NF Gun Buyback - Michael Russo

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Wednesday, June 13th

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And we're here panera falls toward there gun buyback program. The sub program that's been going on for a few years back cracked. That's correct this is our fourth gun buy back in the city Niagara Falls since 2013. And I believe this is our most successful. We've had over a 150 guns turned and what do you think that means that you're able to get this many guns. Brought back and people are willing to give up their guns. Well we're pleased to give people the opportunity to turn in unwanted guns that may have been left in their homes as a result of the death of a spouse or loved one. And I think that perhaps word has gotten out since 2013. That this is a good avenue for people to turn their guns in in a safe form. Do you think did this means you know it's more safety for the community that you're getting less guns off the streets at this. You know people or do you think it's just it's it's it's as simple as just getting rid of guns that really are being used. Well the attorney general is pleased to afford people the opportunity to turn in unwanted guns. And it's the attorney general's view that every gun it's turned in today is one less gun that can be used in an act of violence violence against their police officers are residents. What do. What was this idea that this has brought a few years back I mean what was the idea behind this just. Like you said getting those guns that could be harmful to you police and and residency to admit that that was with the idea. Right it was really to give. Hum our residents especially senior citizens the opportunity to get rid of on a lot of guns from their home. That they just didn't know what to do with the after the death of of a spouse. Sometimes they were in shoe boxes underneath the ads are shoe box and a closet. And people didn't know there was a safe avenue to get rid of these on wanted guns so we saw the opportunity to give them data that forum really in a safe and controlled environment to turn those on wanted guns and your typical done a year usually use the CB Brian's or is there all wide range of it's a whole spectrum of on wanna guns that are turned in from working pistols and now I'm working pistols to assault rifles to shock us. And what about ammunition as Danish brought in as well. We encourage the guns to be unloaded but sometimes there are bullets in the guns and our police officers and investigators you know take care of that and in a safe manner. But people can turn an ammunition as well what happened these guns. What we do as we run the serial numbers on them and if there are stolen their return to their rightful owner. And then their strike. How often do you find them being reported stolen or I'd how how has that worked with which getting them back to their rightful owner. It'll occasionally happens I don't have the numbers on that. But when we do discover that a gun was stolen we contact the owner and and we return gun. I mean. Looking at it it did it's it's coming down now but I mean what what was it like Roger this morning went through a lot of people were coming in hard I was the mood for from people. It was very busy between 9 and 10 o'clock in fact there were cars backed up and we're having a difficult time fitting all the cars in the parking lot so we have an overflow parking lot of double. And I think that's why we see the success today of over 150 guns turned in do you think that this vote we're gonna continue to see numbers rise with with just. Just the state of things with which he seeing violence in schools and and you know it whenever whatever have you but it's it's something that. More people are willing to give up their guns they just feel like you know why happens when I'm not using. Well I think the more well known these gun buyback programs becoming the community and people see it as an opportunity to get rid of on wanna guns our hope is that more and wanted guns will be turned and is there's a gun back buyback program in buffalo as well cracked that's characters as well. Where does this lineup with that use the mean of course buffaloes made a big cities and might get bigger numbers but when it comes that word you see comparing those to you. Six the success rate of that right I don't know the exact numbers of the city of buffalo is gun buyback program has agreed he does think you're just solely you focus on this back on I've. The attorney general's proud to partner up today with the city of Niagara Falls police department. New our calls please what are they saying about this and and nobody said earlier that that means. They're being protected because there could be gone out there that could be used against them if they know what's going back. I think that the presence of the city in Niagara Falls police department here today. Says that the police department is. Is. Happy to give people an opportunity to get rid of these unwanted guns from their homes.