New Breast Cancer Study 930in716 June 5, 2018

Tuesday, June 5th

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It's 930. In 716. New hope for breast cancer patients with a new study released. This headline remember we're not talking all types of cancer we're not talking every woman. And and people need to remember that but if you're talking about staring up to a 100000 women chemotherapy. That's a big deal in anyone's book. Many women in the Western New York area participated in the study. I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. It one of the biggest examples of personalized medicine so far. A large study finds that genetic testing can revealed which women with early stage breast cancer can safely skip. Chemotherapy. The study finds that most women with the most common form of breast cancer need only surgery and hormone therapy. Results were announced Sunday in American Society of Clinical Oncology conference in Chicago. First the story and ABC's Sherry Preston. No hope for women diagnosed with breast cancer new study finds those who have been diagnosed with one of the most common forms of the disease in its early stages. Can't in most cases skip chemotherapy. After Ingrid mayor with Vanderbilt University Medical Center is encouraged by what could mean for diagnosis. And treatment. We don't take if this little slightly and as you know it is very hard about it occasionally used the best judgment that we can't and incredibly reassuring to have. Start her arms evidence of tasking that we can do this more accurately than we re able to compete for. Copy out though from ABC's doctor Jennifer Ashton you hear this headline remember we're not talking all types of cancer we're not talking every woman. And and people need to remember that but if you're talking about staring up to a 100000 women chemotherapy. That's a big deal in anyone's but of course every case is different it is not one size fits all that it could. Be hope for many cherry Preston. ABC news to be clear these are women. What they smaller less risky breast cancer to begin once of these women have lymph node negative breast cancers that were strongly estrogen receptor positive. WBN's memory and sat down with the local leader in breast cancer at Roswell park comprehensive cancer center. Doctor Tracy O'Connor and associate professor in the department of medicine. And they were participating in a study looking to see if it genetic test of their tumor. Not of their patients to next that the tumor genetics called the archetype. Could better discern which patients would require chemotherapy vs which patients do not require chemotherapy. Greater than 101000 women participated in the study. We had an open here Russell park and buffalo new York and many women in the Western New York area participated in the study. Basically women with these low risk tumors who had an intermediate archetypes score between eleven and 25 which is an American value at the test reports out as a brisk. This intermediary script was randomized. To either receiving chemotherapy with their anti cancer can therapy or just receiving anti estrogen therapy alone. This study reported that for women fifty and older. What an intermediate risk architect score there is no benefit to chemotherapy in addition to anti estrogen therapy for their cancers. You mentioned this resolves a study done with women. What about men group with with breast cancer does this this does not affect them in any sort of way does it. Well male breast cancers are fairly uncommon as I'm sure that you're aware. In general we do treat male breast cancer by extrapolation from female breast cancer data. So I think most oncologists would extrapolate this data to male breast cancer patients with similar stage disease. And you mentioned the the basically if you're fifty year old there on and you you have you fall under that category it's it's it's it's. It's not based not necessary and this is is further proof that study and what is I think we talked about before the definite proof showing people that. You know before. It showed that. It may do want to make that much of a difference and now this to this furthers that proof what does that mean. Well this subtype of breast cancer so estrogen receptor positive breast cancer that does not involve the maintenance. Is probably its most common form of breast cancer that we treat. So large number of women with breast cancer to have this subtype. If they have an architect performed and they should. And they come back with a score that is between zero and 25. They can now really rest assured that chemotherapy doesn't need to be part of their treatment prescription. That. They're rested their breast cancer care needs to go according to plan and they definitely need good anti estrogen treatment. That the chemotherapy that we've often used in the situation. Will not be employed for the vast majority of these women. There was. Beat the bomb members of this study and here at Russell part that participated in this international studies or. You know Roswell as a worldwide known placed fourth with this but what is and and you were action that these these patients were actually via via part of this and the part of this this huge you know. Study that that has your show so much of the world now about breast cancer. I always think it's really important to emphasize the great benefit. Post to the patients who participate in clinical trials and to the other patients who come after. And the patients who participate in clinical trials because it's only through clinical trials that we can advance a shield to breast cancer and enhance curious. And I think that the women have participated in the Taylor Eric study in the Western New York area should feel very good about their contribution. To advancing science and helping improve the quality of life for breast cancer patients in the years to come. This is truly groundbreaking trial. That will relieve many patients in the future from the side effects of chemotherapy. Don't not all I do you wanna emphasize that chemotherapy is still appropriate for many many breast cancers and many sub types of breast cancers. So it's important not to generalize this information. To freely and to top tier colleges about what options are appropriate for you. And that's why are my thanks crest was going to be for someone that may be. Has breast cancer or will find out they have breast cancer in it in the immediate future you know now knowing this you know it just about talk injured doctor correct I mean he's. Under saying the information and then citing what's the best course of action. Absolutely I mean I don't wanna. This is knotted studied it says it chemotherapy is not helpful it doesn't seem like survive breast cancer it's still does. And again there are many many sub types of breast cancer that do require chemotherapy women with positive lymph nodes larger tumors. I'm women who were very young. Women with her two positive for triple negative breast cancers are just some examples. That for each individual woman. With a smaller estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. An architect can allow for very individualized discussion with her doctor about whether or not chemotherapy is appropriate for her cancer. Also did the the rescue of therapy that that does prove you know put toxins and hit it in the body. Now that you're able to decide. That may be it's not the best course of action to do that. Where you think they'll mean for for people in the future that they don't have to go through this. Com and have to deal with the B side effects of all that. And that they can just be able to go. With this this to run its run its course and in. Britain have not to go attitude to go with. Well and so most women. All women in this proposal require really good anti estrogen therapy medicines like Tamoxifen and Iran attacks that we used to treat breast cancer. Those medicines so compared to chemotherapy are very well tolerated. So for the group of women. That says the study criteria they'll be able to be spared the side effects of chemotherapy many are common my numbness and tingling of the fingers and toes. You know additional toxicity is it going through treatment that can affect their quality of life in the years to come so I'm hopeful that our patients will have. Better quality of life going forward. As a result of this trial. Or anything else you you on and on on this. Now I'm at it again I just wanna emphasize that participation in clinical trials it's just such a weights and advance the field I'm just very grateful to the women who'd do. Consent to participating can be scary at times is people are trying to learn about the clinical trials process but. Without a doubt it's the only way that we advance the field of breast cancer medicine and I'm grateful to them. You but you were you this international senators are Leo you were at that that meeting rate is at and where was that meeting. Was it Chicago Illinois the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting. Once a year and late may early June the world comes together earn a huge conventions honor goes over. You know most of these groundbreaking. Research of the year prior. This study was without a doubt one of the highlights of meetings thank you doctor O'Connor and Matt Moran were back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a another edition from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.