Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter on Decapitation Case

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Friday, April 6th
Baxter briefs reporters on decapitation of seven year old boy.

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Slowly to extend let me have my own country sheriff's office and their residents of Monroe calendar condolences to the Stanley. Friends the brought fortunate to school system. And all of owns the spam is a horrific crime that occurred last night and obviously and let let folks know over a thinner compassion. Four wheel spin and Emerson and others. Also wanna start distrust comes on my given credit toward deputies that responded to a more when most horrific scenes you can see. Last night and they they're respondent. With skill and precision they also sky newsroom responded with a sense of put her own life of hurled at certain times to a trapped occupants and see. It was an extreme horrific crime scene dangerous to. The responding deputies when they arrived on scene was later with a knife refusing to surrender tonight what more do you tell them second. As you're I believe you know this subject in this manner as our honeymoon Mohegan. 36 year old female from Sweden and she's been charged with murder second. The victim was Abraham or enhance. It for him seven years old. From Sweden and attendant to rock port central school system. At 819 and Thursday. Deputies responded to 5499. Salt Lake road and Thomas Sweden. Burn and one call for female suicidal armed with a noise. Upon arrival of President Carter and many individuals inside the house. Deputy Childers is challenged mr. Mulcahy to drop a knife this year and possessions. She disregarded deputies orders and doubly so use several subject management techniques particularly caustic. Which included pepper spray and deployment of a taser. In addition there was more here inside our house was one adult male one adult female. And one male ten years old. Deputies went on to check the post further damage to the grim discovery of Abraham. Abraham suffered a Stanton was back. In a severe step into his neck causing his body to has had to become disengage from his body. Deputies process scenes role tonight. Because salt and broke her district attorney's office we coordinated with the Rockport sisters central school system. And we conducted interviews. All the people involved. The results of those interviews that ensures that we mentioned earlier couldn't. As history recent history that location my concert solves the responder toys. On March 5 of this year 2018 deputies responded house for female seeking assistance. When the mental health difficulty. They made arrangements for her to be transported to hospital and she was Strasbourg and hostile to seek assistance. On March 8 ducks respond to a similar call for female seeking assistance. They conducted a mental hygiene transport. And transferring Russian general hospital where records show that she stayed from march 8 through march 26 of this year. I'm joined by Monroe County district attorney centered orally. And Rockport superintendent. Doctor Leslie Myers we'll see if your comments now and you'll know the question. Thank you very much else stated that procedural history of the case. The defendant is arraigned this morning in Sweden town court. And that it was set for a preliminary hearing which food or we'll be occurring on April. 11 which is Wednesday. She's been held no bill no release student nature of the charges murder in the first and second degree carries a maximum sentence of 25 years to life. In this case you plan to present the case to a grand jury before the women are hearing date of April 11. In the case will be handled by a pet or child abuse unit served in strata. And this is really you know a tragedy and my heart goes LSU. The men and women of the mineral county sheriff's office who had to respond to the scene. And see this horrific crime and will continue to keep you updated to the criminal not procedures Vickers thank you. Abraham card game this was a first grader and the proper central school districts specifically at Berkeley elementary school. He was incredibly vibrant. He was engaged Lerner. Most beloved by his teachers and our school community. Cue it up around any time he entered it. So we too are extremely saddened at the death of Abraham. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends in the school community that is deeply impacted. By this significant loss. Any loss of life. It is a loss to our entire community. We are incredibly grateful for a law enforcement and the other first responders. Who came upon the scene very quickly and handled it professionally and respectfully. We knew right now how are trauma illness and grief team which is our crisis team. He's meeting last week we begin meeting this morning and I want just to comment and engage. To update on the district and a and a progress relative to this situation. We will be providing support. Over the weekend. And most specifically we will have our team who is very specifically trained. To greet students and staff on Monday when most of our our staff and students. Will be coming back but we are very impacted by this situation and it just happened to lose one of our school community members. Aaliyah I just like to reiterate the the reaction of the three deputies responded last night in inner thoughts are with them to today's interim process information. Thorough person or group is working on them as we speak. And it's a great thing to do. This is an active investigation there's tons of work to be done yet. We will we heard researching this and investigated for for the next few weeks things are working on this case possible and us attorney's office. But it is time that whatever questions we kind of it realizes this is an active investigation still. Very young if you will and though probably can Angela questions. I'm sorry. Yes. Concern as. Yeah. The more. Sure so the first one the there was a call by the suspect when you've actually called for us Poland once again assistance was suicidal tendencies CO. Just didn't feel mentally right at the time. That is respondents sister going to hospitals it was a mental hygiene arrest as they were formally call them. And just so we know we're not going mental hygiene harassment Heidi transports so when you're in the past and you hear different term. The second call and he. She was distributing these era and it showing the exact same symptoms. There was no really more additional information with effective rebounder before we decide to make that mental hygiene transport. To officially documented mixture of your skin care she needed. And which countries take eruptions to spend my days of Russian must. I don't believe so deducted executed mental hygiene transport was not in the national officers and seamless. This situation completely took us off guard it's very surprising and shocking to us. Again this is a very shocking situation for us bring in particular. So we receive at least three and one phone calls. The phone calls it bounce off pre Peters who looks like in Arlington Tony. So we're again going back and researching possible calls and medium we secured multiple cell phones when the house we believe the husband or if you're the father. A disease placed. Calls and also you don't confuse and side aisles please calls. So I got a long time to research especially vector is another company. Those are things and actually doing and we secured forums and those people. So you have a victim here the suspect. You're one adult male which will be the husband. Of the suspect. You have to mow their lawn of the suspect the husband's mom and you have a ten year old child. That he and. That's correct. Here goes up two instances and and. It. You know I don't wanna get too deep into what does she achieved she realized she was and some difficulties. These were self induced calls. And she realizes who have some difficult time without with a mental state and she was looking persistence and. I believe Scoble and yourself. And we have Mira Furlan terror investigations if there's an and other referrals received just sold what was a result of those. Women referral. And well. What. As I'm startled smile because there's actually no explanation for actors there's the word evil comes to my mind there's mental hygiene issues there's. There's so many things this is a mother took her son's differently than. With that I have no explanation you know a real reconcile our. We we see no motive as a last night when an investigation we see no indicators why. Zero we read we don't see any image that's frustrating part so. He would have we have those you know and in Bosnia. Is stolen explainable. You know from a human standpoint. If it. Knowing him again we're we're still trying to researchers are expressed suicidal thought she's she's she's pressing issues of mental difficulties and she was looking for open pass context that we had whether. And when people move away even knows where or remote county department of mental health and owns a war with the hospitals and American research worker there. What actually no indicators last night it was going to be here and owner. And we were surprised everybody was priceless. There was no. No warning signs that we can seal as you know this at this stage or investigation. Yeah. Consoles is that school but he's doing. So we have a pure support group and we also have a contract with a a local hospital that we do. Referrals to for professional treatment of last night we have the pure sport folks come and and for the dubbed his normal minutes or they send talking and as we speak right now they're probably together again. In the same conversation Cecile can process this information. People on the home every day he's. Why. So let's get into much details it looks like it all occurred. At the same time on the first floor a world where the incident occurred and also the only family members were in the room. And see America two elements in rumors her. In another room and search for. At same time so. Via the ten year old husband India tomorrow. No so I'll just a question apps is zero indicators of anything religious groups are indicators of anything cultural. Minnesota potential side we have Caesar on that there's there's really no indicators. That wise. Asia us. And the question for the superintendent did try to break this week is their right to correct. Are you concerned at all about. Students and that's cool. It was and not feed. Yeah pedigree comes on Monday and what are your thoughts of there has been that support their kids. Absolutely that's what we're actually really trying all of those resources. Together so we certainly we'll have in person support available we just haven't determined. Exactly when that will be you don't make that available. And then we we will also provide a resource is on the website. And make that available. We have not even. Known about this situation for 24 hours so we're still honestly process. You have bad. This thing you. But any. It's available in. Are you now. The months ahead. Not that I'm aware of but I haven't had direct contact and again we're still. As law enforcement is is reviewing. Information we're doing the same thing to see what exactly. Has been going on. It's. He does it. We'll have services French people who has been impacted because this doesn't just. Impact our our students how this impacts our staff our families. So we're working on really having a well articulated plan to the different stakeholders who are impacted by this. The pro there was with the Kremlin last night. I was used to program and we took them secure housing. And their location out. Yeah I know it arraignment at the judge did issue an order of protection so that he has to save it no contest it in 2000 and the ten count. Here he employees once. Gated she was employed at one time up in buffalo we're trying to just figure out exactly where it looks like she may have left there and it's a temporary employment so. Again it's very confusing searchers trying to pieces put those pieces together is as we speak so. You have some plot employment history one was involved colonial looks like me good local self employment. You know those things were trying to piece together he keep working out so I couldn't tell and in fact that she was in the hospital for the last couple weeks I don't orders there's Brooklyn was. Or I guess I do not sir. You mentioned. There. To exercise. What was she like to. I don't wanna get into much detail for the just attorneys. Clinton and she was taken custody and we do that to use force is inscribed. And she was dependent on your policy to building were shoes process through the system. And one interfere with a prosecution future so we human. When you think. The call came and I believe 819. It's getting hard to say exactly when what. I believe that the incident unfolded for the first I want call Cayman. And that precipitated the interactions in the house perceptive people calling oneself. It. And don't know I believe women it minutes it'll fit that. Ten minutes. No there was no indications that it was it was a suicide if you call armed with a knife. There's further details on the jokers and don't quite recall those. Like if you haven't you. The third phone call indicated that someone had been injured that was the first indication that the deputies head injury inside the home. And that's caused them to look further launches across the news they came upon shock. The first call was for a tree suicidal you know armed with a knife the second call was accidentally similar pleas Julio. And then the third call. Was made from Mulder mom which indicated that someone had been injured. They were within minutes. She's very close together. Your right if you love. Do you any contact with the. It. Not I don't know to a restaurant and house before it was when duration of time between in 2017 I think we've been house. Of those jobs Kurds are still using. We need to be looked at and analyzed to see what we executive. What. It was a whole lot of activity before early 2017. Four police responses. No. The suspect was and it was transported to the hospital and just because of these are two. And but that was the extent of her injuries just from the hazard when. Okay. He. Well these are division go home as law enforcement officers are under your loved ones and you can a big. And you appreciate we have his family appreciate what you have is as stability in home and appreciate. Just like and there's no explanation like you said earlier there's no way you can reconcile these things and had. Whether recite your on this story. Personal explanation so you know this is a tragedy this is this what occur sometimes in our world we're human beings and sometimes we create. Perfect snarls first to look through process and this one I don't think you'll a review boards on an explanation what occurred last night. I don't know what's going if you just put the the issue of the suspect and victim together there's no explanation for. How does that his grandmother. Not too sure again last night when we're done movies we mentioned it's safe secure housing. And where they actually ended up McIntyre. It's bigger than every human goodness. Thanks guys thinking.