National Grid Power Update - Dave Bertola


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And will go announcing get an update on the power situation throughout Western New York with a heavy wet snow. Downing some power lines creating many power outages thousands of customers without power. Now joining us said DeBartolo with National Grid. Dave though what can you tell us this far is how many people are dealing with outages this morning. Well good morning hi we have about. Thirteen thousand. Or so in the Western New York area and Petr August colony currently is. As the most out of it with a lot 8600. Ari Ed geographically Dave. Can you describe the whole outage area does it seem like me can't run this is obviously south of buffalo is it is most of the outage south of buffalo. Oh sure. We have another 2300 and Allegheny. A couple of has about 5000. And an Erie county we have 2500. Home. Either either paid account with without Pollard silk. It Erie county you know. Me candor August. Currently has about 8600 that are out there. What are the biggest challenges you're facing now old when we're talking about giving those people back down line is that the road conditions. Yet that combination of things did it down. It is difficulty patrolling the area or out of the it would that was that was caught thing. The other is there are some downed trees that are that are taken power lines down with them. But I'm plowed roads in some of those. Areas and making it hard for us to go. He can get out that way and in some instances it selected people along the lines that we could reenergize. What. Not being able some instances two out. Did he get out and accurately and that's what caught in the I'll bet that awful partially what. What dumb. What Laura mixture well what are you saying about restoration or is it even. Too early to talk about that. It it is a little too early at the moment. We have our. Outage map which people connect that online. If you if you go to our web site we have them. A retired service including Massachusetts and Rhode Island you can you could see where the outages are. The it information that I. Gleaned from that I'd I'd check the the folks who are in charge of those who are. Looking up to restore power and it is by around her. In terms of the number of all or a cool are unfortunately low power right now and when you win that game. An update it would have made it and the restoration that all who populate on the web site so that. If those are able I want to all of mine and I think that the senate literally an option as well. So I'm looking right now and seeing and the city of buffalo maybe at about 830 or so other restoration net estimated time sets quarter to waits. Would you say those numbers are accurate there are those OK do inform people with or are are you hearing other things from your people on the ground. That was the accurate. Absolutely. We always looked up say that the it is that there's a proper. The people who are involved. You know we we want our customers obviously to be back on line and Atmel. Current information so as soon as we know everybody else know about that at that the easiest way for a picture and information. Dave we appreciate it and hopefully we can stay in touch with you this morning foursome updated numbers. Are at this taper Tola. With National Grid were also reaching out to the folks at night saying as well to bring you the latest on their outages. Again over thirteen thousand customers here in Western New York in the national print territory are without power at this hour.