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Mo Canady, who spoke at UB's School Safety Seminar on Tuesday, discusses the school shooting at Great Mills High School and his goals to implement at least one school resource officer in every school in the United States


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Joining us live this morning is Mo Kennedy the executive director of the national association of school resource officers not happen to be. In buffalo yesterday for a daylong seminar at the university at buffalo on school safety. Mall if you can what went through your mind yesterday this year at UB for the safety seminar. And you hear about a school shooting in Maryland. Overlook pretty incredible because I'll sitting in the front row. Actually I'll watch in the show gate. Present she and our political prisoners. Yesterday and she was doing her first session. I'll want are received word from my call us that this had occurred and so it will actually surreal. Sitting there watching her again present while I'm receiving this news in the war on about. Now what did you make of the school resource officer yesterday his response he's being credited with saving lives. Well certainly have to little cooler thing about it but it looks in Cuba. Listen folks up there and most of the news reports. And it it felt like he did he. Exactly what an Astaro supposed to do that that's what we want to sorrows to do in this kind of situation that is to immediately go direct route. And to stop the threat and that sounds to me locked he's certainly. A lock would say many lives. It sounds like a model case for us arrows I know you want to expand them to get them into every school in this country. How fast you think that's gonna happen. Oprah always really tool that mild case because it comes at the expense of saw. I'm certainly. Some serious injuries and in this situation. And certainly a school in the community college house. But I mean you know it again. Discuss our responded the way that that should have I'm. We certainly. Have been saying for years that every school in this country could benefit from I'm a carefully selected and specifically trained. Our sorrow and it's. We've been having this discussion. What our government lull for the last several weeks. Very potentially. And we're going to be meeting was not. With several. A lawmakers next week in Washington DC about this issue there are some pending legislation. Around us. And we believe that it can happen. Very quickly I I think if things move this as they should. I think that this country should that should see. Pretty significantly increased and not in school resource officers by next school year. We're speaking with though local police chief and he was stood trying to explain the difference to people between a school resource officer and security guard which many people would see is the same thing but he said that. A school resource officer his job goes so well beyond just. Patrolling the hallways it's about building relationships is that what you Tryon and still nationally. And yes absolutely and and it is not a they're not a security guard they're not an armed guard. They are sworn to serve out the law enforcement officers there there there are deployed in the community based policing. On the situation. In hand and community basically can project if you will. And it also cooperation between school district and the law enforcement agency the Sousa. But again it very carefully select an officer. Specifically trained person I'm not a veteran officer if you will just block the officer yesterday concede it. The EU as a veteran and obviously well trained. And fifty was a member of the swat team down there do any. Thoughts about whether it's S arrows should be active police or retired police. Well we really would like to see India act of law enforcement officers and history is very good example of that and I'm one hour Wednesday are you Roger school resource officer program. Just about half with the officers or will we were also members of the swat team. Our sorrows. And certainly. On their their most poor role as a bridge to gap between law enforcement and use and to build relationships and schools but they should also be. Just as packed with perfection as possible. And some of the best marksman in the apartment if you're going to have to take a shot at a school environment. You want to hit your target. And in you would be careful in that situation. Marmol we appreciate the time it's remote Kennedys the director of the national association. A school resource officers.