Nate Peterman Postgame

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Sunday, November 19th

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That's Afghans certainly before and you know there's always says we never lose we learn and you know that'll definitely be. My mindset move forward I'm gonna learn a lot from this and make sure it never happens again. I'm always trying to be ready you know self. Pairs much as I can do in a week. And you know try to go out there promising when. I think again you know I'm I'm prepared. Watch you know them all week in that we see that the guys can do out there and you know it's talented obviously the hole I felt town and so NFL like us you know prepared is gonna play better. It's. Can turn. Yeah I mean it was you know again and played very well you know and those things start to happen you know I got to just be able letting go and yeah I you know put a lot of them myself. All all. The really just trusting god honestly. The area. Really don't understand why things happen where they do sometimes. But. You know I've got to trust and plan higher power and I think you know my relationship. A lot that. You me we're seeing these you in the first apple fans were chanting retire out what that means you have. Yeah. Not a lot I mean really throughout the whole game. Guys you know all over the team are saying things that encouraging things and you know. Sanity I mean you're gonna learn from this and some other stories too so definitely helpful we got a great team here. A lot of good teammates. Moment of play even that you really like where you felt. Good about what you're doing. Yeah I mean you know from the start good obviously felt very confident going into a game. And things go from. Tell him and shot. You know definitely just freshman Darren and in his decisions. You know I'm gonna go again go back and learn from this much I can be ready for whatever happened. This. This. That are disappointing obviously. Think anybody go through this to be disappointed that means a lot to you you know you do put a lot of work. A lot of time and energy and trying to go out there and went you know in and help your team mystique and so. Is that we tough but again I'm gonna learn from this and restore four. Were. Shell shocked to. Yeah you know surprising but again I'm gonna learn from it and I can't say that enough obviously. And things don't. I've never experienced something like this probably. So you know this is good learning for me. You know I thorough audit your job you know and they're great teammates again. So you guys got to find ways of our team you know putting in better positions to went. Is that with the team of 454 in a playoff spot. Are you concerned at all about what's amazing to think. He might have them here full of holes. I don't know you know I've got a lot of good feedback. In terms of encouragement from guys. And I will say that I think this is very strong team together and that's very Tucker a lot as it is a test of how long a team will stay together for the longest you know and down. I think I agree teammates and I think we're also gonna learn from this and Congo and try to accomplish our goals. You. Things. Here. On. Preserve you know I think those those great you know the other two play series were scored touchdowns and again yo line running back this on doing great job and on the connections and then does a great job as well also Yahoo! there's some things that bodes well. So there. Yeah I mean they're playing a low coverage on figures. Kind of you know got hit I think at the same time and and get to get everything I wanted into it. So tough great.