Nassar Sentencing Today; More USA Gymnastics Fall-Out - Ryan Burrow


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You've been seen the images hearing the stories all week long the sentencing hearing continuing. For doctor O'Leary mastery USA gymnastics. As so many of his sexual assault victims speaking out still Bryan Burrough joining us now that's how's that how USA gymnastics is. Responding and their Ryan. Exactly how much will change in that organization as a result of this. Well they seem to get the Olympic gymnastics a whole lot of change for example yesterday. You members of the port trust he stepped out equal the chairman of the board that they try to red white girl now that. This would be stepping down that's something that's been encouraged by nearly all of these wouldn't come up with. And spoke to OPEC yesterday we were members sharp jerk says yeah typical battle for 2008. Election that could if she had a daughter. Could that are into our major aspects of the big Erstad they put with big battle ahead they're all told the AP it. You know actually caused the debt. Group that association ad agency reflected and think about the things that need to be done. To change the situation party quote torn between fertility. Access. And other trying to turn the lead at the next Olympics coming up according to forty per gymnastics and dealt with some of the people that they were used. Are still in the system. It you know are we finding out Ryan that some people knew about Nasser and did nothing about it. That that's the real question can really a lot of the fingers being pointed at Michigan State. Urged right now do what it went what do the people testified it's a fifteen year old girl. A recession that very well but at what have they still. She's here is being treated by him she said he could in the supply closet these so called treatment. That quote and quote they get and molestation. Happening a week or it's ugly week. The investigation that the delegation going to restore large treat women in fact an adult for the wouldn't say. A that they were tree while we investigation going up. Michigan State University. There and called for the president to step down. Obviously a lot going on outside the courtroom while you've got a record another twenty clutch wouldn't expect testified today. Sorry that's Ryan Borough covering they doctor Larry Nasser sentencing hearing.