Nate McMurray- Running against Chris Collins

Sunday, January 21st

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It's time line and is ready and I'm thirty WBM this is debut though. More talk about the shut down in just a little bit but I do wanna make sure. That we get to every single candidate and so far by the end of this interview we all done that every single candidate that this past week has announced our. Before that has announced that they want to run as a Democrat against congressman Chris cows there are five of them. The latest one to announce was right after the program this past Sunday as Grand Island supervisor name McMurray he joins us now briefly to Nate thanks for being with us. Certainly I know we chatted when you are thinking about running says some of this might be a little repetitious but. Why are you running and what do you think is the major issue in the district right now. Well I'm learning because. They think yeah. We need better leadership and I looked at the the issue facing a select well. We need someone who understands. You know a budget that matters a budget. It actually managed personnel. They're international experience. But it actually have a record of getting things done and look at practical solutions we don't need to. Whenever Tyler let me interrupt you for a quick second whenever Collins is running he's always stressed his his or credentials as a businessman. It's interesting that you point to that in your resume is perhaps a contrast how much it's quite a contrast as it. Well it is in the contradicting business experience is important but what MI think he got the trouble is he's gotten his business interest for the people. And I think if you look at the problems he's had as a leader Western New York. He is not there he has his interest all over at least he's he's the head of a corporation and Australia. I mean I think if you get me elected I'll take all of my background. My international experience I think my international experience. It is good that anyone in congress are not better. And I'll fight for Western New York to help really bring solutions to people here I mean I'm not a person who thinks that businesses I think it is great we morbid as some western work. The problem is what is the priority and per meet a priority will be finding solutions with people who live here. That brings us quickly to. A basic question who is named McMurray. He talked a little bit of about your background who are you. Like reappear western new York and the canal water seven Brothers who were prominent lawyers locally and we came back to the area below this area. Com other good person and I spent I study in China study in Korea out Fulbright scholar I worked for some major corporations I think. Worked at Delaware north locally and to great experience to help build that business and help contribute to my community here. Chinese. I speak created in your native level. From a person who has believes that politicians and leaders general should look at problems first. And not this grand abstract ideas look at problem and try to solve well I'll. What is the number one problem the biggest issue facing the district. Day one name McMurray is elected was he want change. Well if you look your district it's a continual losses of people. A continual losses. Our business forward not just a few years for decades. And I think that the person like Chris Collins frankly. Who would passed a bill that makes it impossible for you to deduct. State local taxes. Think he should be reelected could that directly hurts Western Europe it directly hurt the 27 district. So there's so many issues facing the door was the least he can do is not do these things are gonna hurt us more and I think that's a single one on. If you look at Western Europe with the leadership for a long time. It's focused on themselves rather I'm making this community better. That's my focus will be I'm. Telling that group calling back all the losses and all the mistakes because for somebody to back. It is a very conservative district it's a very rural district is stretches from basically buffalo all the way over. Canon day well a lot of farms in there lot of people have said it's such a Republican district that they need. A more conservative Democrat in order to possibly be Collins. Is that you on the spectrum of liberal to conservative where would you place yourself within the world of Democrats. Well you know what I I'm not someone in my whole life and politics and and in my whole life trying to secure the way to become a politician. I'll be honest I cannot you know tripped into this and what I got into it the biggest thing I'm surprised by how little people want to get done. How much people want a fight about how stupid political positions. So I think what people really crave as human error is not politics not party politics we want to have answers. I'm ready to give answers and I think that people respond to that in these are my people and I grew up here. I mean not since you know Alan is a microcosm of the twice some of their rural. You know I hate these are my people this is what I represented and I was quite good people out well in the US. And since I've been in politics this sort time at the politics biggest surprise that's. It's so many people worry about in that sport themselves feel really care they don't really know providing answers little perplexed solutions they keep their head down. Help brought their buddies and I think that people twice that sickened many ticket you know opposite it later you get someone who's gonna fight. And not fight for myself my family. The fight for all of. And I gotta go back to the original question are you conservative and about enough to win in a district like that do you think. Well I've yes I think I am I think that there's certain issues that conservative people care about and a lot of people I think what they're urged or art. For example gone I mean. I can't believe the way people talk about people who use. It's shocks me I've been to weddings and anniversary party to Concord. And gone is part of our heritage especially people in rural Western New York. And it's not something you till five because you've achieved shotgun in your and the cap. So those issues don't bother me at all and I think on the on the. On the economic issues you're gonna find a lot of ways. I am a conservative personally I have considered taught it to you this and I a lot of people say what we're that we have a democratic provides this is a very conservative place. But now that I'm going off you know and seen people saying well you're not liberal enough people would Democratic Party and I want to say we're gonna meet. What are their reeling me. I'm the person who believes in America I'm sick this Republican Democrat divide we need to fight for America I don't like global perspective. That the rest of the world is colored force and we keep fighting ourselves. And keep attacking each other we're not gonna be ready to fight the rest of the world that's what I want I'll. All right loved before we go here obviously today's a day where. No matter what news topic I'd be talking about I have to ask a little bit about the shutdown what chemist you have in that regard. Comparison. It's I mean could you talk about being fiscally conservative here we're paying people or paying for furloughs. We're joking about Fiserv and blaming the other side. Where does the buck stop. I think someone's got to get out stand up and say I am going to find a solution I'm going to find a way. You know so what I feel about it Cilic is that the American actually did anyone try to politic on this day. Point on this is missing the bigger point. We need leadership we're sick of this nonstop reality TV show the world trapped in and I think we need leadership to help our country to help argued. And you think both sides are playing politics on that. There's no doubtful to play politics I mean the reality is you have a majority of ones I controlled house or the senate they control detective branch. They need to figure out. What the solutions and the Democrats have to figure out a way to work with and because only the most terrible thing we can have. In the country that's being gutting it and being put a dangerous situation. Because we can't find a way to replicate the most basic job of government which it paid the bills. All right Nate that's all the time we have we have to and they're right here we have a live update coming down from CBS on the shut down. That's naymick merry Grand Island supervisor yet another person declaring they want to be the Democrat to run against kind.