you're going to be especially can give these cameras away and I I think within the next year or two that they were able. Because the money really is we use our system called evidence dot com. We store or video and the clout. And dumb it is it is pricey but it is cheaper than if we bought a huge server. Aren't there is sheriff Jim votes who were in Niagara county.