'Move In' Day At Canisius - John Hurley


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John Hurley joining us now the tenacious college presidents. And it's a move in day whether it was yesterday or earlier this week today yellow line a lot of us students moving in tomorrow. As well busy day around college campuses including Kenny show us John when you look around campus is it cool to see a bustling again. It is so great to see the students return you know that the summer can be very quiet anger that we summer school. Just bringing back to the students in the fall what makes this the most exciting time of the year. What do you notice that is different. With the movie and now you know now is supposed to like 101520. Years ago. Well the number flat screen TV and courage coffee makers. Individual refrigerators that come into where residents called. Carol different. I would say. You know there was a time when people were asking me do you require. Freshman to have their own computers. Now only know when they ask that question because technology is assumed. They remembered it this class coming in has never known any thing but the world wide web. And dad they they don't even know what do dial up connection was so. And do what students bring and how they learn and how they lived as then is dramatically different. Yeah I'm just trying to think you know you go from my everyone moving into their dorms trying to while you're up their stereo system to now. They're flopping some little speaker on the desk in trying to wire up the beer fridge and everything else. It is no they don't stereo system so I think about when I was going off to work law school of what I picked in the Kirk. We don't see is students are riding the bicycles because we Brady bite from campus for their use. And a whole lot of things they don't bring but the bringing more im more now or is that just because there's more to bring that there's more necessary for school or. And because we we just kind of like having more stuff. I don't think there's more necessary for school. Putting. The students wanna travel would is many other creature comforts is pretty is they can carry. You know that the great thing about our move in day and I I renamed it any number of parents yesterday who. He just looked at me with this incredible look of relief because. The cars pull up in the parents are anticipating that they're going to carry every single thing and it can't cut. And we have members of very athletic teams and student clubs and organizations. To send that carries and within five minutes occur it was empty in the student what is. On pit in net in his or her room. That's a tremendous gift that the parents who are. You know dealing with a lot of range of emotions as they get ready to draft the son or daughter off at school. Know for sure I can only imagine that's actually were Susan has been off all weeklong helping move hurts your kids. In college won for the first time one moving back. Know a lot of people wondering OK the movie and that's one thing that's a whole ordeal in and of itself of a parents' emotions kids. Getting ready wondering after the move and what are some of the first questions that students have on their first moving on campus. Well it was interesting media do a big welcome ceremony over in the kept sort of put extra effort students and we have. The group played out of the stadium for the bills games. Just to get some enthusiasm going in. And then idea. I I I talk with parents and students and try to answer questions to wrap their mind like. You know can I really do the work here and I going to fit in how to deal would remain issues. Parents want to know where they're going to be involved in the students' education that they were in high school. And then finally we talk about what does that mean to be student at a Catholic and jesuit institution like nation's college. So like radiance are a lot of those questions for parents and do they come up to me afterwards and they're grateful because it's got it undermines. And they say is that they yet doses of part of the process of letting go when. Letting near he yum. Sons and daughters become more independent and more responsible for themselves. It's a big moment for a lot of people and all happening this weekend John and I know your. Pretty busy guy will let you get back at a the movie and Kenny should scouts as tenacious college president John Hurley joining us this morning.