Munroe Eagles, UB Canadian Studies Professor

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Thursday, June 14th
Eagles discusses the concerns Canadians have on US tariffs on autos and steel.

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How different is this a range of trade issues than say 25 years ago we were talking Napa. Well this is. A different ball game then then exhausted prior to root part of the NAFTA agreement. Inept. And so in 1994. Be. Economies of our three countries Mexico Canada and US. Become so deeply integrated. Intertwined. That there we don't. Facing a situation that looks more like a continental economy rather than through separate economies so when you talk about. Trying to dismantle blow up you're doing. And Syria's violence through. Do the the steps that or I would sit progress from the animated. Since be adoption announced. President trumps. Comments about the US trade gap with Canada how accurate is he on the. Well he's not accurate. Early to selectively accurate. There is a trade. And balance. If you look at. Simply the merchandise trade Jordan gets that if you add in business services then under the trade surplus calendar and so. And on how you wanna spend a sequence of himself as a negotiator. And he's gonna put. You know use whatever facts seem to back up his opinion. But arm. On balance I would say it is inaccurate and characterization of the trade imbalance. With regards to the US can have a trade balance and also the talk of embargo is on Canadian steel and other products. What could this mean as far as US Canadian relations down the road until we see a Canadian. Tariff on US goods coming to our country. But I absolutely be retaliatory. Tariffs and trade actions taken by Canada. The prime minister and foreign minister have been very clear I'm not and a in fact. This has become quite a rallying cry in Canada and igniting. Politicians on both. Both sides of the you know the problem country. System. The government and the opposition rare unanimous vote in the house of commons to to support to an aggressive retaliatory action on the part of the Canadian government. We'll be retaliation and and that concern here is of course a different colored them. But you know it's there will be action taken that challenge. What worries aren't there regarding this trade battle. Escalating. I think they're real issues. You know this deal and aluminum. Tariffs that have been imposed against Canada. Are seriously and we'll have. I think some significant impact on drums and in Canada there. Some 32000 jobs in steel and aluminum in that sector that. So what do like the job losses. But the real fear I think has come in terms of the that the threat. You impose the 25% tariff on on automotive imports from Canada. That's a much larger sector. And the council much more. In the country's economic activity so I think fears in Canada are real. And also the prospects for this escalating. Seemed to be. Quick significant quite serious. And what could this mean for UN meet crossing the peace bridge or the rainbow bridge to go to Cameron back. Well I. It doesn't going to do nothing to warm relations across the border. However. I think Carol and mercifully we we are. We have the privilege of interacting across the border regularly and we know. Not to you know trade issues aside and we are you know we share so much about two. I actually think and I hope. Irritation that. Just be expressed at the very top of our political systems and doesn't penetrate down to the level of them. The our routine interactions across the border. What can any one of things thing can be done to. Ease these trade issues between the United States and Canada. I'm not a really good question home. I'm afraid that our mercurial president. How associate to be. Responsive primarily. To has. And other core supporters the base. And that seems to be impervious to. The reason. And reasoned arguments and facts so I don't know frankly whether it's it's possible for the average citizen a much. And to get much traction in the spin in this area. I guess we can do anything with the Q would be in touch with her members of congress and senators. And urge them to you and you know try to stand up to this president can do. You know did not certainly never hurts. And there hasn't been much of my response to constrain the president coming out of our congress from room I think there's an opportunity to. Put some pressure on our local elected members and senators and congressmen who we're well into practical.