NATO Summit Update - Karen Travers


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Let's go live now back to Belgium Karen Travers joining us sick Karen the president with a lengthy news conference after the NATO summit's what are some of the highlights of that. Oh in the lead up to this comment I can't really can't comment nor gave. But to date you said everybody agreed to potentially up their commitment of the military who are guilty of a corporate endorsement for a that I believe in NATO and Tito is very important. The practice date on how exactly little countries according to substantially upped their commitment without multiple pat Hearst the picnic on. This figure that that the current trend line but he just reiterated that allied agreed to pay more dirt or quickly. Present that he'd like to see school percent of GDP figure beat the cold right now it's 2%. Said after we get to that talk about going there. Now things are pretty tense between the president and Germany's Angela Merkel. How of their relations now. Well the president said yesterday afternoon pretty tough criticisms which he did not deliver in front apparent that they had a great meeting to be a tremendous relationship. They continued to tweak or night and good morning I'm saying this year in his Buick not appropriate Kurt Russia and Georgia attorney is making me feel while Jenny is turning to me you know what you extra protection from that Pratt. RA thank you very much Karen that's Karen Trevor showing us live from Belgium this morning.