New Train Station 930in716 April 17, 2018.

Tuesday, April 17th

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It's 930. In 716. The process toward a new train station in buffalo. On the podcast. This also in the exchange street station. A new president downtown so one of the things we wanted to do is make a station that came back up the street and gauge the street. He engaged the Irving contacts I think agree. Figured good. Functionally it it not been Kirk. And that he writers it is nothing from editorial writers. I'm Jim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. The twenty million dollar do you train station for buffalo will be located on the side of the current exchange street station. You can see the renderings and the full presentation at WB EN dot com. A public meeting was held Monday evening allowing people to see the renderings and talk with planners from the DOT and architects. It was also a time to offered some critical input. We begin on the podcast with the DOT. The importance of this event is just to see air the renderings and schedules in the excitement of building. Downtown train station and to replace the existing exchange street station Susan's her date with the DOT in Western New York with our memory then. Even think Jason is 66 years all of that and it just does Nat and EP. And an eighty's that writers conduct acts. And you train station they'll Alec crass New York State and across the country and fortunately went writers it's buffalo you know it's somewhat of a disappointment. The building at 66 years old act completely eight heat basketball. There's a very mild meeting room I'm making only Hannity approximately many people there's at the ability to attack on aid to hear a train passenger. It doesn't seem to add me as an activity to the light rails it's done. I'll Pebble Beach teens with the new season the existing ASEAN is accidentally 17100 square feet. And news station will be 4800 square feet. With. Fully accessible. With an expanded waiting room. Writers had an opportunity to get a snack will be at case in the our food key athletes you know they don't have that ability right now. There's going to be a light it covered corridor. Underneath the 190 I got that leads people to the light rail. This'll be accessible for bicycles for pedestrians. The F sixty plus stat so it's really about time total station it's very exciting. This also in the exchange street station. A new presidents downtown currently this acing it depressed and very much removed from now frantic and exchange street. He brought Florida I am still be at anarchy Stabile that all the momentum of all the development downtown. No it. Governor call Marty. Allocated money to work towards this this project right last year you know how important was that at the beginning the the states of approval on that in the you know that there at their push to help this move along. Right this is that it. Gonna be approximately twenty million dollars to build this news station to the track improvements. In progresses project any is out of state dedicated funds. Unlike many other train station that it then belt recently and Pratt tester and nagger files there is no federal funding in this project. And I've started I misspoke earlier but I know that there's other. People around there they're hoping at a station we built at their central terminal but you feel that this this is the best place the best project instead of going towards that crashed. Actually governor Cromwell Ellen Keating and million Dallas the city of buffalo to conduct this study to determine the final casing. And a committee was formed from you know various different. The lack elected officials and community leaders and they actually determined to downtown location. Sell out. They did terminal case and they did not choose central terminal and the Department of Transportation is taking their recommendation and turning it into an actual project in moving forward. With the design down so we did not determine the location that we follow the recommendation of the city of buffalo stat we also caught up with. The designers of the news stations so it's actually interesting from our standpoint. Train stations traditionally been the center of the community Richard Sullivan is the lead architect on the project. What happened here is that station exists. Is sent down only from the street it's not part of the community feels like it's left over its station from. It was simple and easy to do it it's really not thinking about the Irving on tax the buffalo. So one of the things we wanted to do was make a station that came back up the street and each street engaged the Irving contacts. And not with a project that also connect to the light rail. To the train station to get two modes of travel and ultimately. If we can build the future phase we get inner city bus. Which allows feeders and into the Amtrak station so we get three modes of travel. So for us whispering in the modes of travel and engage in your contacts in and then making it station. It's spoke to the traditional American real art. I've heard some comments from other people that it's it's you know you're basically putting in the exact same spot and it's underneath you know the highway in everything I mean. Is it was that summing that. You had to go away and think about that you're you're trying cube build up on something it's that allowed you think needs is in the best spot for four to retreat to. This is significant challenge and one of the things we did was. To address that issue we actually took it out up in a week which. The highway. It would previously right now it's underneath the edge of the highway and what we did was by lifting it up eight feet to this sidewalk level from where it is and moving forward so let's. 25 feet from the sidewalk. From the street rather than underneath highway. Completely address and that's how we address that because. Now the highways of backdrop rather than a roof. Rate today's the highways and really root for the station feels like your peers oppressive almost here underneath it. And by green up and green closer to the street. We try to eliminate that issue. Do you think that the you know how what's what's your hope for these this this whole you know now of moving forward is now beginning may T shirt. Building and start working on this and there's talks of hopefully be done what the summer of of twenties when he right. So what what's what's your your outlook for the for these next eighteen months I guess right now we're. Working to select contractor who take these designs. And then finalize the design of the design build processing speeds up the construction process so that we can get in the ground faster. And while maintaining rail service will maintain mail servers throughout construction. We'll be able to get this done this summer Tony Tony. And have a brand new station that is more in keeping with what's going on downtown resurgence of downtown buffalo. So it's just one more piece of the urban fabric that'll be. Run up to the current standards and be part of this overall family of improvements it's your first. I'm working in the city of buffalo were as you know I. What have you learned from you know working here in and seeing like you said this is urbanization that word proceed or violation of the downtown area. It's actually wins this isn't the first project. We've been working on the like real improvements. Dealing W terminal. We did the planning steady for that to bring light real extended down into the old terminal. So we had a sense of what was going on here before that. And we brought that experience to bear here and how that all that urban fabric fits together and help where the transportation network. Is into improving it downtown so once we get all those pieces together I think it'll that maverick in the interconnectivity. Will be great and I think that's. What we found we got here that was in that sort of fabric was missing that sort of ability to join these two networks or three network so that. I think once you can do that. That will benefit. The city the meeting was held that the peers Serra museum right around the corner from the station site. It was a busy atmosphere indeed at one time I was in favor of the central terminal bulletin design now Charles Davis tells Matt he's an occasional rail travelers and attentive. The beautification. Heart of the revitalization. Of the buffalo area but the history. He did you know it it's importance it's bill up here incident as that are trying to go to a place maybe just it when it fit. Does if you thought it more so explaining more so stating that it's at the term it wouldn't wouldn't fit in the deep core of what to train to do. Our own. Act I don't know about fitting this night. But looking at the train station as it is now and the connected to Wake Forest revitalization of it the rule. The warm atmosphere. I think agree. I think it's good. Could bring a lot more people become the buffalo meat you know take the train about flow it's it's yes definitely no doubt about it like a stated before I was. They just sit at one time. We'll look and it did to beautification. And his scheme like you indicated before and individuals look at the says close to downtown area closer Leo. The waterfront and a canal side. So I think is a good idea to think that you know this stayed in just the you know local government is doing a great challenge but trying to rip revitalized counted how race for students in canal side grow it. And everything and built up around around you re nine now we're seeing this means. What do you what do you think of all these great improvements as mean. You know 1015 years ago was a lot around here ethnic and you're right. Born and raised in buffalo all my Sino I I live. Brains tell buffalo signed earlier relevant news site. Boy are raised here and seen how buffalo was in the sixties and seventies. And seen a decline in the eighty's and ninety's. And now. In the 21 and two and 2000 and seeing how the river revitalization Tennessee coming back go to rebirth. Great love. And anything else I mean they what what what it just looking at the pictures quite what. Really sells you on and I know you like to set it looks so beautiful and it looks so. Modern and there's an LA's ratings made what was there anything when you first saw when you saw some mean you're like wow this went into turn. What turned me on as we say Saturday which army on is like a stated before going to raise a buffalo MI a offices right down the street from. From the train station looking at the deterioration from the old terminal. To revitalization. Of the new term in no. Hurry. Finally some critical input from a guy who's been involved in the project since the governor dangled state money for a site selection process. We were in favor of a site which utilize the current tracks. Oh we were not in favor of exchange street we proposed the station on Washington's. Tim teal meant director of the campaign for greater buffalo history architecture and culture. Just because it. Out of the scandal that true way you can see that campus or from the air you see that you can destruction he arena. What we're getting now her and it up twenty billion dollars if this deal she proposed local true. Is get a new and blacks in exactly the same location as the current and back. Which hit all kinds of problems in terms of being a terrible the comment to this city outlawed under. Partnering roadway. Looking at a parking garage and loathing backs up close polyps that into the building. Will Tim they're talking about raising it to sidewalk level and bringing it closer to exchange street. But you're still against that location. Well you don't sit me in it one of the land all's well. The entry is exchange street 600. Feet. From Washington street your adult walk at this and then you'd have to walk now underneath the through what Dick. So they're really not changing anything it hit it big huge disappointment it yet. That the new structure it that we will be better and how could it not be that the existing one but. Functionally it is not and Kirk and that he writers. It did not think for mackerel writers. And in terms of being occurring at dirtier still. Sitting there contemplating your fate underneath the dark in theory yeah you're a true if it is is not a good project. In DOT. After reconsider this that they are work getting beat huge potential. Of the canal that strict and all the state money that's being courted as there. I think the argument the other way would go would that there aren't that many writers of the Amtrak especially out of just that one. Location. So why build something digging grand when something small might be all you need. Well number number one it is building this is gonna guarantee that there never will be any more people. But they're throwing away the intra mortal opportunity. If you don't we're looking our proposal in what age DOT should be doing is thinking about the intermodal potential. The and that TA. Though intercity buses. The natural where rail they all have to be really together so people. Who would have only understand that when they're using any form of transit and every other form of transit Intron a lot. This thing. Not the case it's it it is extraordinarily. Poor planning and again indicative of how you T. Yet they understand the automobile Bert well they don't understand any other form of mobility walking biking trained. Local boxes intercity buses they if it simply beyond your imagining. Work work getting the opportunity. To really leveraged investment epic now mr. I treat. A spectacular. Nutrient that that will lift up everybody in the labor. So Tim this is strictly an Amtrak station it's not a transportation hub. No it is not I need and you'd be shocked. If you lay there're planned next to the current situation there there's virtually no airports they're they're expecting new building. But he you know it never about the building it's about the functionality and what goes into cook up well. They're giving up as second class project. They're treating it like a second class city and we're not second class Bockwoldt deserves better we got to get better out of this we can't. This literally this is a once every fifty years once every hundred years opportunity we can correct it read this mistake. We're gonna roll that opportunity away if this project is bill where they want to open. Do you have an idea of how much more what cost to implement some of these other things you've been talking about. Ali you know there probably would be an increase costs but the value is going to be exponentially. Greater. That symbolism look something like this that transit riders being able to walk in the sunshine. It is. He called. At the mobile value and then walking out on Washington street on your luck has seen the arena. Didn't part of you see now now what operating copy shop vs walking. Out from under the New York State through an exchange street looking at the back. Holding back of the ages peace he or once etiquette how are you looking at a park in Europe. What would you want people. Two things. When they arrived in buffalo and solve bat verses. The other scenario perhaps looking across to. A revitalized canal that Kirk with new structures over there and meet. So that choice is pretty clear we do something which can be new buck while. Well we do something which guest perpetuates. The old buffalo. The and the act second class attitude. Out people who use public transportation. Real quick is their time to change minds. There's always time to change mines and I would talk to your state officials here assemblyman senators. The governor's office. DOT is not serving anyone well with this proposal and people at bay get on a horrible beatle Paul but. Are. Construction to begin in the fall completion expected in the summer of 20/20. Back tomorrow. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.