New Problems For the U-S Regarding North Korea - Karen Travers


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Another big story happening yesterday in Washington on dealing with the financial disclosure from the president we go live to the White House Karen Travers. Joining us now Karen this is payments. To attorney Michael Cohen what are we supposed to infer from this. The first time it presents officially acknowledging he personally reimburse Michael Collins last year the president's lawyers have said that some of that money was to cover. The payment that he need 130000 dollar payment in hush money. Two adult film actress stormy Daniels this is a footnote on this large financial disclosure report. That says that expenses occurred incurred by the president's lawyer. He fully reimbursed him 2017. Now the question of course is it via the Office of Government Ethics says that this information was required to be reported. President and his team were indicating that they did so that they were required to do it but they did it in the interest of transparency OK so Walid necks would hear more from the opposite ethics. Is they wrote in its own footnote on the financial documents that it was required to be reported. This change in tone that we're seeing now with North Korea. Was expected by the White House. They're saying it was mean they certainly were caught off guard on Tuesday with the first reports that North Korea was. Throw in some threats around and saying they would walk away from the summit but yesterday the White House was saying. That they fully expect that there will be her Basel will be twist and turns I mean you're dealing with an actor. Who is not could be most. Certain and certainly somebody that has. Didn't very unpredictable and volatile on the world stage so why the White House would think that Kim Jung and his suddenly change is because a meeting and location has been said. They'll say now that they've fully expect for the twist and turns along the way. Going to be an interesting couple of weeks this is not the leaker Bob North Korea's gonna throw our as we get closer to that summit that's correspondent Karen Travers at the White House.