New Look For New Era Field - USA Hockey's Dave Fischer


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We're joined by date Fisher of the USA hockey Dave thanks for joining us gotta be an exciting time Korea. That you're as good morning sued the a new warning be GeMS will contribute over there where a trio. Outdoor rink is going down the preparation rupiah operative of the world generic chip chip which surged to somebody. Twenty sixes this little more than a week they're about offload. US capital play outside that there were feel about urban Bambi for a hundred plus years of international popular item in any major. A world championship so some really excited the world sugars and of itself is a wonderful. A tournament summary hardly get to host this country but about Burke a little. Even that much more zip to our secret program. Dave did they get to work like as soon as that bills game was over yesterday. There are entered into the in the bottom of the deck started going down there they've built a wooden platform. To put guys have done in the I plentiful. He started going to the inevitable about that twenty people were on the Clark grew up until the game fixed place on December 29 to get a return installed. And then nominated candidates how great conditions for the athlete so they're Greenberg and for all rounds it'll be there. Any nerves you know it's been done a lot in the hockey over the last few years but as you mentioned first time in this tournament. You nervous at all about the weather things like that. Well you know grab you live in buffalo buffalo Flickr's record all your preoccupied go to America. Well look who's here let up on over here in Colorado Springs so. You don't know who the weather's. Unpredictable until we warrior or boost the you know Bob Walsh the very first to what classical really Joseph Morgan also very first or burger and a major. (%expletive) you world championship and US and Canada on top of the best rivalry in international sport so we're not too worried where we are watching the weather forecaster we go right now it looks pretty very good. You know what is the perfect weather Dave. For the south to return. You know took another great question. You you'd like to the overcast and now maybe about thirty I think. People look Toyota the perfect score other would be of and actually were trashing produce about that right well of course you got moved it about a difficult yourself. What do the burned very encouraged people and all of people are on the run and building a football or world junior dot com those who have. The hole but it tickets for backgammon. And the rest of the world junior hockey championship than. It will be here before you know. Can't assist gonna say he should have been your last week when the lake effect was piling up. Well I I was watching from afar and television in the bill game pharmaceutical again this week it. They got to go on. You know world editors. This year stupid little bit different than that in 2011 and Serbia we will call an Olympic like feel of course Neil Berkett one thing but. Down down their canal like the championship village. Oh yup the running this repertory sector. And then of course the two venues to competition and your right. Across the recruitment commercial real very compact footprint is people around the tablet that. It's really been fun to watch the evolution of the downtown of the city a couple of terrible last. Several years. Why it's called a hearing now really neat to see the progress being made it knew where field already you guys hard at work at state Fisher with USA hockey. Getting pretty close a couple weeks away from that big outdoor game USA and Canada. And already right after the bills game yesterday this are making preparations that you are field.