National Blue Cheese Day - Drew Cerza


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Wing came true source is joining us this morning happy 716 state room. Our same deal in Iowa this special they would dutifully junior an awful lot. And beautiful day it's been a beautiful week all leading up to this him we want to know. About you know ever at 716 they I think if that's kind of come onto its own over the past few years everyone recognizing the dates in the area code. But today. You wanna make it national. Blue cheese day. How exactly are you doing that. Like you know it all started with the current very presidential moment it started with a tweet. I was between with. Ranks right outside that. Nothing goes better with vocal when his ranch dressing and national rent present day which are courses last week last week in buffalo because we know so she's here. And I go without a thought it was don't know national which is just date so. You know. Why not and the first without body that they actually. Hold people under web site and doctors social media that 90% of people bought what wideout supports a steak is Lucci is such awful things. Well true did you go through the process of getting this really on to the national calendar. You know I don't political processes on what the Buffalo Bills I just did it and I kick I would ask forgiveness not permission. So this that is Albright who were in order. Aren't I like that line of thinking because I've always wondered how these you look at the calendar. There's 5000 different days for every little that we have donut day we have coffee day. We have ice cream sandwich day ice cream sandwich it we have ice cream sundae day we have sneakers day sneakers on your head day at a little bit of everything. It would only make sense the blue cheese steak gets to be on 716. Who is in charge of all this. And you're saying you. I am not an assessment in the front until they thought about what it because they're Marshall she's that you don't want you don't wanna have their consulates. A you know at its audience like you who would offer an effort to cool I doubt I'll I just gave up. You know it's like Guinness book world record like just not cultural worker. And that earlier when excited by an awful by the desire to rescue them special they got hurt right. Rather the character who couldn't duck she's been to about well what we call one. It has been nice ceremony were also been to try to get all that on want to prevent stressing that that plays its. Ranch in amnesty date no questions asked. You bring down a ball or you're not perish or in the ballpark in the Bible you want free kick it and you also hope agreed upon rate cuts recruitment. Hey that's sounds awesome I just love how unconventional ER. You know. Well my wife doesn't feel that way but I'm glad you're too stupid. A while. Are it's a national blue cheese they go to televise and you can celebrate you'd see. Blue being inducted into the wing hall of fame which only it makes perfect sense if there's a going to be a wing off thing you have to have blue cheese represented in their somewhere. And you can now Bob for that's the one thing I never got to I EU we see it at the wing fest every single year we see people doing it on 716 day. Bobbing for wings in the blue cheese maybe it's because. I hate to admit I'm not really blue cheese guy I am a straight wings person. But Bob things sticking your head in a vat of blue cheese looking for these wings that seems a little over the top to me. Well you know or you ever heard what he did it it's a fact select the people do anything freaky sure. And that's portal started it but the teacher in the blood. Do things like that but they've stopped fruitless so what are its pre feature. Well I'd I didn't know that there is a free teacher so now how Brian zen methyl I'm now I'm in it's only when and where. Ager or this is awesome we we wish you the Baston and the happy national blue cheese dressing day to you. Say the ball did you enjoy that day and operate how much does look like the west I've escaped I. Awesome sounds a good great time drew it serves at the wing king of the creator. I guessing comment he made it up national blue cheese state today.