Niagara County GOP Chair Richard Andres - His Role In Replacing Chris Collins


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We're joined by Richard interests the Niagara county GOP chair will be among those who meeting today in Batavia to discuss. How home. And who. How would your place Chris Collins on the ballot and who you replaced him with Richard thanks so much for joining us this morning. Oh what is the past. Almost week now. Ben like for you in terms of hearing this news in now realizing you're gonna have to scramble to come up with another option. Well it was a quite shocked when we we've got a phone call it you know at least. Maybe twenty minutes before it is the the news and I would those that are surprise America. He at that point they don't really get a struggle through the next little while it up in the air that are. That you'll end your seven other GOP chairman from the news. Seven other counties all getting together tonight do you think that. I mean not happening tonight but to think that and in the next week or ten days you can come with to a consensus. We need to weather ruin are we need a year you know. Whoever it is going to be yet they have I've been you know the ability to get their message out there. The voters so diesel that they get. Candidate. You know wrote who quickly but. One thing the pitchers that are you know. Area of cognizant of is suit that beat who wrote in the process and come out with a flawed. Decision. Are you surprised at how many people have thrown their hat entering. Well you know when you when you get down to a congresses the big show congress' you know that. You know if you're in the business yeah certainly. You know everybody want the move up that support via. You know ever area. Every young politicians dream right vote vote I I it and certainly appreciate. You know everybody wanting to do it it want satellite opportunity throughout the day. And and certainly I think it we've got in a lit of a candidate that you know strip to. Certainly prefer. Well of the names that have been floating out there since the weekend. Are there are a few that may be our front runners in your opinion. I admit that this sort of interest think he's the me because that every. Only care about Arctic has kind of their own front runner. Or front burners and that. Is probably the other reason would be that every candidate have a little piece of the district but very few people stretch the whole. You know through all seven Perry county. We've been talking a lot this morning about the domino effect that might happen we regarding who is tabs. 2 beyond the ballots if that person takes office Saddam and wins election in November. Say it's a state senator then your forced with that race in the you know what's kind of slim majority of their Republicans hold. In the state senate how much attention do you play did that you paid adapted the domino effect so once things kind of get moving. Well I'd certainly you know that area. We're looking at this week ago right before it knew it. Go to dinner party tolerates or mountain. You'll the the local chairman and I've been talking Newark early TARP and written it and their candidate that would certainly you know. Rep reminded as to what to do next and you know you're likely to have a similar they're what we have now. If you. If you went there wrote but. Again at the want to let that opportunity and certainly not if it denies that one. Because you know I get to do a little bit more work and Andy candidates. Now are you preparing to think for court fight. Over removing Chris Collins is named from the ballot. Why you know. Different different idea respectable may have been doing epic with the other side but. You can normal security on the wall they'd. Certainly love to have the current name on the ballot consider what's been going on in last week so I think they do anything to keep them on the. What do you expect to happen tonight when you meet with the other GOP chairs is it going to be maybe something finalized tonight so I just. Things to think about moving forward or will we get any concrete answer on. Those two big questions. How low will Chris counts name be replaced and with two. Well I'm certainly looking at that I'll let that the big question for me is. Hitting that. Mechanism in place to remove his name from a ballot that. That prayer remember award and Europe certainly yeah people out murder prior. Kurt you know. Wily way we are trying to figure out how. That you know bit that he could be removed and there would be. You know. Good solid we. To make that happen so we're Erica putter so blues were were there. You know in. Prolonged court that we might lose we're gonna really tried to but that down tonight. And you know that about Collins. They said that one way to remove his name is to let him run for something else are you in favor of that. Well I'm in favor of giving him up so you know whatever. Will look at all the options on the table and then later that their. They're collecting lawyer murdered people that area there. That are locked wire service service up and I am that that'll that'll prove it. Really have examined. What what it will hold up should we go that wrote. All of this. Set into motion by a few phone calls a allegedly made by Chris Collins so what is your. Disappointment level increase counts. Well I wouldn't say that you know. Certainly night and goalie kind of appreciated is is that representation of that district. So I ever heard time you know Miami guy that that yet they haven't they've worked but. You know the rim I'm disappointed that we have to have this conversation in the straits because certainly. You know. Ia looked like a lot in you know it's very portrait we're ready at all. Our Richard we appreciate the time this morning hope we can touch base again. In the next few days that's Richard Andrus he's the night for county GOP party chairman.