Nation's Infrastructure Under Scrutiny - Jim Ryan


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President trump has rolled out eight trillion dollar plan to fix the nation's roads bridges and tunnels. And he's going to start promoting this across the country but correspondent Jim Ryan is here. On a new survey and we sat roads in Western New York or pretty bad Jim but looks like we've got a lot of company. Yes very much so in fact all across New York the other route that are considered to be in poor condition. Are that you've got 12% of them that's the seventh highest number in the whole country. Deficient bridges and do a little bit better fourteenth highest in the number of that statistic it's all been put together by a company called 24 sevenths Wall Street. Which looks at statistics from all across the United States compiles them into reports like this one and this one that issues that. People coast to coast have some serious issues with their infrastructure. The president's trillion dollar plan. And he's gonna face it's tough fights in congress considering its price tag the president says he's trying to approve. The nation's roads bridges tunnels and other infrastructures. Why is it F it always seems to be so hard to get something approved. For something that's so universally. Called for I mean everybody all across the country we'd mentioned here you're saying everywhere else too. Says we need to fix the roads. Well sure I think it's the price tag though when you talk about a trillion dollars. To put into it and yes it's taken decades for us to get this spot and it'll take decades more to get out of it but. I think that's primarily it is it's just that huge cost that goes into it. That the bridges are expensive takes a lot of people to get that done but you know this is there something that the managed to do with the WPA back in the thirties and I suspect the president is doing something similar going for Ari that's Jim Ryan reporting on the state of the nation's roads.