MLB: Clamping Down On Cleats - Ryan Burrow


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Major League Baseball. There's. Uproar over players' cleats which are in violation Ben Zobrist in the Chicago Cubs is wearing. All black cleats in defiance of MLB rules correspondent Ryan Burress following this it sounds like a really small detail Ryan but it's a big deal. It does so why the league coming down I'd bend over itself a World Series MVP just a couple of years ago at a time when the party more than a month did this scene he received a letter over the weekend he was shocked by it. He he's that he likes to Wear the all black cleats during the whole gay game has got about. A hat tip attribute to previous baseball generations because the it was a big fan of Ernie Banks and cattle were the cleats in his daughter. That you're not a very flashy guy he's well respected around the league so that is kind of ahead stretcher and you could argue. Major League Baseball the league that cal loosened the rules in recent years. What it comes to jerseys we see more people with a long sleeved shirts representing flags of their countries' different neon colors. I'll let these leave a lot of players during one game. I deployed nicknames for the back of their jerseys they Wear pink jerseys from other states blue jerseys for Father's Day military jerseys up. This sense that taken a lot of players by surprise. What's the deal you're just a baseball say that hey if he had a white. Ninety swisher three White Stripes on your cleat that it will be fine but on no we can't have all black. According to the robot you have to have 61%. Of the dominant color of your team's Jersey on your show us. Real. Yes so he would he would be final or the navy blue Shealy would be fine over the white GO by air apparently the black just isn't cutting a couple of other players also got these. Similar kind of side notices from MLB at this may be helping it's kind of bubbling under the services we closed it out. Contract negotiations between the players union and the league. So a couple years away but that's really the only explanation that players have for this set. Some are bing mortified some wearing all black cystic got to say yeah they're gonna cut that big guards finding MLB. Is she the only one in baseball that's kind of you know. In defiance here. Well as of right now there are couple other players too who said they've gotten letters Mike Leavitt chill wind. Jake you're this big the other one just heard that. Similar things self players so they they just don't seem to understand where it's coming from Gilbert said he wanted to meet with Joseph Torre be MLB office states. Talk about this and figure out what's going god that he went to the players union and they said you do whatever you want. And I don't mean about it to what you Wear my shoes what's the big deal I'm a full disclosure I'm wearing all black shoes right now. So maybe I'm a little biased about 51% of beer writer Dominique Keller you know what I it's more like at 33%. So. I don't know I don't know. It is there anything else that they mean. I obviously the Sox would have to be a certain color right per team but a news or anything else that they have to Wear a certain color. Don't like one thing that they might be cracking down on your Q it's kind of the undershirt said that players are wearing they've allowed them to to cut express themselves Wilson contreras of the Chicago Cubs the catcher. And that rearing an undershirt that. Up features the Venezuelan flag represented his home country league get to that a problem with these good where gets since last year but it sounds as though they've also kind of dodged David said. Yeah we're gonna be allowing Napoli forward. Hey Ryan is it laurel are you in any. I've heard rural the first Saturday Eddie right but there at the last time you played her laurel now come. I don't know what's going out I've actually heard bowl at different times today and every time it switches it catches me off guard. That's a freeze in my tracks I don't know what's going on the one thing for sure everybody's talking about it I mean Ryan's in Chicago right. Yep I'm in Chicago and this is this is a hot topic here it's nice. And it's not cried the kids daddy vs blocked. Our good day here they're Ryan thanks so much. As a raw amber or joining us some weird things going on nine baseball not letting them Wear cleats their black eye and doesn't make any sense to me.