Miss America Changes 930in716 June 7, 2018

Thursday, June 7th

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It's 930. In 716. Changes. Some pretty big changes. Coming to the Miss America pageant we are no longer pageants. We are competition. We will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance. I'm over it and taking out. Listen can portion of the competition and. I'm Tim linger on 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting. Let's get right to it now after nearly 100. Years the Miss America competition. Is making a few changes to its event they're big too. Amy robot spoke with chairwoman Gretchen Carlson about the announcement and what can be expected during the upcoming pageant. So we are no longer patents we are competition. We will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance. That's huge that's huge and that means that we'll no longer have a Simpson competition. And that official as of September 9 when we have our competition. In Atlantic City. We'll also be revamping our evening gown. Competition phase as well and so we're no longer judging. Women when they come out in their chosen a tire there evening Wear whatever they choose to do it's going to be what comes out of their mouth. That were interested in when they talk about their social impact in action to women of all shapes and sized splits again we see swimsuit ready bodies up on that stage we wanna be open transparent and inclusive. Two women who may not have felt comfortable participating in our program before. But look we have always had talent and scholarship. And we need to message that part of the program better as well. But now we're adding in this new caddie out that we're not gonna judge you on your outward appearance because we're interested in what makes you you. Tell us about your goals in your achievements in life and by the way at the end of the day we handled scholarships to these young women. And every day when I traveled this country I meet somebody who has participated in this program yourself included myself and who benefited from the scholarships and became lawyers and doctors and members of congress. And we want more women to know that they hope welcome in this organization it's pretty remarkable given that the Miss America Organization began. As a swimsuit. Pageant and now you are taking out. What it began as and completely removing it. How was that taken by the boarding was this is a big decision I know wasn't taken lightly. Was there resistance to an end and what are the concerns about the ratings let's be honest it's on television. People tune in many people believed to cease scantily clad women to Sewell and then there's lessons in there even interestingly enough that's not a highly rated part of the competition. People actually like the talent part of the competition. So listen I'm very thankful to the board that we put together if they are all stakeholders in this organization this is aboard decision. We are all led by females now our foundation our new CEO is a woman I want to thank all the volunteers across this country we are on nonprofit organization. I think Atlantic City for hosting us and believing in us. This is a new beginning and change can sometimes be difficult. But I know a lot about change. My life as works in mysterious ways I never thought I'd be the chairwoman of the Miss America Organization. But here I can and we're moving it forward and revolving in this cultural revolution we both have teenage girls and you also have a son and I have the suns might just text. Last fiscal yeah. That's what you hope this new competition. Will affect. Young girls and the young men who are watching as well. You know we've heard from a lot of young women who say we got to be a part of your program that we don't wanna be out there in high heels in the Simpson. So guess what you don't have to do that anymore. You're welcome please come join us we think that this is going to be we're gonna have a huge influx. Of companies who wanna be interest in sponsoring us now. But also of young women who want to be about who doesn't wanna be empowered. Learn leadership skills and pay for college and be able to show the world who you are as a person from the inside of your soul. Eight months ago and I'm in the Americas eight competing and what many Americans expect the cult like Elton. So we wanted to get some firsthand reaction to the changes and decision who better to turn to than the reigning miss New York State. She's from Clarence right here in western new York and graduated law school her name GAAP real Walter. And she took time to talk with Susan rose and Brian Nasr out ski. We are communicating and economy Alan Gretchen Carlson deploying its airport attract Garrett and you begin and going becoming a lot in an. I own and you keep it longer in coming in effect. I support. Her. And taking out the NC portion of the competition and out on the perspective of someone who competed in the Burgundy and made it expired. And Miss America age I had to learn how much about the importance of health. And a healing and put a word and determination and the lane and I knew it meant you know in general could be copied the flight competed but. When you pressure to be on the Mitt and Eric at eight miss ER eight like I'm like I got in neat that you learn you know we don't bite the even ripped you to wait I think I was really just focused and hardy with a B but you might know much about health and title holders. How my optimal inspired people who leave their lot went back to graduate from mock all. And that their organization has been so helpful and giving scholarship money and the importance he'll be healthy in every aspect of our lives. Do you think Gabriel that they these changes are actually going to maybe hurt the competition and along going to think the ratings may suffer. Every potentially. But it's all about the girl and the impact that. It was only 10% art score and he always had a talent portion. Always at the interview Porsche and Audi are out platform and yeah involved in the community. The right. I'll know something that taken out of the scoring. You know. In yelled and I title holder and the company the organization because we are role models and the community and help that but part of the. What do you think about how the competition will look. Going forward will it encourage more people to take part less people do you think it really makes a difference at all. The increased more people you know wanting to participate and those that didn't you know get comfortable with and ever written at the girl who meet me. Eat your point in in an evening out and meeting where Alli is Smart but they are competent in other area company can. There are bad they feel like we're making out. Organization and it kept going toward winning in Albany who want to be players are areas and be a pig and had to Miss America. Who wouldn't singer and an art. Or turn it into the end he sort of did he and that changed because of my kids were in Q. Increase the women were targeting I think we're also starting Q you know stayed away from certain growls and and the competition is not in nineteen many Latin America. In Atlantic City and I think tradition is important. But can you can change that happened Sally. We over the years and the scholarship and the talent and the platform on those making the right changes could be more round. And thrilling by the community applicants without. At the end of the day people are still going to college of beauty pageant right. You know that's meant America. Out an all. I'm looking into the competition and want you can right will be here. You don't think of winning competing with each other I can you first start you're competing I'm like. Well we now not then I hear all the talk about the girl that the from a my closest and everyone it all night celebration about who we are. One pot could be different at the end of the day thank you can go rock but everyone Smart and don't tell again. And be looked like minded people at encryption to be better individual. You at. But he yell girls who we are I think if they naysayers that you know that I will understand when they know the cult court involved in this organization. What a positive outlook you have what is the title for you what does it represent to you miss New York State. I'll act. And I ended my ear and my first crown and current. Many flat I kicked me media action he would like oh the dream come true. In my community a larger level. All this year. I. Mean and even individual and hear their story to share about my experience. Me important to make everyone feel like they are in America led pouring in some sort of idea. And then it in a year terrible. Option year crowd and I had opportunity and another girl in the month and a half and you can go to their age with a whole different criteria are eight. I'm a lot of art he can play straight out these next couple weeks there to be judged on the traditional criteria that include and get out. And we're going to be in Atlantic City I'm hearing on these girls. Yep pageant season don't you don't want to remind us as to what were some your duties as miss New York. A lot different so I he was actually able the high heating and that America act I had my proper program called stream up America south where I go it. Or did you organization. I got you eating. Urgently and what quality and we came down and are out there right now we'll be overcome obstacles leather backed me in school. And now they're always young girl what are you reading comprehension ouch. And ran it talking about being a lawyer and how much meeting regularly every day rape of a break down what are we. But even in and I'll. We are you leaning. We are learning an answer for me trying to get better world and then he beat me all those. Saying that I can you can look like. Being out with he and the team locally. And and the different outlets here in New York City grand Disney princess on February 3 meeting here. Now I'll what are you gonna do with all those evening counts now. I'm. A woman a few weeks I'm in the eight and he tried it the memory. The symbol of big years even make out I kind of like how you would see and even I would. Seem that it started. Because we been traveling and doing a lot of work but exactly and all of the hard work that goes into it. Represent a bit of a Miss America striving to be the bad one you know the young girl. Every day. We'll see how the changes impact the popularity of the pageant moving forward and we're back to more. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.