Monitoring Weather Situation - NYS Lt Gov. Kathy Hochul


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Let's go announce sort Tim minder standing by with lieutenant governor Kathy hope gold this state keeping close tabs on the storm. Tim you're standing by with the lieutenant governor you bet I'm standing here are sitting here action conference or mid command center with lieutenant governor Kathy vocal and Kathy. You know Eugene just offered an update what can you tell us the latest. Well basically we earned fairly good conditioning considering this is a major snow event but our main concern right now is falling trees and Havoc that can recount home with the power lines coming down businesses. Even are roads and so we're asking people even though you see the weather abating. And the amount of snowfall lessening over the next couple hours that's good news. But the conditions to hazardous and some areas there's actually two travel advisory the city of Niagara Falls. As well as does cantor all of cataract is county. Scatter our discount you particulars where the majority of trees are down and homes are without power so that scenario were focused on but as far as the three conditions. Word in a pretty good place as divine is to starting to pick up but it with the the crews have been out we brought in additional 105. Individual personnel to help clear the roads in the Syria. We have more trucks on the ground we're trying to really be proactive to make sure that we can mitigate. Any the harsh circumstances from this particular storm we should Grand Prix to place right now. You mentioned the utilities obviously it's a big concern with heavy wet snow I know even where I live we we had some lines down not the power lines but it you know that communications lines or cable year you're Verizon it's better. What are you hearing as far as utility numbers you have any any kind of concept and that. Right now there's about 181000. Homes without power we just restored about thousands of those numbers started going down. That we have been told by utility companies at all power should be restored by the end of today which is good news considering. Past storms in west New York does has gone on for days and so. That is of primary concern of ours Mickey should people have heaped that they are safe for their homes. And again rescue there to stay home. Because the roads are still pretty hazardous place you don't have Pete we understand that at its causes particular hardship. So we're on top of that we are aware that people need to have that power restored as soon as possible. I've been on the through this morning it's certainly very passable no closures. No if you heading toward Pennsylvania though there is still a detour to Ripley exit if you're trying to. I tell way to Pennsylvania because of the situation in Pennsylvania say that the cutoff which were in a row in Hanover. I will also cautioned motorists heading east. You're heading towards center New York to Syracuse in there is a heavy concentration of snow there's to be were aware that you do adjust your timing to be where which are heading into San. The worst is over volume wise to respect to buffalo has a good news story. And our cruise a panel that very well. However we are also asking voters to be careful on the roads as I was driving and car literally spun out front so please go under speed for now. Because you never know if someone's going to hit a patch of ice in front of you have a spin on it you're going slower he be able to adapt so. A flown insert used to this but don't get overconfident to always be very cautious. Finally Kathy a lot of people here a lot of hustle and bustle. What what happens here who were we communicating with that if this command center well this is a concentration of DOT personnel state police. Huey authority but we're also regular communication with our Homeland Security Operations are emergency operations that are throughout the state. But mostly talking to local governments. Began calls them asking what their needs are with their seem so we can deploy resources to them that they needed additional help. So we're monitoring the weather we're monitoring three conditions are screens and consumer accidents are so it gives us. Instantaneous information about conditions so we can be proactive and also reacted in the case of that is at its situation room of an accident. Or it will be in touch throughout the day I think very much thank you lieutenant governor Kathy vocal with united commands that are here on Q Gurode guys.