Mike McQueen's Personal Connection to Branson, Missouri Tragedy


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Mike McQueen is joining us deejay over its 12 point five. Mike this incident happened in France in misery last night and it's as a break now that you and I are talking seventeen people confirmed dead and the reason why we're bringing you always because. You've actually been on this before when were you on what was the experience like what you were. Within the past seven years or so my daughter and son in law worked and lived in Branson Missouri and we would be going there are several times eager to visit. So did it being a tourist Steve type destination. For music for entertainment. You know we've got a chance to this site C into a lot of things like on a Branson Missouri including the Duck Tours duct the talk boat tours. Bomb. When I saw the news break last night is complete and I was looking at a table rock lake normally is this placid. Nestled. Beautiful. Sanctuary in the Ozark Mountains and that he. Duck boat tours take you out on to that lake as part of the tour. Of Branson and the Ozarks and that whole area there I've done it I've been on it that it is such. It wonderful experience that's what nexus of stunning to me to see what's happened there to last night. We knew were on then geo political I was honored to vote early two or three weeks ago so why do you know how it works. But it in my field a different kind miseries I don't know what your experience was like to go through safety demonstration of attacks on board but you remember I remember life jackets being onboard I don't remember having to put them on a bomb. When you who board the duck boat tours in Branson it's in like the main drag. Section of town where like everything there is a Titanic museum there in all kinds of different. Destinations and exhibits. You sign up you page. At the duck boat tour offices there and you leave from that area they take you up into the Ozarks. And there's a number of stops along the way the last being taken you out on to table rock lake and then. Activity. Destination when did you go on your tour I would say a it's about 45 years ago now. Q what was what was the condition of like that card to ride around the town it was it was it did you feel like it was. And newer thing or just like what I analysts car truck from the 1990. Please show for new a 88. You know duck boats. In that exhibit is a kind of reminiscent of a military grade things that were used in world war two and Korea. That's infect us what they talk about on the tour and and it seemed fine I mean I felt completely safe. You don't have the idea all got something bad could happen when your. When you were in the water. I remember reading reports wings on their hours sixty miles that's what I was it really windy when you're doing known nothing like that now is a sunny day it was a beautiful day that might might question I guess with what happened yesterday as. They said it kinda blew up as they were out there but I also have been hearing the reports are kind of scattered at this point. That it had been a choppy day to begin with out there I guess the question is. You know if the conditions word that the FE. You know who made the decision to go out there and you know knowing that or maybe not knowing that their might be a problem getting back it. That's exactly how you wake up this morning you hear the news and you know Ali. Personally what it's like being on that both Douglas and shocked. Myself my wife my daughter my son Hello World. Pretty shaken by it in fact my daughter and son in laws. One friend that they've network friendly with when they lived in Branson the next door neighbor was the pilot of the vote and he perished. So well yeah definitely at all. Wonder what's their reaction obviously shock when it they've been portraying. Might some loss of minister at the colonial village presbyterian church and Niagara Falls. And they're doing a lot of praying that. I have to you know I I have pictures unaware of their add active go looking for the perfect or on my my wife's phone. Plus on the boat. Again just. At a very enjoyable experience as the best way I can put it in it was. It was like a slice of history right in one of those docked boats in Branson because again they know they're linked to previous days in the military. During the tour is they take you up into the Ozarks they've roll past exhibits of old military gear and the pilot will be you know. Telling you all about all the different pieces as they drive by. Before they take you out on the table rock lake which again is just one of the most beautiful places in America it's truly stunning up there in the Ozarks.