New Life For Congressional Candidacy - Nate McMurray


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Nate Mick Murray democratic candidate for and why 27 joining us live this morning. Nate tell us this race changed for you since Saturday. Well we get an opportunity legally and I think it. Well there is ever campaign didn't let a new life and your credit. Now we have done no earlier some of the people vying to replace Chris Collins on the ballot we just her from Carl Paladino before that stuff from hi Lou my hi Lou. Say you were a radical. Leftists Democrats that I believe those were the exact words how would you respond. To that. It's ridiculous coming. We wanna talk about name call and go back that a look closely you can do that. I have more private sector during my pinky the most the people that want her running yes. I'm like created out of the genre here what we're kind of represent and one of the story company in the region. I had a career the private sector established to. Career. So I'm not a typographical Hulk eagle you have a group here in Western New York. The leader of a very conservative alum pulled my friends that are Republicans. That they eat if you want to say no matter what you want to say that they can go ahead. He's also said that did your job killer. To know where that comes from. He that's in my idea. I mean this I mean I've got a tech about the ideas and make every better. Mean there should be about it. How we can improve the situation for people of western new York and that's what I've been talking about the gecko. What are you expecting to happen here over the next a week or so we heard from nickel mine were indeed the Erie county Republican Party chair that. He thinks they have about a week to ten days to name somebody who they can replace Chris towns on the ballot with and then it becomes how whether or not they can't replace Collins. On the ballot so what do you for see happening. I have no idea I think that whole crew should be held accountable. That gentleman that went on the air as it electing me would be a crime. I think he'll work or Turbo there ironic given the circuit and to approach he supported. It's quite impaired and for our entire region. All the doubled in the public and now we knew that when you woke up. It was a long established history. And I am proud I took up the creek Collin. Very publicly when people told me I shouldn't. It would help bury you can't hear you attack this wonderful man in disrepute in particular element he should be elected. Even though he was indicted. So I think it's gone for ever order take a hard look at these people and all the system. The propped them up and also the candidates that didn't primary and it was a repeat but anybody we all do. I Nate who would you rather face. If heard Ali's names thrown out there. And and then there's the possibility that Chris talents name stays on the ballot. Well I can't decide I mean I have to school or limited my budget extras into the get go right to vote. He's the record is clear both parties wanted to meet it this case during a total party line and I said no I'm gonna think independently. I don't think freely. And they do I think it. But that attitude middle class middle class a class chop Chop Shop output of about the fight people come and fight for people like my family. That my agenda and I'm gonna let those people were about the soap opera. But we heard from declined worthy earlier this morning and what I would imagine more here from whoever that Republican is. To replace Chris Collins on the ballot is that if you go to Washington one of your priorities will be to. Help impeach. President trump is that a priority of yours heading to Washington and if not what is. Hell my priority is to have infrastructure bill ready exceed eight. Figure out ways to get more Americans covered their health care stopped in doubt that our company. But beyond that you might occur it would be to help president trump to be successful alt click challenge him. What I think. He heated battle and that's part of the job congress we have a check and balance system I want the president to be successful regular country its successful. But the same time. We have the check the president when things are wrong likely you know played around looking younger and I think that was wrong the way that was. We need to stand up for the president wanted to crawl but also work with him so we can help America. And that's our planet Hewlett at the impeachment agendas as far as I think my why didn't potholes and produce six Western New York good people working jobs. He didn't infrastructure built right here it is is it my priority. Made national and state Democrats are they coming to you are they trying to have to talk with huge influence you. Will it be and that's Leila I'll work with people who are work are going to work on my agenda I'm not gonna work and Eric. And civil but not by pushing people way over the last few days to get them on my change my dentist my precious to be consistent. I'm not gonna. Stanford things don't believe it or do you think I don't wanna do or say don't say. So if someone's going to help me put my message or empower me I'll I'll I'll work with the politics makes strange purple and but the same time raucous sellout no don't think. There's a lot of people Western New York after a message you're so I hope people look at this political demise. Independently or not supposed to be war can't be independent free minded thinkers. I think people look at this is faced who regard the Crisco. For the people who read your anti support her column. Well. Looking ahead. I'd just a little bit saying you mentioned some of the people who you turned away. I'm sure the endorsements will come in is one of the people you turned away. The Governor Cuomo after the words he had for you'd just a month or so ago. Well if you look at the last couple years until it came out of nowhere in the politics could want you to the community better. And I think there is no politician in your state which fought Governor Cuomo correctly more than I had. Accidental. It was not easy and you can imagine it was much more difficult than on the Democrat. At the same time I get an idea here now that they what do you want to work on together are the things we can work on together because my goals the win and I think a very corrupt system. Took advantage of the voters to western orchestra. We used with the cut your vote for granted. They've betrayed your trust that you campaign fund to pay for legal expenses everybody you go our and now he wanted to hate. You can reset he was symbolic it now if I can find people help me put my method forward I'll do that Obama can sell out. Publish your fund raising changed since last week. With a lot better. I'll say that the thing that we we haven't taken we haven't taken a dirty money. We have to pick me giant secret pact money. We're gonna put that the that the money away I'll work with the union. Our corporate organization that believes that. You know it hit it it doesn't matter that much you'll win if I have to change like him and betrayed my values. And look at the money from somebody I don't trust the police and other politicians locally that if they get money. Oh kind of dark and they can what I want to Coker. I mean if you think it's really ugly in the game because people's ambitions overcome their value or market either. But it is neat nick marine did democratic candidate for NY 827. Nate thinks of the time.