Mike and Amy Lesakowski

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Sunday, July 15th

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Does it feel ending you know you're number two Amy. I've feeling kind of that the love in this rink over the last eleven days just. It's just amazing and it's hard to express lanes very light. You know just transpired here at her son Cameron is strange. With the final tally you know more than we we could have hoped for gas it 1250000. Dollars at this moment. Expecting aren't a comment. You know off for cancer research on this program that must. Sting. Mike you played a lot BP played more than just one for our ship actually played. I played ships and an hour there at the end so. I had I had two goals going into us obviously they'll do rolled all the fundraising but I wanted to play more than anybody. And I wanted to find raised more than anybody because MS a lot of people who do that. And I did play more than anybody and I did personally. One raised more so that was important for me to put my money where my where my mouth was so to speak and feels really good. You guys changed it up this year seem to you know two teams of players played last year for the eleven days it's easy to involve more people were changes next year. You know I think this event has proven to be very successful I was able to encompass so many different ages and you know genders and I think we're gonna keep the same format. We might take an element there's always room for improvement in his seat Julianne first deer guns last year as much different. Canada before our shifts we can't change that and we can't change eleven days out those two things will stay the same. Did you not get out of the park with the fundraising I mean Russell park is thankful that someone has eliminates it you know and sells lemonade gets good all the time. Want one point two plus million dollars in credit. And and we're just excited to be able to continue to some quiet time in the amount of teams that have Marty reached out we've. We've had teams from across the country that hardy reached out I wanna participate. And six you can hear in buffalo and support our local you know causes. You know where Edwards is static out. I know you orchestrated nobody. Liked it very involved. Our assist two and Peters and you know it's amazing. It comes together thoughts yeah especially hockey I mean we said we've been sent for two and a half years when we first to different that last year. You know people are passionate about helping others around here and people are passionate about hockey so put those things put those two together has been really. Perfect recipe for what we're trying to achieve and eyewitness of what we've done the last two years in a row. Which you can get we can continue doing this for years to come we hope to do so. Regulations and under 201980s. And just.