New Indictments Against Dr Eugene Gosy - Acting U-S Attorney James Kennedy


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Pain specialist doctor Eugene doce is facing new charges of 166. Count indictment announced yesterday alleging that six patients died. From his unlawful prescriptions. Acting US attorney JP Kennedy is joining us live this morning. Thanks for the time JP is this case going to go to trial could this be a landmark trial I mean is there any chance he could take a plea. Good morning Susan Bryant. And of course there it I. 97% of the cases brought in federal court. Typically result in a plea now obviously our constitution gives every person who has been charged in the indictment. What decrying the opportunity to go to trial and certainly. Whether the stability in his. Very capable legal counsel did decide to go to trial is something that we'll just have to latency. Now how did these charges come about it stem from via original charges brought a balance. A little over a year ago now I love how did this investigation him eve ball. Well certainly it. The investigation currently going on for quite some time the allegations contained in and technical back probably until 2006. So. This case ends. Progressed the continue to our investigation following the return of the initial indictment are particularly. Focusing in Somalia expert. Testimony. And evidence that we needed in order to establish. The cause of death for various individuals. Who were under darker dark the goat cheese practices. Care to determine whether. The control struck substances that they were providing. Prescribed were done so with a legitimate medical purpose. And and and and if they were not whether in fact those controlled substances. There were prescribed resulted in the death of the individuals the six individuals' terms that. You referred to this yesterday. Is. Maybe turning off the spigot I think was was the quote what did you mean by that. Well as they are kicking and turned back to a question whether this is with the the iceberg and I said no I wouldn't use that analogy so much is. Turning out to stick it in what I'm referring to it that I mean obviously. You know. When people. It patients go to a doctor. Part of why they go there has to rely on the expertise to the doctor can provide that. Forget BK just walk into a cardiologist and request bypass surgery. You need to rely upon the specialized knowledge rest expertise and training of the position. To determine whether the treatment requested as appropriate so here. Armed with doctor go to keep being the largest Shriver of controlled substances in the entire State of New York. We took a hard look at whether in fact at the knowledge and expertise and training that. Most patients in my apartment doctor was actually being exercised in. The result of that investigation at this indictment. Our doctors under the microscope now when it comes to this ongoing hoping you would fight. Brand that they had yesterday at saint 99.9. 99% of doctors. You know practiced. Madison reasonably and do so with the best of intentions and very proud of and you know we're we even that it. And actors out of a hundred roughly a 100000 subscribers. Within. The jurisdiction of the western district of New York yourself to say that doctors are under attack we're we're only talking about a two minute fraction. The architecture actually practicing medicine. Only the out fires are under attack in these are people that are not positions that are. So far out you know what this. Considered legitimate medical practice in the usual course of the practice of medicine. They should not feel under under fire they're not under fire. But it is our obligation to enforce laws to protect individuals. Who are. Victims if you will. Those factors that as sort of a band in the world. JP Lotta people are wondering with these charges with this investigation. How is OC allowed to be practicing medicine. Well again. This area there he is doing so right now under at the direction of a court order allowing him to do so. We're. Total oversight by another position so he can't write scripts and sell right now without another doctor starting off. I'm on that again that is a matter. I would choose. The condition of his bail. Or at least on the original charges on obviously didn't he get nearly that these charity. That maybe something it is the topic of discussion in the future agreement. Now going forward with. Patients of doctor goes seed does anything change with these new charges says should be expects kind of the I chaos that we saw after the last charges were brought forth. Well I I can't I mean I can't. Predict what's gonna happen in that case and don't tell you that it. You know we certainly been sensitive to try and address. And I think part of the reason why doctor go to that allowed to continue to practice. Blows because. Bit concerned pretty patient I would also note to much of doctor or practice. What was done was. Many of these controlled substances were prescribed by individual known as midlevel providers which would include nurse practitioners and physician assistants. And none of those individual that's our the only being. Of course. It into anything without doctor. Faculties. Advice consent in pink and under his control so. We you know we we we are dictated we catch up as they consent. I mean charges inspect those people we certainly have left many other providers. Who so long as they exercise. You know reasonable medical judgment. And Chris I would for a legitimate medical purpose will be able. To treat the patients that today. Are able to continuing to follow those stats is JP Kennedy the acting US attorney. In Western New York.