Narrowing Down Suspects In Texas Package Bomb Case - John Cohen


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This morning we've been bringing you the story about deadly package promises but police believe they're related out in Austin joining us now is John Cohen a former police officer in counterterrorism coordinator. At the Department of Homeland Security in John. When police are looking for. So what do you dropped off packages they believe they're related. Do you believe they have much to go one is there anything that they can. Kind of make ties with as to who was leaving these packages. Good morning I'm yet investigators. In these educators that actually quite a bit of evidence that investigators. Can't collect both from the remnants of the explosive device. And through interviews with people. In and around. The location rental packages are left off they'll also look at the victims of each attack and they'll try to determine. Whether the victims had anything comment. Or if there's anything about those victims. That would make them a an attractive target for the bomber. John what and may be strikes you about these package bombings in these incidents. What are you taking away from last. Several things is this a highly than usual. That you have within a relatively short time frame two weeks. Three targeted attack. Using explosives that have been described by the law enforcement authorities as somewhat sophisticated that if somebody knows how to build a bomb. Yes how to build a bomb it can be detonated when it's moved or when the package is opened. So that's one that stands out to me. The second thing is about to make. It's that's far. The people who have been targeted it's been two African Americans. And a Hispanic woman. As so one thing police will be looking at is whether. The motive behind this attack is it is a race or secret. Can you think given instance in the password is something similar happened where there's been a series of explosions that. More related. That is the most recent one oh look at which is only two explosions and one attempted explosion was that the bombings and futures in New York. Where an individual sent off. An explosion. That was supposed to be adjacent to a road race. I then went on and stop a bomb that injured multiple people in New York City does but like I said this is somewhat and uncommon typically. When ECB kept apart receive targeted attacks. Even those that are motivated by some type of Theodore. Our racial or extremist ideology. Who was attending to see more attack using firearms. Or car or night so. The ability to build an explosive. That can be detonated the ladies there aren't being detonated to. Reflects some level of sophistication. Have you heard that there's been any surveillance video or anything like that to help police in their investigation. Not a police are actually being very tight lipped and they're there walking the line very very effectively I think they're they're giving information to the public. To educate the public debt to be aware too to report suspicious activity. In this is really important in not giving away information. That may result in the bomber changing their tactics. Or are you know adjusting the way they behave. They're number one priority right now to identify who is responsible for the attacks take them into custody and prevent them from conducting more attacks. And John we thank you for the insect that's Jon Cohen joining us talking about the a bombings in Austin, Texas police believe their related telling people to be aware of suspicious packages.