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Sunday, November 19th

What to expect for the rest of Sunday and into the morning commute Monday. Winter Weather Advisory for Chau., Catt., & S. Erie Counties


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But between now and I left that up today with the weather obviously Meet the Press starts exactly at twelve noon we won't have a chance to give you the regular newscast whether. So I figured we'd stop for a moment now and bring in meteorologist Steve Welch at the National Weather Service Steve thanks for being here. More on that bet how's it going I guess is a big question especially. If we're looking at Stockwell Ken rug is counties maybe even down a ski country. Tell me about the next 24 hours but specifically. What people might need to face on their drive in tomorrow. Albeit small morning on what the series you just sort of soldier counted but what can August that only old. During the winter weather advisory now what correctional. General would force additions umpire about possible. What have they gotten so far in those areas. The tournament to watch. Some higher lesions and a snowboarders. Social on the strange rain. Okay and when Willis shift when when will these bands shape up if if we don't even know that yet. On differently actually the Libyan insult as ordinary but terrain and culture of the lakeshore there you go higher in old flyers train. Well those transitional national. Resolve most areas though there's rain in through the afternoon and it's cool tour. Well transitional national her. All right now let's talk we're counting I know where those boundaries are Ken rug is coming and know where those boundaries are. When you say southern Erie county how far south of buffalo do I have to drive before I see impact here. All there is cell from Hamburg and Orchard Park stretching around inch inch and half of snow on more roll on for southerners Tony La concorde. Bring bill winters without the foursome that. And this will all start this evening around what six or seven. Well. Early to mid afternoon on the source in warriors history and bill and then threw me over the world war. How much are we talking overall be the advisory I'm looking at says maybe in some of these areas. As much as nine inches. Generally it's forced some initial the most serious from the higher train the Irish clubs concede all the all the war. Now what about the rest of the region how law how in the clear I always say greater buffalo. Erie county north of the areas you just discussed. There were actually focusing too much some on the range social hours maybe. But coating on himself the city or more but not too well. OK so nothing really to worry about at this point in lesser below that line. Okay. Take me through the next couple days of him. Amid a global work on. Moral concede chipped sure. And or used to the immoral and small breezy and then vote well for Tuesday. Old highs in the low fifties Tuesday. Although will be again or forties when most. Obviously the further out we looked the last accurate the forecast gets an and that's not your fault this is the way of things gimme gimme a peek at the Thanksgiving if you can to the degree. That you know it already. Yeah rate outlooks will also quoted the most part and opera producer of forty Brazil. All right but by way of recap than winter weather advisory. In effect tell one tomorrow afternoon to talk look at her August southern Erie county's snow bands there and I imagine too they'll be facing some. Some hefty wins in those spots. Talk about the visibility what you what you predict there. Although I believe you reduce the home that's about where mile on the move higher well. That are winds the total on the most part. Responsibilities. Was ghost opium as well as usual. And so we can choose someone just portable ultra power problems. And we really kinda had to expect this talk about the calendar by now we would've had this in any other typical year anyway wouldn't we. Well yeah actually the last some real four year where their bread around the time we've had two some sort of what we're. Alone as you know three years ago we. Or. Sure it's November. A lecture this tiny year old. Simply was actually actually you're the state we have and other than their own work order system that transition into which. All right Steve thanks so much for your time this morning. That's meteorologist Steve Welch at the National Weather Service.