NFL 'Take A Knee' Meeting Exposed - Aaron Katersky


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Had a media problem after the whole anthem controversy that took the league by storm. Last season he said that they could use a Cingular spokesman preferably an African American. That could help defend the league when attacks came its way he like in the role that Charlie how Justin's with the NRA it's all part of new New York Times report. Inside that NFL owners' meeting. Dealing with the president. And the take a neat controversy Erica it's her ski joining us now with more on this day air and it wasn't just the bills owner speaking out once it. Go to all the owners who were gathered at Roger Goodell and representative of a player so an extraordinarily rare meeting we were there. Back when it happened in the all and I think we got the in light on those out of surreptitious audio recording it. Up that showed they think the depth of concern on the part of both the owners and the players. And how the times put it they can't talk about each other we knew that they put out a statement. Unity and date they were making progress on issues. But all we really learned that the owners were concerned about line. And the players were concerned about being listened to it wouldn't they also expressed. Concern that calling a project started. And the controversy. Was being black ball. And commissioner Roger Goodell is concern was. To keep it confidential right. See that from the outs. But keep it confidential and but he made a a recording and looked at the premiere on that one later but I think it does. In or where he is coming from as they work result I think the primary concern though. President from even it is ardent supporter Robert Kraft the owner of the New England Patriots at that the president was being defensive. And that they needed to find a way early so as not to draw is higher again. And this issue likely isn't going away any time soon. Well that's certainly subsided we know that the player protests subsided that meeting went a long way I think. Who are getting eat diet can better understand one another although these audio recording it to get David dated light. Yeah added at much as what the statement. But beat via the controversy subsided at the RC and now we'll see whether. You know whether it that the players are prepared to take it up again they just an appeal listen to and and and felt that the owners. Weren't actually understanding. The nature of the controversy and why. They felt so passionately about it and the owners were concerned about what big ratings and about. Drawn the ire of the president and and and declining ever advertising revenue. Art that's correspondent airing a terse the in New York.