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I. This is absolutely amazing. This is an even like we have our house completely renovated. Doubted it says it doesn't look like now it is our home. It doesn't look like her old house this is our home and in. Want to tone stars this darkness then I mean this is. Absolutely amazing when it changes. How it changed. Its gonna make things a lot easier. Now now now I'll be evidently this of you running things off my. I phone in my pants on non constantly put in my lay down and walking across the house to check something and turn lights offer. And then as far as the kitchen goes. When I'm in my wheelchair I'm not gonna have to stand over stole one later. In on the deal to get to. Microwave link it to the shell suits. You really mean this is. That I don't know what else is saying is it's Lyonnais. Your excuses for not cooking. Yes that is definitely true let's show happen. Certainly isn't good cop to it yes he does is doing is often. Us. Are. Sure I was on my second tour in Iraq and not November 8 2004. When you're in a pretty big firefight. And my contract was in the lead. Was calling in an air strike and end position in his just to come in and I got shot with an RPG. It hit me in the lake. Rip my leg and Lou mile cloth with Yan fired plants and I was pretty as pretty rough. And my friends saved my life my artery was severed and was backed up inside my body and name. Push their hands up there and pulled it out and literally. Running from gunfire to pull me out of the track packages to these amazing things. To save my life in the giving back home and two have this beautiful family and and now that's. To me and it's. We go along. Come along way from playing on that street bleeding to death to do tonight. Is that something at this home in particular that you're most looking. Doing me I've not been able to do or. The company Vito has that feel like when I'm. When I do coat like I said standing in from a stone on one leg he and now it's not easy. So this is going to be and not six feet tall so this is going to be. This is gonna make things a lot easier for me. And with its program. Actually it was a phone call that art receive a second marriage in its he's writing you know to me saying this foundation wants to listen in our minds like this yes you know I mean really for just. But they had gotten a whole bus and the processor break from there week if ever since then I mean they have just been fantastic about going through and choose everything where all the prostitutes things. To figure out. Well we might now have noticed when we first you know we're here what we would actually be so there. Helping all of those things. And it just started that phone call and out of the blue. Can we build your house. Sounds wonderful what was your reaction that and yet your reaction. To lack. Well the date reaction was definitely eat this can't possibly be a real phone call and then you know we looked at foundation and and mean. You know talked about Benson and just thought about what an easy opportunity this one's for our family to do this I'll. And I mean when the flag it's just unbelievable very emotional tend to campus house effort to be errors. On the well. Saying it Kong. We hear what you are there when they get tunnel tower rock in this effort. Being involved and that's. And knowing yeah when the towers fell he right I actually accidentally and a steep. Instant messages on the computer and it was saying I'm telling you military and I need students. And I remember being scared when he told me yeah at the same time it was something that he do so. To see it start from there you go wrong to be in. Seat in his footsteps knowing what he ran Q. Its stock option costs from the start until balance at all. Chain of events that brought us here. It's definitely as the most adventure. If it. Oh yeah actually we are honored just really good friends. We insert dating until that shows injured and and while yes. Well you're the other eleven years now. Yes. They are easing up at every thing that they done for us is it. I don't discredit an NCB's even these words that are so each day let me get to see exactly what this foundation. They can give us after this house they'd give us the opportunity to hit him. Feel like he can move around him and be you know home and really function right away. And if they treated us like family since we. Since we first column since efforts while well. And there are persistent yes we tell them don't personally we have we have a house don't think you and decent last year as we get this few days and thought that Eric. And they've been they've been persistent. And then they really. Wanna help and it means a lot. Especially coming. From recipient. Of this great organization and its. It's awesome there it is. So. What. What is it. This is appreciation. People don't forget you know even though it does get pushed. Behind other news stories taller. What we're seeing in daily. I do it lives people are forgetting. What happened and and what still going. In the world with their service members and yes. Thank. No one else. And if you're sitting here in my seat. And this was your new home you'd be good. It's it's. What question would take more. Hear Sheen. Yeah. Brett. Well there wasn't all TV there and Meyer tree target here. And then like in all captured boxes and close and just didn't look at you walked out of it and now. This might in his favor if it. Is that typical you know spent all our friends yeah. So offices this yes this room I kept feeling they'll be down here I'll be upstairs. It'll work itself out perfectly hit in her audience then yes definitely.